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  1. We don't know if this is just about Luthor do we? As per Nadia Turner, the showrunners made changes in the writing after she pointed out that the only black characters were baddies. Just like Kyle was supposed to hand over his wife to Morgan Edge and take away her agency in the decision and Kyle making metoo jokes which were all changed after the writer pointed out the sexism in this writing. I am going with believing the black writer in all this. He's the fire chief? lol. I thought the whole story with his family and Sarah stems from him drinking? Sarah acts like the child of an alc
  2. It's bad writing for the show's only Asian characters and family. They are never given any agency and often written as emotional and irrational. Starting with Tag who bullies Jordan, gets powers, blames and attacks Jordan for it and is carted off somewhere. Then Emily who is basically a pawn, gets manipulated by Edge and then blames Kyle. And then her husband yelling at Kyle in front of everyone. It's a plot that makes no sense and portrays these characters as emotional, irrational, angry. And hey here's the very reasonable Lois Lane come to tell the Cushings that they are not to blame after
  3. I mean, yeah we can come up with irrationality as a reason for many plot points, but Kyle and Lana could have easily countered those accusations with rationality. The townspeople think so highly of Kyle - a guy who likes his alcohol - that they got into Edge's weird machine to get their brains biologically altered because Kyle vouched for him? Without even checking with Kyle on this? That was their choice. And it's not like Lana did not try to keep Emily away or Lois barged into their meeting and told everyone that Edge is a baddie - they didn't want to listen at that point because they w
  4. Well, that was anti-climatic. Still liking Wole Parks as John Henry. Hope he sticks around. I liked his response to dorky Clark being superman lol. And the hammer smash of Supes was good. Nice to see Diggle, but he was pointless. Better this show stay out of the arrow verse. The Kyle drama made no sense. All those townspeople also fell for Morgan Edge's charm and willingly went into brainwash chambers. Why they pissed off at Kyle? Jon continues to give pep talks to everyone. I wonder if they will give the character anything else to do. I did like his convo with John Henry
  5. So Sam Lane just packed up all his men and anti-Kryptonian weapons and left the Kents to fend for themselves? What the hell general Lane? Why was everyone so chill when Edge and his henchwoman was still out there? And Edge took back the eradicator? Why is Edge more powerful than Superman? Initially I thought it may have been because of Supes using up a lot of energy earlier for the Krypto-people, but I recall Edge beating him up during their first meeting as well. Yeah, Edge's dad looks appropriately evil. Personally, I found the first half rather boring considering it's a story
  6. I did wonder why Clarke just didn't take her to meet her first born. One of the reasons for why Edge is doing all this is to see his mother. Wouldn't Lara be more persuasive on why this is wrong than Clarke. Plus, why didn't Edge just download her consciousness into someone in the first place - what was he waiting for. I would think his mother, that he waited so long to meet would be the first person he would bring back. Either these are just plot holes or there's more to this story.
  7. Not a fan of the show using the usual crap 'ticking time bomb' scenario to justify torturing Krypto-Kyle. The military using torture is even worse considering the connotations. Do the writers realize that Jonathan is only 14? He's like the most level-headed character in this show and seems to be the shoulder everyone cries on. Let him be bratty and impulsive like Sarah and Jordan. Though after his speech to Sam about trusting family in the last episode, he's back to doubting whether his dad can go evil on this earth because of his Kryptonian family. So Lara's sunstone crystal was st
  8. Yeah, but we don't know what exactly Lois and Clark told them because the scene was cut there. For example did Lois tell them about Kryptonians being downloaded into humans when we don't know when Lois even discovered all that. Information gets passed around between characters off screen. Lead is really good with soundproofing and is used for soundproofing rooms. Which begs the question, how did Lois hear Jonathan's call for help from the lead lined RV in the barn all the way to the house?
  9. You are right, Clark and Lois would have told the boys about the X-Kryptonians. One of the issues I have with this show is that so much of the sharing of information happens off screen that it's hard to recall which characters know what. So Jordan knows all about alt Natalie and alt Lois from Jonathan I guess. Does he know about evil alt Superman? And like mentioned above, how did Lois know that Edge is replacing human consciousness with Kryptonians? Did John Henry tell her offscreen?
  10. I doubt Jonathan had those guns stashed away to shoot his father or brother. In those videos in the murder RV there were other Kryptonians shooting up the place as well. The difference between Sam and Jonathan, IMO, is that Sam build those weapons to specifically hurt Superman and has been doing so for years in secret without telling Supes or lois about this. Jonathan saw a video of Kryptonians blowing up the place in an alt world and stole some weapons just in case. Sam is scared of Superman going bad. Jonathan on the other hand seems to trust his dad - like any child would do. Lik
  11. I wonder if John Henry Irons know that Jonathan took his weapons or is he going to get a surprise when he opens his weapons cabinet and be like damn those meddling kids! Also, cannot Clark just park his car outside Edge's office and eavesdrop on his evil plans - that would be so much more faster than them going the old fashioned investigative journalism route.
  12. I think because it was more about being an apology to Jonathan than telling them about the miscarriage? Lois brought in the miscarriage to explain why she reacted the way she did and said the things she did - and then added that it still didn't excuse her words. I think she's not trying to make it about her and her pain but give him a perspective on why she was so angry with him. It's right that this was a private one on one moment between them because it was about what happened earlier between them and Jordan was not involved in that. I am pretty sure Jonathan went up soon afterwards an
  13. Good episode. But couldn't Lois also spend a little time with the son who got his hand broken and is now scared of his football prospects? Maybe eat some ice cream with him too? I really feel for that kid.
  14. Jamie and Roger finally talk. Roger should have tried to get Jamie back immediately instead of spending the night there. He kept telling Jamie to rest ... Like how does one rest when dying from a snake bite yo. Though I guess walking at night is impossible if he did not know the way in daytime. How did their horses run off? Did they not tie them. Rollo gave Jamie a good lick. Claire talking about autopsies. Jamie is right... she should work on her bedside manner. A wild bison appears! Sorry, but I laughed when it flipped Bree over! Jamie crawling out naked added to the
  15. What, all that jerking around of Michael that Alex did last season is not reason enough for his abandonment issues? Again, I don't see where Alex went out of his way to help Michael last season, except towards the end and that's when Michael sees his missing mother being blown to pieces after being tortured for 70 years. The reasons are there, an entire season's worth of it. This season the dynamic is different because Michael is affected by what happened at Caulfield, has lost Max and does not want a relationship and is not trying with Alex, while Alex tries to help. So yeah it comes acr
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