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  1. I imagine he thought she didn't need it any more. After all, he had her win the jackpot by marrying a marquess, why on earth would she still need the career that had given her such happiness and satisfaction, that was only ever intended to be a consolation prize for when she was still a sad sack spinster with nothing better to do... Or, you know, some other thought process along those lines.
  2. In addition to what everyone else has said, the aim was to send a responsible person who could rein in the Prince of Wales's excesses - a younger brother would be unlikely to have the right kind of influence, that just isn't how family pecking order generally works! Just look how little influence Edith has over Mary's actions...
  3. In the UK, culottes are a kind of trouser with very wide legs - basically, what Kate is wearing in that article.
  4. Yeah, I know, but I only have so much free time for TV watching! I actually started my re-watch way back when this Picard show was little more than a rumour of something that might be happening, because all the Treks are on Netflix, so having given in and invested in that, I thought I'd start dipping in and out of them, refresh my memory, having not previously had any opportunity to do so since they first aired. I'd seen plenty of random episodes here and there over the years, as Trek is played a lot on various cable channels, but not owning the DVDs I'd never been able to watch a whole series through in order since they aired. So Netflix is proving very useful! I started with TNG and Voyager as memory told me they would be easy to dip in and out of, not being serialised, lending themselves to just enjoying the odd episode here and there, and it was just the odd episode here and there because there was no rush. And at the time I was concentrating on getting through two seasons of Discovery, now that I could. Then slowly but surely, as more info about Picard came out to whet my appetite, Voyager fell by the wayside and that 'odd episode here and there' of TNG became a dedicated rewatch with a deadline! But I still only have limited time for it, so I'll worry about getting through just the one show by January 23 before I start worrying about the other! I suspect that I'll end up having to cherry pick a few significant episodes of Voyager to catch up with, in the end.
  5. Hey, if Captain Janeway could be an action hero when called upon, so can Seven! She certainly has the skill for it - the precise circumstances and motivations will no doubt be revealed in the show. It is almost 20 years now since Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant. That's a long time in anyone's life, more than enough time for them to go through a great many changes and experience a great deal. Something else occurred to me after writing my run-through of the crew above - the ship's captain Chris Rios is meant to be ex-Starfleet. He is old enough that he would have been a young junior officer when the Romulan disaster happened - it could be that the fallout from that was what drove him out of Starfleet, as well as Picard. Would give them something in common. That aside, they've said that Rios is reluctant to help Picard at first - no doubt Raffi talks him into it. One other bit of information I've heard: there's a rumour that the ship is called La Sirena (the Mermaid).
  6. As far as I can tell from spoilers so far, something cataclysmic happened about 15-20 years ago which seems to have changed the nature of Starfleet - and that something was probably the destruction of Romulus. When Picard goes to Raffi in the trailer, she comments on him being on 'another' top-secret unauthorised rescue mission - I suspect that tells us quite a bit about what went down with the Romulans and why Picard left Starfleet. Piecing together information from the trailer and the Comic Con panels, it looks as if Dahj goes to Picard for help and sets the whole show in motion. The younger Romulan, Elnor, is said to be a refugee working on Picard's vineyard and personally loyal to him, so tags along. Picard goes to Raffi for help based on past acquaintance, and Captain Rios is her business partner (in the panel, she said their relationship is like Han Solo and Chewie), so she pulls him and his ship into the escapade. Then, Agnes Jurati is meant to be a positronic expert, and we see both the remains of Data/B4 and a whole army of androids in the trailers, so that'll be her angle for getting involved. The only one I'm not sure about is the other Romulan, Narek - he is said to be a more traditional Romulan, very devious, so I'm not sure what his angle is. I'm really looking forward to finding out how it all plays out. I've been indulging in a TNG rewatch - my first proper rewatch since it originally aired! About halfway through S4 now. I'd forgotten how much we saw of the Romulans and how heavily Picard was involved in trying to maintain the fragile peace with their empire throughout successive seasons of the show.
  7. Do any of the international ones on Prime work for you? I went through Twitter last night and must have clicked on a good dozen 'this content is not available in your region' links before I found one that would work for me.
  8. It's on CBS All Access in the US - Amazon Prime for the rest of the world. All the US-trailers are region-locked. I am very much looking forward to this. So much to tease out of that trailer!
  9. Yeah, no, that would be absolutely impossible, in the era this show is set, even if they could prove paternity, which they can't, and even if they did want to take the child, which they have shown no sign of. Even if Elizabeth had left a will of the kind you suggest (which she never would have, because she loved George and wanted him to accept Valentine as his, so would never commit to paper anything that might threaten that) it would be entirely moot because a woman in this era had no legal rights over her own children. Even if she left her husband, custody automatically belonged to the father and she had no recourse in law. Unrelated neighbours would have no chance whatsoever, no matter how much they might verbally claim paternity. The child is his in law, end of story.
  10. 1. None of the new characters are in the books, because this season is set during the 10 year time jump between books 7 and 8 and therefore is telling a completely new story which is not based on anything book-related. 2. I think that would class as a book spoiler, so I'll put it behind a cut.
  11. I think you've got your Nine and your Ten the wrong way round here - Nine is the one with the leather jacket and Northern accent, Ten is the one with suits, ties and glasses 😉
  12. I know this is just a typo, but 'Dalke' legit sounds like a fab Doctor Who alien name! 😄
  13. Back in April, the very premature death of CBBC actress Mya-Lecia Naylor (age 16) was commented on in this thread, so some here might like to know that the inquest into her death was held today and the coroner recorded a verdict of death by misadventure. She was found hanged, poor kid, and the only explanation her family could come up with was sudden panic over exam stress. They didn't notice any signs of anxiety beforehand.
  14. Isn't that basically what the first half of last season was? (I would watch the hell out of an entire show like that!)
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