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  1. Great to see Jordan Klepper again but his segments at those Trump rallies. 😳 Those people. SMH. 🤦‍♀️
  2. I know Lynnette's role was temporary but damn that was a cold way to write her off. I kept looking at Phillip wondering where I saw him and I remembered he's on Ambitions. 😅
  3. After what happened to Jack, that's pretty bold of you to use a 25 slow cooker. 😳😅😉
  4. Agree. It's called showing you have manners which Dee Dee severely lacks on a regular basis.
  5. Maybe that's why Bow got with Dre. She was used to that attitude growing up because it was normal, familiar and despite it she did like her aunt.
  6. Roy Wood's Bill Weld segment 🤦‍♀️ Bill Weld: You must've done well in school. Roy: I did not. That was funny but the rest was depressing and not surprising.
  7. So glad this series is over. I know people want it to come back but I rather it didn’t unless they make some major changes. Super had potential but it failed in plot points and stories (Black Goku arc and TOP). It did great developing some characters like Vegeta (spending time with his family; being a mentor to Cabba) and Krillin (getting a job and moving his family out of Master Roshi’s home) but it was straight trash for Goku and his family. Goku became a bad caricature of himself and acted more like he does in parodies (that trash him, too) than what he was in DBZ. Before anyone says, “They made fun of other characters, too,” they didn’t go in as hard as they did with Goku and ChiChi. With them, that was straight hate and it’s so bad people actually believe the parodies are the true characters or they prefer them than what was actually portrayed in DBZ manga and anime. Yamcha was also treated badly, too. Goku was never scholar material but he wasn’t as dumb, illiterate or absentminded as Super made him out to be. In Super, Goku spent more time with Vegeta and Bulma than his own family whereas in DBZ (anime, manga and movies) Goku spent most of his time with his family when he’s not fighting. The last five years of DBZ none of Goku’s friends saw Goku just like they never saw him in the five years post DB. The Funimations dubbing made him look worst but with Funimations bias it’s not a shock. Gohan was pushed aside and ignored until the TOP. Gohan isn’t a fighter like this Dad but if the world’s in danger, he will be in the fight especially since he has a family of his own now. He wouldn’t sit on the sidelines in the Black Goku arc. Goten wasn’t developed at all. He was regulated to being Trunks’ sidekick. Neither kids grew when they should’ve. Even Gohan physically grew from the beginning of DBZ to Cell Games without changing Vas. ChiChi had a lot of development by the Boo arc. She wasn’t as obsessed with education or reluctant for her kids fighting. Instead of building on that, they regressed ChiChi to her pre Cell days, amped her anger even higher and rewrote history in that Gohan was Goten’s first martial arts teacher and not her. It’s not surprising the differences in Goku’s family and Vegeta’s can be due to Toyotaro obvious favoritism to Vegeta. In an interview early in his writing Super, he said Goku’s his favorite character but I think we all can agree with what we’ve seen in Super manga and anime after all this time, that’s a lie. I’ve no problem with him liking Vegeta more than Goku but there was no need to trash Goku’s character and his family while building Vegeta’s up. Both characters could’ve developed more in a positive way while not making one family look bad in comparison to others.
  8. Agreed and I disagree with Dre guilting Bow and Bow saying Junior can stay there until he figures something out. Besides paying rent now, thats what he did all last season. He needs to be working, paying more than $50 rent and doing chores around the house: cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping to make up for lying and stealing from them.
  9. The problem with Dre and Bow's kids, they would find retail work or any lower level job beneath them. $50 rent isn't enough. Junior should be paying at least $200.
  10. Rolex for Micah from his parents.
  11. Micah can find his way without his parents' money if he's so grown. So many times I kept saying, "Get in the car. Get in the car." 😅 But I'm glad Vi helped that young woman. I think Charley is upset at being blindsided by this news. Micah deliberately kept this from her with his own list of schools and rescinding Harvard's acceptance without her knowledge even after seeing the house day after day with decorations about his send off. If Micah wants to act like an adult he should've talked to Charley instead of sneaking around. He says Charley's work in the community inspired him to his decision. If she inspired him why couldn't he tell her instead making all these decisions behind her back? Charley's overconfidence is her Achilles. She sees the BS but thought she can overcome that despite several red flags. This so much!!!
  12. Every rich kid (TV and real life) has to go to an Ivy League school 🙄 even though it's known not all are qualified and don't have to go to one to get a good education and have a successful career.
  13. So Nova and Charley are back on good terms. 🙄 I don't think it'll be as easy for Nova to get back in Vi or RA good graces but with this show and how it's wrapping up for the season they'll be hugging and kissing and crying in the season finale. Ugh same. It's so much unnecessary pressure. It's bad when parents and teachers do this and when they hear our ideas, especially if it's really lofty, not one say, "Let's be real here. Can you really make this happen and if so, how?" Or toss in possible scenarios that could happen while trying to achieve our goal or a backup plan in case we change them. Micah's friends' goals are great but really lofty and not achievable in the time frame they have in mind. Micah has a better chance at succeeding at whatever he does because he doesn't have a plan now. He'll figure it out as he go along. Micah and Keke made the right decision. They are not ready and it may be best to break up. They only got back together because of the fire at the mill and not over resolving the issues going on between them.
  14. I was completely turned off by her arrogance to sit in Vi's restaurant to publicly force Vi to talk to her because it would've quickly gotten around if Nova came to Vi's restaurant everyday and ignores Nova. Then she wants to use the whole, "we're family." Where was this when she wrote her book? I laughed at Nova offering to help Charley by using her journalistic skills. The same skills that helped her write her book??? Sadly I know people like Nova. They are raised in a different environment than you and have this low key resentment to you because you had things differently. They tend to read everything you do in a negative way towards them and in the end become their own worst enemy because of their hate and insecurities.
  15. I have multiple problems with that scene. 1. No one noticed Blue going into the female restroom and no females were in there when Blue entered. 2. I'm also annoyed at Micah for taking his eyes off Blue. He could've checked his phone without turning around. 3. No one questioned where Blue went or Blue confessing he went into the female restroom.
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