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  1. Exactly. Out of curiosity I just re-watched Episode 3, Ten, Ten, Twenty, Twenty where Porsha brings her sister and Tanya to Falynn’s house and we meet Falynn and her husband. I think someone was taking inventory and notes...
  2. I think Porsha just gave Kenya ammunition to step all over her next season. Porsha has the common sense of a pea and the brains of a gnat. Maybe Falynn will be spending more time on the screen next season. Let’s not forget Simon is supposedly friends with Dennis. This is so messy, but I’m not surprised because Porsha is full of it.
  3. Jeff Lewis has a knack for saying what I’m often thinking...he was on WWHL. An audience member asked what he thought of Braunwyn and the drug/cool mom situation. He did not mince words and said Braunwyn was “incredibly unlikable.” He reiterated that the rest of the women dislike her, and he didn’t know what was real/ fake with her. He made it sound like her storylines were mostly made up. He said he’s mentioned this on his radio show, but I usually miss the show. After listening to Jerry O’Connell 🙄 praise Braunwyn for “bringing it” and for him voicing support of Brandi Granville on
  4. ITA Chit Chat. Braunwyn is about making Braunwyn look good. Deflection is her specialty. Words of wisdom CC.
  5. Unfortunately, I forgot the gentlemen’s name, but someone tracked him down on social media because he posted about the incident. Sorry, I don’t remember his name, but I recall seeing the post. He agreed to talk to someone on a video, it might have been All About the Tea, or one of those annoying Bravo knock offs... They posted the video where he claimed she did drop the N word. It’s his word against hers, but after what we saw that night, I believe him. Why else would there be a screaming match? We all saw Braunwyn freak out in the car ride on the way home and she was vile. You could see
  6. What is this fascination with putting people on the spot and demanding they speak out on x, y, z? Most of these women are probably advised to not speak at all, because they don’t want to say the wrong thing. Prime example. Kelly. She thinks she’s contributing to the conversation on SM, but she inevitably, puts her foot in her mouth. Have you not been on social media? There is no litmus tests you have to pass to satisfy anyone in the USA. This is not China. As the wife of someone who interacts with high profile companies, where celebrities are involved, I know it’s best for me to stay inv
  7. No, she’s not her mother. However, she called the black guy (sorry, I forgot his name) at Rowens fashion shoot a liar, after he claimed her mother dropped the N word on him? If her mother is so horrible, why would she defend such vile crap? Why did she insert herself and deny his voice? She called him an opportunist. Take one to know one in that case. She’s an elitist. She was posing for those BLM shots. IMO.
  8. They screamed at Fraudwyn because she’s a phony for the camera. Remember, it was Braunwyn and her mother disrespecting POC at Rowans fashion show last season. Her creepy mother dropped the F bomb and the N word on the male that was the manager at the event. Braunwyn said he was an opportunist and a liar. She doesn’t care, she does these things, with her photographer to deflect from her bad behavior. She’s a con artist. The ladies are exposing her.
  9. I believe Kelly had a valid reason for attacking her, if it’s the same women I saw dogging her on Twitter. She was trying to say Kelly was a racist because she posted a pic with a women flashing the okay/A-ok/perfect sign. Said women tweeted that Kelly should be fired for hanging with a white supremacist because clearly the women in the photo was flashing a white supremacy sign. 🙄 Hmmm...Kelly posted a pic at Emily’s birthday party celebration, in a group photo, and said women was Emily’s friend, and Gina was also there. That woman was trying to use anything to make Kelly look bad, and
  10. So, from previews, we see Leva sitting next to Andy at the reunion. Interesting. The new girl gets the best seat? Yup, Andy has designated her the star of the show. 🤮
  11. They were on a trip to L.A. to cheer up Gina over her pending divorce. Tamra got wind that Braunwyn, who was the new girl, had been chatting with her “enemies” Gretchen and Lizzie. Braunwyn lied and said they had contacted her to dish dirt. Emily, who is friends with Lizzie knew that was a lie. It was Braunwyn who contacted both Gretchen and Lizzie for the dirt. Tamra exposed her for digging dirt. Sound familiar?? This season she admitted the sex condo was her way of looking interesting to Bravo to get on the show. She also admitted to Shannon that she was not a book author, bu
  12. This is on Braunwyn. Braunwyn is good at deflecting. First, we see her say Gina was living in a small house, and says Gina doesn’t make good choices. Then when confronted, she brings up Shannon. She later admits, after insisting Shannon called it sad and depressing, that she “believed” that’s what Shannon said. Next we have the Stella drama. Braunwyn offered her assistance in illegal activity. She admits she was drunk and doesn’t deny this to be true. Now we are trying to assign blame on how Shannon handled the situation. Braunwyn needs to be booted off the show. She admitted to fabr
  13. ITA. What really floored me was seeing a photo of Jen, pre plastic surgery. She was soooooo pretty. She has had so much work done which does lend itself to low self esteem. She ruined her appearance. She is driven by fear and the other women feel it.
  14. I am not sure if Kelly said, “I am black” referring to Braunwyn saying it or not... Perhaps it was clumsy version of saying she’s considered a minority/POC because she’s 59% Spanish/Portuguese (which is 59% more Spanish than the fraudster “Hilaria” Baldwin!!)and 30% Native American. She posted her 23 & Me results on Instagram a while back. I dunno...
  15. Long gone are the days of the simple routine of parent dropping off the kid with nothing but a suitcase. My kids have graduated from college, and I noticed each year the dorm room decor became more and more of a focus. Headboards, coordinating comforters, one brings this and the other brings that...They learn who their roommate is ahead of time. Then they plot out the room layout. It’s over the top. Even my son’s roommates had their moms doing this too. I don’t know if you watch Atlanta, but they brought a UHaul with a suburban to take her daughter to NYU.
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