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  1. tennisgurl Are you on Twitter if you could just go over there and just tweet this and fight for another season it would be lovely we are hoping that Netflix will pick it up.
  2. Thats not what we heard, they said it was low viewing figures . If Michel sheen decides not to do the show there are other things they can do with it. The fans were told that they had penned an outline of season 3, if you enjoy this show go to twitter and fight.
  3. If you have a twitter account we are fighting for this show over there or just join its not to hard to do i am tweeting all the time now. If you like Prodigal son fight for it.
  4. If you like Prodigal son like i do fight for it, there is a campaign over on Twitter if you are not on twitter just join up i have started tweeting its not to hard. Fight for it you never know Netflix or HBOMax might pick it up you won't ever know if we don't try.
  5. If you want the show to continue please fight for it, go to twitter and tweet your displeasure i am signing the petition i am tweeting all the time stand up for your show and show support. If you haven't a twitter account join up and fight. HBO Max Warner Bros Hulu.
  6. So how do we fight for this show any ideas we could try and get the actors to fight for it, they might have some contacts they could speak to. We can't give up without a fight what do we do next any ideas.
  7. I am going to ask you all a question personally I am enjoying season 2 but the viewing figures are going down does any one know why, what is wrong with the story lines what do the fans want, less family time more cop time what would you like to see happen in season three.
  8. I wondering if you knew why does Malcolm beat himself up over endicott so much clearly his mother and sister don’t seem to be bothered about the murder at all , his mother is writing a book his sister is a cold blooded killer he only chopped up the body he didn’t kill him I think if he told dani she would have to turn him in. I am not sure about Gil he might not but Malcolm needs to talk to someone it’s driving nuts.
  9. Please can you vote for prodigal son and tell them why you like the show. https://eu.usatoday.com/in-depth/entertainment/tv/2021/04/06/manifest-the-rookie-for-life-save-our-shows-exclusive-poll/7052103002/
  10. Any one can be a killer if you punch the right buttons, Malcolm tries so hard not to be one, in this episode i thought he might have killed the boy it was tempting.
  11. I am a Malcolm bright fan, I am a bit worried I am really excited about getting season 2 but I want Malcolm to be still the main character but it seems it going to be all about Ainsley do you think, now they have found the girl in the box that story line has gone. What do you think. Am I worrying needlessly.
  12. It would be very scary if Martin escaped .
  13. I just can’t believe he did it, this show is so exciting you could see Martin goading him to do it.
  14. I really miss this show, can't wait for it to come back on telly i have re-watched the episodes about 5 times already.
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