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  1. You are my spirit animal. #amen to every last thing you said.
  2. Alex got cut going into her 3rd year too.
  3. Hester saying from the outset that she is not a team player does not excuse her from being a team player. The team challenges are obviously designed to create drama but to also see which designers can collaborate without losing their individual point of views. She was horrible and is fortunate that Frankie’s team was so much worse. I also did not understand the team with the night shift and wraparound comforter. They were also lucky two other teams sucked more.
  4. Omg. I’m Team Lucy but the rest of this annoying mess is the reality tv equivalent of
  5. My senior citizen puppy (see cute picture!) is the sweetest, most laid back, zen dog you can find. Tonight, my upstairs neighbor and her toddler son met us in the hallway. We told him to be gentle, but he went to grab her tail. Fortunately, his mother scooped him up before his hand made contact with my dog. If he did pull her tail, my dog who would NEVER bite would probably have instinctively snapped at the tiny creature hurting her. And rightfully so Dotit claims that two separate dogs hurt her children. I’m sorry. Fool me once. One puppy not suited for a household, ok. But two? The dogs are not the poorly trained creatures; the humans are. And she damn well knew it. My bet is that the dog piddled on her rented floors and she realized it was more work than she wanted. Then PK scratches his nose for evidence. Liars. That’s all I see in them.
  6. Exactly. My friend needs to have public acknowledgement of problems on social media. That isn't how I like to offer condolences, but I will respond the way I know she wants. Another friend hates flowers so I don't send them. Erika knew. And I think her defensiveness was over the top as well. But I still think LVP was just looking for an "issue" that would be easily glossed over -- not expecting a blow up over something that could have been solved with just a quick, Wow - I didn't know you would read it that way. Sorry.
  7. I wonder....Lisa R was forcing everyone to air grievances (and I didn’t even see a Festivus pole!). She clearly was gunning for a blowup of LVP on Dorit. Lisa VP was clearly not going to bring it up again and had asked for the topic to be shut down every time someone brought it up. I may be alone on this but I think the condolence card complaint was a desperate reach to come up with something minor that had NOTHING to do with the dog. IMHO she picked Erica as a target bc Erica was the least likely to get emotional. And it obviously misfired bc E is all about her “reputation.” I think LVP expected it to be a short, “I didn’t know what else to do” or a perfunctory apology for not calling and the spotlight would be off of her. I didn’t mind Rinna in the past, but I do now And I’m disgusted that Kyle had such an authentically poignant moment with LVP opening up to her and just made a joke ...and then comforted Doridiot instead of supporting Lisa
  8. If they took a pic of PigK’s nose, they would have documented pictures of injuries to the kids. I don’t trust their perspective of anything. The buglary, IMHO, is part of theRH euphemisms (“away” or “camp” = prison; burglary = repo). They strike me as the type of people who want cute little dogs because how-hard-could-these-cuties-possibly-be? And then learn it is work to train and socialize a new pup...into a home with two toddlers. Giving up one pup didn’t make it easier. And they knew LVP would be irked if they returned a second. I. Hateeeeeeee. Humans who treat animals like an accessory that they can “return” when they realize the animals need attention and time. I just don’t buy what they are selling. Con artists are lying liars that lie. And that describes that couple to me.
  9. Where the heck what was promised in the preview. I get editing monkeys are at work, but they suggested an entire storyline that didn’t come close to happening.
  10. Victoria was completely different, even at rehearsals, for both nights. My conspiracy theory radar tells me she was (or TK was) warned that VK was on the chopping block and if there was any mistake, she was getting cut. She was less giddy when receiving corrections and was somber in all of the moments filmed when the girls were interacting with group leaders. I also think she was prepared to give a mature, more polished response to being cut because there is no way she went from silly over-the-top VK to that mature young woman in the office. That A++ speech was pte-scripted. She was probably hoping they called her in to say she was improving or the tears would have started as soon as she sat down. Kelli calling her courageous. Really? And there have been many 18 year olds who handled themselves beautifully...and without demanding constant talking-head time. Kinzie comes to mind. If she comes back....who am I kidding? WHEN she comes back, CMT better treat her like Brennan, under the radar. I canNOT deal with another season of the DCC MTT VK show. ?
  11. She was finally allowed to criticize VK? ??‍♀️?
  12. God bless. Power to you and stay strong. You’re an inspiration.
  13. Thank you; morning coffee hasn't kicked in. Projection is what I meant. But there is a difference between staying quiet and reserved and being almost completely inaudible when someone is speaking with you. DCC is supposed to project confidence. I just thought that from being in pageants, she would see any time on camera as the "this is a very long interview from hell" and keep her voice up a little. I don't dislike her and she is obviously insanely beautiful. I just have seen this voice pattern from her several times and Kelli has been critical of other girls who were soft spoken in the past (S7: Megan and Emily; Kitty with Katherine in S4; and that incredibly nervous girl who was first cut a few years ago).
  14. I think Vivian, despite her talking heads, was in a "I'm in" mentality. She was messing up dances she should have mastered the previous year and her power was inconsistent. I HATE at the moment of being cut when girls say "I will be even more powerful!" when they have had time to show it. In fairness to her, going back to the can-she-jumpsplit debate in Kelli's office, I do get where she was coming from. She needed to be pushed out of the plane to prove to herself that she could do it and her injury was healed. She tried to articulate it, but she came across glib even if that wasn't her intention. I have no insider knowledge (damn!) but I wonder if she was somewhat "toxic" in the locker room. I think of Vivian a lot when watching Victoria, thinking to that meeting in the office with Sydney when Vivian asked if it's ok to be fun; Judy said that [I'm paraphrasing a little} that it was find to be fun and cute with Vivian's cute personality but not to be a rookie who is loud, obnoxious, and wanting to be the center of attention. VK should reflect on this.
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