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  1. She's been called a telepath within the dialogue of the show, so yes.
  2. No, that isn't true. Sir Philip came at the very end of the train, after the attempted elopement - watch again. The moment she realises she is still pregnant she calls Sir Philip back. The planned elopement came way before that. Before the abortion, even. The sequence of events goes like this: she rejects the old man because she believes Sir George will come for her; she gets the fake letter from Sir George and realises she is going to have to settle for someone else; she plans to elope with Colin; the elopement fails when her pregnancy is outed; she attempts abortion as a last ditch attempt at saving herself and her child from a life of poverty and disgrace; Sir Philip turns up and offers to marry her but she sends him away because she believes she is no longer pregnant and doesn't want to marry a complete stranger; then finally she realises she is still pregnant and agrees to marry Sir Philip after all.
  3. Sir Philip's proposal came AFTER Marina's attempt to save her child and herself from a life of poverty and misery by eloping with Colin. He wasn't an option beforehand. She barely knew he existed. Colin was her last ditch effort. By the time Sir Philip turned up, she was already outed and ruined, and the entire Featherington family with her. I think a lot of posters here are really underplaying just how dire Marina's future was if she couldn't find someone (decent) to marry before her pregnancy became known. It was 1813. Mrs Featherington wasn't exaggerating when she pointed out that Marina and her child could end up on the streets. It is hard for us now, with our 21st century sensibilities, to understand just how limited the options were for young women at that time. We tend to judge them through the lens of today, but we really shouldn't, because that wasn't their reality. (And everyone saying she should have taken the lecherous old man should try to imagine themselves in her shoes)
  4. As a young woman, Marina would not have access to her dowry to make such arrangements. Her finances were completely controlled by her father. On marriage, her finances were completed controlled by her husband. And if she was moving among the ton in London, then she was also of that class at home in the country, and having a baby out of wedlock would have been just as much a scandal there. The only option for doing what you suggest would be for her to be sent away to a place where no one knew her to have the baby, which is what often happened in such cases. But it would cost a lot of money to set up such an establishment and a chaperone would have to be sent with her, so it was a fairly major undertaking. It is well established within the show that the Featheringtons did not have the money for any such thing - that's why Mrs Featherington approached the convent, but then it turned out they didn't have enough money for that, either. Of course, what they should have done is inform Marina's father and let him make all the arrangements but for some reason this was out of the question - I think because of Mr Featherington's debt. Marina clearly felt that making her situation known to her father was out of the question - and if the Featheringtons were the lesser of two evils there, that probably tells us something.
  5. Trust me, no one in the UK considers the Daily Express to be a genuine 'newspaper'.
  6. This. Carol can't be blamed for not taking on an enemy she didn't know existed in a fight she didn't know was happening until it was over. She is powerful but she is still only one person, and omniscience is not one of her superpowers. She can't be everywhere at the same time and she can't know everything that's going on in the universe. Earth isn't her home anymore, but she came when called. It isn't her fault she wasn't called until it was too late. Anyway, back on topic, I'm loving the ride so far and can't wait for the next episode!
  7. Steve alone at first - Tony was off-world when the Snap happened and didn't make it back until later! That leaves Steve as the last high-profile Avenger standing in the wreckage of the world, in the first instance. There would for sure have been a lot of explaining to do! Isn't that pretty much what Endgame tells us? Carol brings Tony back to Earth, then we skip forward five years to find Natasha hanging on by a thread trying to hold everything together while Carol is mostly off-world dealing with the devastation across the universe, but remaining in regular contact while she's at it.
  8. It's a good time to be filming at locations like that, since they are all closed due to lockdown. I can't look at location pics - all those places I love but can't visit right now!
  9. I've always hated the pet monkey storyline because monkeys are wild animals that should not be kept as pets or trained to perform, ever. It is cruel and unnatural for them. Marcel was a capuchin, which is an extremely social animal that needs to live in a family group of other capuchins for its mental and physical wellbeing - plus they are stronger than most people think and have sharp teeth, so can be dangerous and hard to control when kept as a pet. Plus they are usually stolen from the wild as infants, their parents and other members of the colony murdered simply to acquire one baby, which results in all kinds of developmental issues, because they are too young to be away from parents. Monkeys belong in the wild or in rescue centres with their own kind, and I hate any show which presents keeping them as pets as something normal or desirable, as that simply fuels the illegal animal trade - badly done, Friends!
  10. Thank you for the excellent summary. So to answer the speculation above, there's no way Marvel are going to remove an actress from a high profile role just to please a small but vocal bunch of misogynists on the internet. But if they did and replaced Carol Danvers with Monica Rambeau? Given that most 'Anti-SJW's' tend to be racist as well as misogynist, I'm having great fun picturing them all spontaneously combusting over getting their way about the white woman they hate, only to find a black woman in her place. 😄
  11. As far as I can tell, she is quite outspokenly feminist and a section of male fandom don't seem to like that?
  12. Coming back to this thread to note that all evidence indicates that filming of season two started this week! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLaMppvpP72/
  13. To me, TC will always be Top Cat! 😄
  14. Thank you! I was worried there for a minute. I mean, I still have no intention of watching the show, for many, many reasons, but at least that part of Cheery's story hasn't been changed.
  15. Hang on. I'm not watching this show, just following viewer reactions out of morbid curiosity, but I need to comment on this. Is Cheery a male in this show? Seriously? After everything she goes through to identify as female in the books?
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