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  1. Do you guys get Pointless or House of Games in the US? Those are two quiz shows I always enjoy.
  2. I'm not surprised, because we've known for years that Disney no longer considers these two shows to be canon, but I still find it really annoying, because both shows were commissioned, designed and built as part of the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both shows (at least in the beginning, before AoS was cast off and started doing its own thing) worked hard to adhere to movie canon even though the movies were never going to acknowledge them (just as the movies are not now going to acknowledge the Disney+ Marvel shows, which are similarly restricted). Both shows feature characters from the movi
  3. And they don't interact with each other even once!
  4. Oh, it can be. But not so much as it sounds, because what happens in practice is that the old currency just gets withdrawn bit by bit as cash gets banked, and that is mostly done by shops rather than individuals (they also have to get their self-service tills etc. updated to accommodate the new notes/coins). For me as an individual, whenever there has been a change, I have never in fact needed to take my currency into a bank to exchange before the deadline, it just happened gradually, over a period of months, that I used up all the old currency I had and ended up with all new notes and coins i
  5. It gets phased out over a period of time, but there will be a cut-off point where the old currency ceases to be legal tender. We went through this recently when a new style of £5 and £10 notes came into circulation, and when they changed the £1 coin, etc. The different styles existed alongside one another for a while, and then we were given a deadline by which we had to take any of the old notes/coins in our possession into a bank to be exchanged, after which they could no longer be used in shops as currency. I still have a few of the old £1 coins I found down the back of the sofa!
  6. I am sure that the royal family have many recent photographs of Archie. Those photographs have not, however, been made public by Archie's parents, who have made it very clear that they do not want pictures of his face to be released into the public sphere. The royal family therefore, in their birthday messages, made a point of only using pictures that were already public. And since it is generally custom when making such birthday messages to post a picture of yourself with the individual in question, that meant using christening pictures, since those are the only publicly available pictures of
  7. There is a classic Doctor Who serial in which the Second Doctor and his companions Ben and Polly visit Jacobean Scotland. They land in an active war zone, have an adventure there, save the day, and then leave taking Highlander Jamie with them as a new companion. Having seen that adventure (ETA - well, a reconstruction and novelisation thereof), I suspect Gabaldon a) really liked Jamie, and b) looked at Polly's story - a bright young woman from the Swinging Sixties having great fun making friends and running rings around a bunch of English officers in 1740s Scotland - thought to herself, 'I bet
  8. Yeah, go back far enough, and there was no such thing as 'literature', only oral re-tellings of age-old myths, altered and adapted as they spread, so that no one ever even knew how or where they started, never mind who first told the story. I'd never heard that about Outlander either. I can see where the 2nd Doctor's visit to Jacobean Scotland could have inspired it, but Gabaldon for sure gave the concept a very different spin!
  9. Neil Gaiman won a Hugo Award for a piece of Sherlock Holmes/H. P. Lovecraft fanfiction. Dante’s Inferno was a self-insert Bible fanfic and we consider that a literary classic. The Aeneid is fanfic of The Iliad. The entire body of Arthurian literature (including all the films and TV shows) is fanfiction of Welsh mythology. Basically, most literature is inspired by something else, to a greater or lesser degree. So are most TV shows, for that matter!
  10. No, there was no confusion. It is a story because the official death certificate was made public, that's all, and because given Philip's documented health issues there could easily have been a more specific and abrupt cause of death (heart failure, sepsis, stroke, etc.). Instead, it seems he just faded away. Which I guess some folks will want to know. People like to have clarity, and royal stories garner clicks. The headline should read 'Philip's death certificate released', which would be a more accurate statement, but that wouldn't be as dramatic as 'cause of death confirmed!'
  11. The man who rescued Alina and took her to the palace was the general. General Kirigan, known as the Darkling. One guy.
  12. Yes I know. Once again, as I said, that was in fact the exact point I was making with my original comment - that American wedding customs are as alien to me as a particular British custom was to the OP I responded to, because all countries have different customs that they take for granted but which might seem strange to outsiders. 🙄 Can we drop this now?
  13. William himself told the story, on camera, during a public engagement this week. I was just too lazy to go away and find a link because I saw it on actual news, on my telly, in one of those 'what else happened this week'-type segments. ETA - okay, here's a link to an article about it. Insight into a typical, non-controversial Royal engagement and the kind of thing they chat to people about while they are out and about. No one talking out of turn. No manipulation, no sly leaking of gossip to the news as a front for something else. Just William on a typical public engagement, being a fond d
  14. Royal snippets from UK news today: Prince Philip's death certificate has been released, cause of death simply listed as 'old age'. And Prince William has been talking about Charlotte's 6th birthday - they had a small garden party with just one other family (unidentified), because of covid restrictions. He says she is telling everyone now that she is 16 and can do what she wants! 😄
  15. A lot of nicknames derive from a) lost pronunciations of earlier language, and b) the fact that in past times there were fewer given names in circulation, so if you were living in a small village with at least six people named Henry, five Margarets and maybe ten Johns, it made life easier if there were multiple derivatives that could be used to differentiate them!
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