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  1. Does Victoria have a brain tumor or was she abducted by aliens? 👽
  2. I was channel surfing today and happened to watch a rerun of this program by accident. I saw Dr Pol and his son visit a man on his farm. The man proceeded to dig a shallow hole in the ground. They showed the man's dog playing in the yard. It was a small black dog who appeared quite healthy and active. The three of them took this dog to a shed. They killed the dog. Then the man carried its dead body and dumped it into that hole and buried it. It was so disturbing. I quickly turned it off but still feel awful.....
  3. https://www.vulture.com/article/yellowstone-most-american-show-analysis.html
  4. It's rumored that Sasha Calle was fired. She taped her last scenes already. Lola returns to Miami. Tyler Johnson is still here for now... but Theo's time may be running out.
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