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  1. It would be very scary if Martin escaped .
  2. I just can’t believe he did it, this show is so exciting you could see Martin goading him to do it.
  3. I really miss this show, can't wait for it to come back on telly i have re-watched the episodes about 5 times already.
  4. Do you think this means that his father made Malcolm kill someone and that is why he can not remember, that he was trying to turn his son into a killer as well.
  5. Does any one know how many episodes this show is given, i can only find 3 surly its longer that that most tv series have at least 10 .
  6. I am really enjoying this show i do hope they keep it.
  7. This is a really good story its called The Christmas Spirit by Noxbait i think this could make a really good Supernatual Movie what do you think its about 40 chapters long but i couldn't stop reading. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10905035/16/The-Christmas-Spirit
  8. I just want to know, if they did a Supernatural Spin off of Young Sam and Dean adventures in the early years would anyone watch it.
  9. I have just heard that Supernatural is finishing next year season 15, the actors have just announced it on Twitter. I will really be sorry to see it finish, but we knew it would eventually it will be heartbreaking to watch the last ever episode.
  10. I really did enjoy this episode don't get me wrong, but i do think it was a waste of a John story line they could have got their heads together with john to discuss how to get Michael out of Deans head. Or a action packed one. It just seemed to be John saying sorry to every one. I was expecting more. What does every one think.
  11. Does anyone know how to contact Andrew Dabb the showrunner on Supernatural. I know he is on twitter but I don’t know how to do twitter. Can anyone think of how we can contact someone, and tell them how the fans are feeling. We need more Sam and Dean not less, the show is all about Sam and Dean and not the guest stars. Last nights episode they weren’t in it very much at all, I was most disappointed. The show is losing a large number of its fans and we need to contact someone and let them know what the fans want. Before the writers start writing again.
  12. I really enjoyed this episode, I didn’t think I would due to it being Dean lite, as you can tell I am a Deans girl. I can understand Jensen wanted to be with his family, for the birth of his twins. I was pleased they continued with the conversation between Mary and the boys. I was sad to see Sam wanting to join the men of letters, why doesn’t Sam just say to Dean he wants to work with them instead of being sneaky and going behind his back again. Dean is going to feel so betrayed again by his whole family. Dean and Mr Ketch can team up I suppose, but Dean is nothing like him. Had they teamed up when Dean had the Mark of Cain, it might have been a different story.
  13. I enjoyed this episode, but i didn't like the Tarantino effect, I would have liked it more just normal, all this going backwards and forwards was confusing. I was so looking forward to Mary coming back but now i am not so sure. I thought she would be more maternal, instead she nearly kills them. I suppose i was like deans point of view of a four year old. Now it turns out she lies and can't cook.
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