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  1. I wonder what Billie owes Nova for? I was confused, too. I didn't understand the time frame. Was it days? A week? I think they went extreme with his medical condition for drama and not thinking it through how unrealistic that is.
  2. Exactly!!! Vi really overstepped saying her years of friendship justify her being include in making decisions for Mr. Prosper. Reminds me of her acting like she had a voice in Blue going to school in D.C. Speaking of Vi, why is she being secretive helping that mother and her son?
  3. Calvin turned himself in last season finale. Nova is getting some karma of people wanting to cancel her. 🤔 I will be in the minority but I wasn't upset with Proper's daughter. I thought Vi would be more understanding and see Billie is lashing out of frustration over her father's condition and she wasn't wrong questioning why her father was there. Vi arguing back escalated Billie to banning the Bordelons.
  4. Same. I thought it will be revealed he has a relationship with one of his sorority brothers.
  5. I binged season 5 over the weekend since I didn't catch the season when it aired. Nova. Nova. 🤦‍♀️ She's been around Charley for how many years now and she doesn't know how to organize a drive for the community? I know the vaccine drive isn't the first in the country so surely she saw coverage on the news when they started and all the lines. Did I miss something but wasn't Vi for Charley giving Davis another chance and now she's criticizing her? As for Davis, I blame the writers. They write him doing so many bad things to make the character unlikable and so Charley doesn't re
  6. Possible rewrite by Nash and he's hoping we forget that part
  7. I wonder if the writers read this forum because that speech Gary said to Delilah felt like many of the comments said here🤣 And wow, Delilah, how entitled and inconsiderate. Does she ever not think of herself? How about settling back home for a while before thinking of going back? Maybe being back home will make her forget moving. When I come home from a vacation I still think of the place I left (lots of good memories) and going back but that lasts for a day or two before reality and being home settles. How can Delilah think of making a decision like that without discussing with
  8. Unless you are contributing financially to the household, shut up Tyrell. He is being very entitled and not grateful of his situation at all. The commercial is bad yes but the only ones to get any heat on it will be the company and the celebrity promoting it. No one cares about the director or any non-famous actors involved. Why is Regina doing so much multitasking? She had a concussion. Why isn’t she doing one thing at a time or getting help on things? The chef could've helped her with the loan application. It looks as if Regina is treating her concussion as if she tripped and fel
  9. I saw the title of the article and thought of everyone here. 😅 https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/a-million-little-things-delilah-finally-returns-family-isnt-happy.html/
  10. So agree. I'm the youngest and only girl and got the "spoiled" label tossed at me a lot and I never was unless you count having my own room is being spoiled. 🙄 Yeah. By June most people were wearing a mask and Sophie went to the parent's house not wearing one and they let her in.
  11. The show is filmed in Vancouver and the actress lives in New York. Because of Covid she hasn't been able to go there to film. I think the show made an error having Sophie see her Mom and return when the storyline could've been Delilah is stranded in France and can't get home because of Covid restrictions and just write her talking to her kids through Zoom instead of not showing enough of her talking to them.
  12. Me, too. Not sure if the writers are trying to create sympathy for Eddie and make Katherine look bad but it's not working with me. She's right Eddie isn't in the right state to have joint custody right now and it will be too much for him. Maybe Eddie's guilt on how he treated Katherine and his own paranoia is blinding him from seeing that but Gary knows this and is willing to help him out.
  13. Isn't this because of Covid interrupting filming? Understood Gary pouring his liquor out but as it was stated he could've given it to Rome or store it at Delilah's house. Good on Regina's mother. I hope they go to different doctors to diagnose what her problem is. Glad Katherine explained Eddie paralysis has nothing to do with wanting sole custody. Eddie better be grateful everyday he has Gary as a friend.
  14. Maybe that is where his stimulus checks went 🤔🤷‍♀️
  15. Because we would've gotten an episode of Ben lecturing everyone how to spend their money and no one wants to watch that.🤪 Though I am curious how the Conners would've blown their money because I don't think any of them would be fiscally responsible with the checks.
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