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  1. Give Alice a few more minutes per episode and she'll steal the show.
  2. dr pepper


    Well, presumably she had a catholic christening as a baby. And in the first season she did a folk magic cleansing ritual. And now she's had a full body baptism. So her soul should be squeaky clean.
  3. Ok, 2 episodes in and i've already got some picky points. First is, after 6 years, you'd think all the avalanches that could have been set off would have been, barring earthquakes. It's not as if there could be new blizzards-- at -118 degrees, the amount of water in Earth's atmosphere should be about the same as Mars's. I suppose there might still be windstorms, but none was shown. Not to mention, the snow should be a rock hard mass. Next, they never stop the train, so how could they do maintenance on the tracks? What happens when a rail comes loose? And they don't have armored
  4. I think that she was taking the oportunity to put him through another ordeal.
  5. He is the legendary Good German, who doesn't actually hate any other groups, he just thinks of the Bund as a cultural organization. He's proud to be german and he thinks the war will be short and things will go back to normal soon, so there's no reason for the US to get involved. He's perfect for bringing in other germans.
  6. dr pepper


    As for the hypocracy of the protest group, is it possible one of them is being paid by the developer?
  7. dr pepper


    So-- did anyone here *not* see Nipplegate coming as soon as Lyn left the room?
  8. Thanks, but it's "Dr Pepper", no period. I think they dropped it back in the 40s. Yeah, i've been using this handle since the bbs days. I used to polish off two big bottles at a gaming session, but alas, now i have to be more restrained for the sake of my weight :(
  9. It's clear in that last sermon she went off script. I think at some point we'll see that she has real paranormal senses and is reacting to forces that are stirring things up.
  10. Film. The show is not *that* anachronistic. That was a bit off. You call in the mob, you already *are* responsible for the murders that ensue. But you can still impress them with your ethics by refusing to get your hands dirty. What?
  11. dr pepper


    Yeah that punchbowl was an obvious mother-in-law trap. Refuse it and you're an ingrate. Take it and it gets broken, MIL gets to hold it over you how irresponsible you are. Agreed on the suggestion she should have just pretended to use it, but i would have gone a step further. I would have actually mixed up a small batch of some truly pretentious punch, say dark rum, pineapple, grenadine, peach schnappes, etc, and left a bit in the bottom. Then MIL could complain about Lyn forgetting to wash it but also be impressed at her extravagance.
  12. Ok, here's my ending: it's announced that due to loss of focus, funding, momentum, personnel, etc, Supernatural is cancelled. Cut to Chuck grinning, saying, "that was easy, let's see what else is on". Pull back to show him eating junk food on a living room couch. He turns on the tv, which displays some generic superhero show. Fade to black.
  13. This ending was a real mess. I wa really hoping the series would end with a prosecuter walking into the classroom, looking at "How to Get Away With Murder" written on the board, and writing "YOU CAN'T!" underneath.
  14. Heh, i really liked the bit where Brother Lurch was enjoying his cotton candy.
  15. Not like that. She brought in a lot of money, but it was all straight donations. Worst thing she was accused of was when she disappeared for a few days, then came back and said God had taken her up like Ezekiel. Some sources asserted she was really off having a fling.
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