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  1. GraceAnne

    The Originals in the Media

    I’m speaking specifically about the interview I uploaded where she discusses Klaus’s death and Caroline’s future in general. Not about how long fictional creatures should mourn someone. More so my point was her logic was somewhat off... as per usual. But hey to each their own, and all that.
  2. GraceAnne

    S05.E13: When the Saints Go Marching In 2018.08.01

    The Cure and The White Oak Stake... two things I will not miss hearing about!
  3. GraceAnne

    The Originals in the Media

    Fair enough. However my point was less about the Klaus/Caroline relationship or even Klaus dying. More so the insinuation that Caroline, who could possibly live for 100’s of years, would dishonor her husband (of 24 hours) memory by moving on. Between the rings she wears and the school carrying his name, it seems she is honoring Stefan and how important he was to her. Also the idea that you’re only allowed one true love and moving on after their death is somehow disrespectful, rubs me the wrong way. Really, I should just not read JP interviews and just concentrate on the pretty people on my screen! Lol
  4. GraceAnne

    The Originals in the Media

    Ummmm...Is Julie Plec actually saying they killed Klaus to not dishonor Stefan? There were a ton of other endings for Klaus besides being with Caroline. Also, seems pretty shortsighted to insinuate if you lose your spouse that’s it for you because you need to honor their memory... Yikes! https://www.google.com/amp/ew.com/tv/2018/08/01/the-originals-finale-julie-plec-klaroline-ending/amp/
  5. GraceAnne

    S05.E13: When the Saints Go Marching In 2018.08.01

    I’m used to this show not caring about their own mythology and cannon history but how about logic, maybe? They BOTH have to die? Why, cause they’re codependent? I mean don’t get me wrong they both deserve to bite it, but this isn’t “honorable”. If Hope is the most important thing, shouldn’t one of those dum dums stick around to be there for her? Also growth would be showing one of them being able to live without the other one. Atleast this means I won’t be tempted to watch Legacies with these 2 dead. Oh... and.... Klefan 4 Eva!! They’re totally knocking boots in the afterlife.
  6. GraceAnne

    S05.E12: The Tale of Two Wolves 2018.07.25

    Well if Klaus bites it I’m calling it for a Stefan Kaus endgame in the afterlife.
  7. GraceAnne

    The Originals in the Media

    Phoebe Tonkin is stunning, but imo her chemistry with the two male leads is lacking. Unfortunately, they probably thought a comparison between the two couples would not benefit the current pairing.
  8. GraceAnne

    S05.E03: Ne Me Quitte Pas

    Julie Plec really does love an engagement storyline. Antoinette should be careful, she too might end up with a mystical bun in the oven!
  9. GraceAnne

    S19.E08: Intent

    I’m sorry is there someone out there looking for more Benson drama? I can’t believe there is an audience dying to hear more about Noah. So.... why???
  10. GraceAnne

    The Originals in the Media

    Still positive this show is trash, however with Josh being bumped up and Candice being in a few episodes, it's become trash with some stuff I like in it. Fingers crossed for Claire and Candice to have a scene together!
  11. GraceAnne

    Introducing Go Pirates!, A Veronica Mars Podcast

    Worked for me... thanks! Excited for a reason to do a full season rewatch!
  12. GraceAnne

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I had to laugh when I read this. Give me a break, this show is about teenage vampires. When I do watch it, I certainly don't for some type of after school special message.... and if I did that ship sailed with the treatment of Caroline an Damon's "relationship" on TVD.
  13. GraceAnne

    S04.E08: Voodoo in My Blood

    Dear lord, did an 8 year old witch/werewolf/ vampire just save her daddy? Wasn't this supposed to be the darker of the Vampire Diaries franchise? By the way how many more things can Hope be at this point.... ventriloquist maybe? While I think the backstory of the Hollow is interesting, if we're going to delve into werewolf lore I wish they would have done so with Klaus's line. Which I've had an interest in since season 2 of VD. When Davina told Haley she is the one weakness of the Hollow I had to roll my eyes.... special snowflake here we come! I'm hoping with a season 5 renewal we do another time jump, I've pretty much had my fill of special babies and children.
  14. GraceAnne

    S04.E07: High Water and a Devil's Daughter

    That was some impressive time math there! I would bet neither of the writing staff could to be so detailed. Also, that picture is clearly a fake.... no one on this show hangs out just for funsies.
  15. GraceAnne

    S04.E03: Haunter of Ruins

    Thank goodness I wasn't drinking while reading this! I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit the kids stuff isn't going as badly as I assumed it would. Although, anything with Vincent usually ends up being the best part of the episode for me. So who know how I'll feel once all these ding dongs get involved with it. I never been a fan of, "specialist snowflake, to ever snowflake", so unsurprisingly I didn't love the Haley/ Elijah scenes. However everything else I enjoyed. Now someone get Jason Dohring a crowbar and a headlight to smash!