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    Writing staff

    Oh, hell yes.
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Pretty sure this is not an unpopular opinion!
  3. Llywela

    TV Tropes You Hate

    British soap opera Coronation Street offered a refreshing take on the above discussion earlier this year, when one of its teen characters got pregnant and found herself under pressure from all sides to keep the baby, but after taking advice from a variety of people - including another girl who'd had a baby in her teens and gave it up for adoption - ultimately decided that she did not want to continue with the pregnancy and went through with an abortion, quietly and without any fuss.
  4. Llywela

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Imagine if we'd had even just one more episode this season - filling the gap between Dany's assassination and the council in the Dragon Pit, say. Think how much material got glossed over there, and how easy it would be to fill. Did Jon just walk out of the throne room and confess to the first Unsullied he saw, or did they see Drogon flying off with Dany, realise something was up, and storm the room? How confused must those early hours and days have been - everyone still reacting to the devastating of King's Landing, and now this. Imagine how much negotiating Davos must have had to do, presumably arguing Grey Worm down from his immediate fury, sending ravens off to the rest of the allies, etc. With Jorah, Missandei and Dany all dead, was there even anyone left capable of communicating with the Dothraki? Because they would also be a problem. Arya was also in King's Landing - perhaps joining with Davos in defending Jon, arguing against immediate execution, no doubt threatening death to anyone who laid a hand on him. The gang up at Winterfell would have received word of the destruction of King's Landing first - react to the horror of it, fear for the loved ones they knew to be there, worry about what this might mean going forward, what Dany might do next...and then receive news of Dany's assassination and the arrest of both Tyrion and Jon. Perhaps here would have been a good opportunity to foreshadow Bran's elevation a little by showing him giving good council to the others, drawing on his knowledge of the past to demonstrate wisdom in the present (as he apparently did when designing his wheelchair). Brienne reacting to word of Jaime's death. The council being negotiated and organised, the journey there - and no doubt all kinds of awkwardness when all these leaders eventually came together. Fear and mistrust - King's Landing is held by foreign armies, can they be trusted, are we even safe to go there? Perhaps Yara might have been allowed some on-screen reaction to her brother's death, instead of just Dany's. And so on. There was just so very much meaningful character material to explore and it was all just skipped over to get to the resolution. Damn, we needed a longer season!
  5. Llywela

    Star Trek: Picard

    Yep, and all the early announcements said that this show comes after the destruction of Romulus, and that it had a major impact on Picard. I think it has also either been announced of heavily implied that his ship in this episode is not Starfleet but a private mission crewed by non-Starfleet oddbods. Should be interesting!
  6. Llywela

    Star Trek: Picard

    Agreed. There would be no point making this show if it were merely going to retread ground already covered in a previous episode. That was one possible future. This will be Picard's actual future, shaped by 20 years of unpredictable variables.
  7. Llywela

    Star Trek: Picard

    I have heard that it actually is Merrin Dungey, so well done on the voice recognition!
  8. Llywela

    Star Trek: Picard

    Do we? Last I heard, there were no guest appearances confirmed by any of the old cast, although Frakes is directing a few eps. Did you see confirmation of guest appearances somewhere? Or is it wishful thinking?
  9. Llywela

    Small Talk: Slaves To Gab

    Is it based on the book? I read it, once upon a time - and I believe there was a film version, way back when. But this version isn't worth the effort, you say? Shame.
  10. Llywela

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Yes! I'm still really annoyed by that - I feel like we could and should have had scenes of the sisters bonding for pretty much the first time in their lives, having been divided by their differences as children and then by the horrific circumstances into which they were flung. Yet we were robbed of any meaningful scenes of the sisters getting to know one another as adults, coming to appreciate one another and making plans together, primarily to support this shock twist! I still regret that. The deleted scene you describe would have been a nice bit of development for Bran, as well, showing him and Sansa working together. For the eventual king, he got shockingly little screentime or development!
  11. Llywela

