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  1. He was sacrificed to Hive in an ancient Hydra ceremony that involved drawing lots. He and Gideon had discovered that their father always cheated the draw and agreed among themselves to play it fairly. Gideon then cheated to save himself, while Nathaniel drew the short straw and was sent through the portal to Hive's planet, where he died. Edit: I think it's a different actor playing the character now than back in S3 though.
  2. Time? What's that? Seriously, I'm not sure they are even getting downtime for a good night's sleep during this mission, never mind time for niceties such as mission briefings, analysis of Yoyo's loss of powers, or the creation of a new prosthetic! They just seem to bounce straight from one crisis to another.
  3. I think they need Fitz to create a new prosthetic for Sousa - it was Fitz who built all of Coulson and Yoyo's prosthetics.
  4. a) Deke's continued existence after the timeline he was born in got changed has already proved the multiverse theory, b) that doesn't apply to Mack anyway, since the deaths of his parents here has no bearing on his birth because he's already been born, his fake mother was telling Elena all about kid!Mack in this episode, plus he remembered this specific day in his childhood. His past has been changed beyond recognition, which takes us into multiverse territory, but his existence is unaffected. I've decided that the biggest drawback of this season so far is how rushed everything is. With the time ship jumping so unpredictably and only a short time to spend in each time period, the characters constantly in a rush, there is precious little time to spare for meaningful character interactions, which the show always used to be really good at, and I miss that. Sousa being on board really drives that home, because the others all know each other so well anyway, but Sousa is completely new to the team and last week he didn't even know what year they all come from, they landed in 1973 and he assumed it was their home turf because no one had even bothered to tell him that much. Since then...has there been any kind of briefing at all to bring him properly up to speed? Does he even know that Coulson and Enoch are robots? Does he know that Deke is also a man out of time and that Elena is a fellow amputee? Has he been told anything meaningful at all or has it all been little snatches of information here and there, while on the go? May went from discovering her empathic sense with Simmons and Yoyo to everyone seeming to know and accept it, with apparently no wider discussion or questioning at all, just as there has been no real discussion of Yoyo's loss of her powers - still less any attempt to diagnose how that happened and explore if anything can be done about it. The characters just don't seem to be getting any downtime whatsoever, the standalone episodic plots are leaving no time at all for them to breathe, and I regret that, fun though the season is.
  5. Let's not forget that none of the references have to be exact to the year each episode is set, since the characters all come from the future and therefore don't have to wait for this stuff to actually come out to be aware of its existence!
  6. Daisy's powers are part of her, genetically, they can't be taken from her (although they can be turned off). Nathaniel was able to also acquire her power, by obtaining her DNA and using Whitehall's process to graft it into himself. But he couldn't remove the powers from her the way you'd remove an appendix, the powers are still part of her genetic code. She couldn't use them when she was captured because she'd been drugged. I would assume the McKenzie Chronicoms maintained the act just in case they were being watched, yes - after all, CCTV in the prison cell is how Mack knew they were there to begin with. And Chronicoms are nothing if not thorough. This isn't the first time there has been a second time skip within minutes of the first. I guess, just like in 1973, the Chronicoms achieved what they were after extremely quickly! Although...since their time ship was damaged or destroyed, I'm not clear what the Zephyr is now following. I thought it was piggy-backing the Chronicom timeship? I think it was Mack's parents - we saw the Chronicom giving him the photo back in 1973 and calling it leverage over the SHIELD team. So, yeah, Mack's parents. Overall, I thought this was the weakest episode of the season so far, and not just because it wasn't as funny - it was also quite disjointed, I felt. I'm thoroughly enjoying the ride of this final season, though, even if I do miss Fitz. I'm loving having Sousa on board, though! In interviews, Gjokaj has said he only has a cameo role in the season - now, three episodes to me seems like more than a cameo, but his statement does imply that he won't be around for the whole season, which is a shame. I think they should keep him, now they have him!
  7. Plus we've previously seen Enoch change his skin colour, way back in season 5 when he pretended to be Kree and turned himself blue.
  8. Since when does the ideal outcome ever pan out for this bunch? 😄 Besides, the timeline has already changed, so at this point it may not longer even be possible for them to return to the same 'present' they left, depending on how the show wants the whole time travel theory to play out. Still, it's the final season, so some kind of happy ending is probably on the cards.
  9. I really miss Fitz. Piper I hope has stepped up to keep SHIELD running in the 'present', if there even is a 'present' timeline to return to after all these changes, as well as looking after poor Flint, who has also been dragged out of time and now no longer even has his surrogate parents to lean on!
  10. I noticed that too! (I may or may not have paused in order to read the list 😄) And I just remembered another bit of evidence that Simmons is still the real, human Simmons - the show went out of its way to show us that May picks up emotions from her, whereas she gets nothing at all from LMD Coulson.
  11. Definitely a good one - not only hilarious, but also really good world-building continuity for Deke. He's been talking about the cultural significance of lemons in his dystopian backstory for three seasons now.
  12. Me too. I'm almost certain it is connected to that scan the Chronicoms have of her brain and will turn out to be a protective measure, with side effects, rather than anything sinister. I don't think the show is trying to make us distrust Enoch, though - he is well established now as a firm ally. What they are trying to do, imo, is raise suspense about what happened during that missing time between Enoch rescuing Fitz and Simmons, and Simmons and Enoch coming to collect the team in the Time-Zephyr.
  13. In previous episodes, we've seen Elena theorising that it was the shrike that caused her to lose her powers, yes - she commiserated with May about it, since May has lost her ability to feel, and said that everything from that other world (where the shrike came from) is destructive. So the working theory is that the loss of powers was caused by the shrike, and because it has only been a few days in the lives of the characters, they've not had any time to actually stop and study the problem, because they've spent those few days running around non-stop. Mack saving his parents' lives doesn't change the timeline, it preserves it, because in the original timeline they weren't murdered by Hydra in 1976. Also, you really can't blame the guy! Simmons can't be an LMD or Chronicom or she'd have shut down when she set off the EMP in 1955, same as Coulson did. This is the real Simmons. The implant in her neck could be connected to the fact that the Chronicoms have a complete scan of her brain - we saw her having memory lapses, so maybe she's had some kind of implant fitted to disrupt certain thought patterns that might be detectable/predicted somehow by the Chronicoms? I don't know. But as for what's going on with her and what happened in between being saved by Enoch and going back to save the team at the end of last season...only time will tell. I'm really enjoying the time travel shenanigans - I don't even care if the plot makes sense or not, it's just so much fun!
  14. If Iain De Caestecker is doing press for the show, that gives me hope that we'll see Fitz sooner rather than later...maybe...
  15. I agree with the comments above. Ordinarily I am wary of reboots, but I am excited for this one! The fact that it is the original creative team at the helm, along with most of the same cast, fills me with hope. I can't wait to see what they come up with - having left the characters at a moment of great change, the show's story is ripe with material for exploration, just in terms of character dynamics and how the last few years have played out for them. And as far as potential plotlines go...well, it isn't as if the general corruption of our capitalist society has improved since the show ended, is it? No, I'm really looking forward to this. I really hope they manage to re-capture the magic of the original show.
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