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  1. Kinda baffled to see all the hatred there... I personally loved it. Making God an asshole was ballsy and very welcome... but in the same time, you have to put it into perspective : he's a writer, I am a writer, and we all know us writers like to make our characters suffer. Any fictional character would love to tear a new asshole to his creator, so it's legit and offers some philosophical ramifications I'm really curious to see them tackle next year.
  2. Okay, so... I often criticize Vikings, but man, that scene of Floki finding the cross. I had the exact same reaction as Floki at the same time... the exact same crazy giggle. Alright, Hirst, I'll give you that one, that was freaking hilarious !
  3. Okay so everyone is bitching about the Iceland storyline but isnt it obvious to all that it's gonna end up in Greenland then America ? And I'm looking forward to that ! And speaking of far-travels, I feel like Hvitserk is gonna end up in the Far-East and that can be really good !
  4. This show is so consistently jumping the shark it's become a comedy with some beautiful shots here and there.
  5. I dunno why but I've always liked Heaven storylines, I think they offer a lot of opportunities, and I did like this one as well !
  6. A minute of silence for poor Hvitserk losing his only story arc.
  7. Okay... so I just watched episode 9 and I kinda needed a place to go... Wish we had episode topics, at least for the last three, as I dont wanna venture this thread too long until I've watched 10. But... man... that ending. :(
  8. Waw, really surprised at how many people were taken out by the frog. Guys...guys... a sentient universe took the form of a frog... how more awesome do you want it to be ? That was magnificent and Doctor Who at its finest !
  9. Well, I came here expecting (finally) a consensus on this one being the best episode of the series, as I totally loved it, but apparently it's not the case. Well... as I said, I loved it.
  10. I reaaaally liked that episode ! Dont know if that will be the consensus (reading around it seems it is) or not but the Nora - Ava - Mona scenes were the highlight for me ! C'mon Mona, deliver that letter !
  11. Okay that wasnt perfect, it had flawed (pacing issues I mostly blame on schedule and budget). But damn, it was good. Yeah, the ending was rushed and campy (but we love Doctor Who for the occasional campiness right ?), but otherwise, the scenery, the characters, the acting, the themes... I truly believe this will remain a memorable episode of the series.
  12. Triskan

    S11.E07: Kerblam!

    I liked that one. But man, I have no idea what to say about it. Probably because I've been reading and watching reactions already since the credits rolled, but yeah... I truly liked it but I really dont know how to elaborate ! :D
  13. I'm at episode 3. So far so good... I mean, it's not groundbreaking sci-fi (though it's just the beginning) but it hits all the notes I like from a story, it's everything that works on me, so...
  14. I'm really curious to see the overall reaction on this one. I think it can be quite dividing. Personally I really enjoyed it. A few slow scenes here and there, some rough editing sometimes, a few over the top moments, but overall nothing too dramatic and the general storyline, the emotions the episode wanted to convey was more or less on point. Beautiful cinematography though, and really liked those new aliens and the twist on them ! I would be really curious to explore more of their culture so kuddos to the writer for that ! But I could understand why some will find it over th
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