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I've been thinking about this, in conjunction with what I said earlier about A Show not always being entirely sure what it wanted to be - I'm reaching the conclusion that Bran's story typifies that point perfectly, really. Because...if you were to show someone the very first and last episodes of this season, with Little Bran running around being adorable in the beginning, climbing places he shouldn't and witnessing things he shouldn't and getting shoved out of high windows for it, and then Grown Up Bran in his wheelchair being made King...well, that unspoiled someone would probably assume that the eight seasons in between showed Bran's journey from Point A to Point B. But they didn't. Bran's elevation came entirely from left field, and doesn't feel like the outcome that was intended all along. It feels more like the spare part getting the chair because all the other options had been accidentally ruled out along the way - the story told over the seasons simply doesn't support the eventual outcome, and it is hard to avoid the implication that that's because the outcome wasn't actually planned. All the other main characters I think ended up in a more or less logical place that makes sense in terms of their progression and storyline throughout. I keep remembering conversations we had years ago, trying to figure out which characters we thought were endgame, and I think we pretty much had them all pegged. Jon, Dany, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Tyrion - they were the characters we expected to make it to the end, and they did (by which I mean, Dany made it to the final episode, if not the final credits), and I think four out of the six could easily have ended up on the throne and it would have felt a fitting conclusion to their story, and I like that the stories told for them allowed for a variety of possible outcomes. So, for instance, Dany's downfall was foreshadowed throughout, even if it wasn't smoothly executed in the end, but if her story had ended with her heeding the guidance of her advisors, tempering her violent urges, and ending up on the Iron Throne unchallenged, no one would have argued against that ending, it would have felt entirely supported by what had gone before. Sansa becoming Queen in the North is a fitting end to her story, she has been advocating for an independent North for years, while the Northern characters in general had been bucking for independence for longer still - but again, if she had been put forward as Queen of all Westeros, that too would have felt like an earned and justified outcome, supported by her development along the way and in line with her early ambitions. Jon spent the entire show failing upward in a series of dramatic promotions, so if he'd ended up on the throne, it would have been entirely in keeping with his story - yet at the same time, his character has always been strongly rooted in the North and with the freedom associated with the Wildlings, so it is also entirely fitting that he ended up leaving Westeros proper to live beyond the Wall. And I absolutely believe that in the unwritten future he will be named King-Beyond-The-Wall! And then Tyrion - ending the show as Hand of the King is almost a perfect outcome for him, yet he too could easily have been named King and it would feel supported by his journey to that point, learning responsibility and good government along the way. All these characters have had strong journeys, which built toward more than one possible outcome, and that has been a strength of the show. But Bran? Bran's journey has always felt like an afterthought, in many ways - like he was pursuing this path because the source material said he must, rather than because any clear development or outcome was ever foreseen for him and built toward. The mythology behind his development into the Three-eyed Raven has never been fully developed and remains murky at best, a mere plot device that ultimately served only the purpose of luring the Night King into a trap. There has never been anything in his journey that built toward his becoming king, it was a twist that came entirely from left field and feels largely as if it came about because once the ultimate outcome of everyone else's journey was decided, there was no one else left to be king, so it fell on Bran almost by default - as if the entire resolution to this epic, sprawling tale was ultimately made up on the fly. And that's poor storytelling, which brings me back to my point about A Show not knowing what it really wanted to be, or perhaps not really being sure whose story it was ultimately telling. I think you are right, ginge, when you say that for all its epic scope and sprawling cast, this was ultimately the story of the Starks, who more or less bookend the whole thing. It's just a shame that the one who ended up on the throne wasn't given the same development as the others, in order to support his final destination. We could argue that this wasn't really Bran's story, that at the end of the day who ended up on the throne wasn't really important as long as the more 'important' characters got their strong ending - in which case A Show shouldn't have emphasised the chase for the Iron Throne quite so much. Either this was the game of thrones or it wasn't! There are other examples - Arya learning how to shapeshift is another classic example. It was a major part of her character journey, but was then abandoned and never mentioned again. In a properly constructed story, you'd expect such a major piece of character development to be relevant in the denouement - it wasn't, which again gives the impression that a lot of this stuff was just made up along the way, rather than being properly planned with an overall destination in mind. This season has been a season of two halves - the battle against the Night King and the battle for the Iron Throne, and those two stories almost feel like they belong in two different shows. Again, A Show wasn't entirely sure what it wanted to be - an epic fantasy or a political drama. So, yeah, I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that A Show has never been entirely sure what it wanted to be, and that uncertainty has left its mark along the way.
  12. Llywela

    Star Trek: Picard

    Maybe, but the early press said that his departure from Starfleet was linked to the Romulan disaster, rather than the Borg. I daresay time will tell!
  13. Llywela

    Star Trek: Picard

    I assumed it was Michelle Hurd, just because we know she is in the cast. But of course, a voiceover for a promo could be anyone, really! I think the armada Picard commanded might have been a rescue mission to Romulus, rather than to save the Federation - it's a bit confusing, but this show is apparently set after the destruction of Romulus, which happened in the first of the reboot Star Trek movies. In the movie, Spock gets sent back in time, which creates an alternate timeline, which is the movie-verse. This show is exploring what happened next in the Prime universe, and it has already been said in earlier announcements that Picard's departure from Starfleet is linked to the Romulus disaster. So we know from this clip that Picard went on to become an admiral, and that something terrible happened which caused him to lose faith in Starfleet. We know it is connected to the Romulus disaster. We also know from some of the earlier announcements that the ship he commands in this show is not a Starfleet vessel, but a private mission. I wonder what could have happened to cause him to lose faith in Starfleet? Did he lose a ship/several ships from his armada trying to evacuate as many refugees as possible? Did he blame himself for this failure? Did the Federation turn away the refugees? Colour me intrigued!
  14. Agreed! We do know that there were at least two-three weeks between Jon's army leaving Winterfell and arriving at King's Landing, because when Dany's mob arrived at Dragonstone they said Jon would be another fortnight. And I don't think it took Dany's armada that long to sail down because Jaime didn't leave Winterfell until word came of the ambush, and granted he'd probably travel faster on his own than the army would, but he seemed to arrive very soon after Jon. But we don't know how long after The Long Night they actually left. Long enough to hold the funerals and celebration, but there was no timescale given. And again, they were vague about how long after Dany's death it took to arrange that council - we know it was a matter of weeks, but how many weeks? And I lost all sense of how many years were passing over the course of the show! Some seasons seemed to take place over a very short timeframe, yet it seemed like years were passing. But maybe it just seemed like that because the child actors were growing up so fast? I keep saying 'almost a decade of civil war' because that's how long it has been for us, but in universe - who knows???
  15. Llywela

    Star Trek: Picard

    I'm looking forward to this - I have fond memories of TNG, although it's been years since I watched, so maybe a re-watch is called for to refresh my memory. I'm intrigued to see what they do with the older Picard. Plus, they've cast an actor I like, whose career I've been following for years, so that's also a draw. As for the name, sometimes it is best to just go with the simplest option. Wasn't Deep Space Nine a filler title that ended up sticking? They've probably been calling it 'Picard' for months as a placeholder, intending to come up with a different official title, and then decided to just go with it!