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  1. If I were Ben, I would've been done after the "arrogant bastards" comment towards his parents. If anyone is an arrogant bastard it would be Darlene unemployed and living rent free in her parents home with her two kids, quitting or getting fired from jobs she feels are beneath her, mouthing off at cops and getting thrown in jail and left her boyfriend to watch her kids for the night when he offered to pay bail. Wow. That's an odd way to end things. Is the show guaranteed to come back next season?
  2. Starting? She's there!! Same. Darlene was my favorite Conner kid as I was like her in some ways but she's so unlikable now.
  3. Maybe it's one of those situations where Person A is doing all the heavy lifting but since Person B has a relationship with them they say "our" instead of "his" or "hers".
  4. I thought it was a season finale because this was the last episode they finished before all production stopped due to the coronavirus. Did they film all the shows for the season? I know "Empire" had two more episodes to film before they had to stop. When Darlene said "$4000. How did he get so far behind?" I wanted to say "How come you're not aware of the finances or paying rent?" It's sadly implied Darlene and Becky aren't paying anything except their own bills and Dan is paying for everything. I rolled my eyes so hard at Darlene's speech on saving the house and how she doesn't want another family living there when she didn't do anything to prevent it from coming to this point. I guess this hits more personal for me because a neighbor from my childhood neighborhood died recently of the coronavirus he got at work. He was almost 80 with a healthy adult child and her two kids living with him. One kid has moved out but I don't think the adult child ever moved out. The mortgage is paid off but he paid all other bills except food and internet while his adult daughter paid that and her personal bills. I asked if he still needed to be working at almost 80. She said yes because he had bills (cable, water, electric, etc) but she says she will be doing that now since the house is hers. She has a 2018 Audi. She could've been helping her Dad out for years but didn't because it wasn't her house. Not to say that's Becky and Darlene's mindset but it does seem as if they won't contribute to the house unless they have to like Darlene suddenly doing it now the house is in foreclosure instead of helping for months like she should have already been doing.
  5. Shake Shack CEO justifying the company's actions on applying for the small business loan was so eye rolling. 🙄🙄 I wonder how many actually bought that excuse.
  6. Thanks for answering. Yeah that was stupid of Dan to quit. It seems out of character for Dan to do especially after losing the bike shop.
  7. I'm sorry but it's been years since I've seen Roseanne but this was the prison job correct? Why did he quit that job?
  8. If they did lose the house (they won't) DJ's house will be the first house they try to move into.
  9. Maybe the writers are keeping in character with Becky's selfishness.
  10. The foreclosure line took me out of it. There are two 40+ year old adults living with Dan. How is it they don't know the house has been on the verge of foreclosure? Dan's not rich and with slowing business, his own bills how are Darlene and Becky not asking about the finances? Are they even paying for some bills? It reminds me of the first season where the basement was flooded and Dan was the only one in there dealing with it. I know we have to suspend some belief for the plot to work but someone like Darlene should've been aware.
  11. I used to like Randall. Now I want to punch him.
  12. The doctor's face and the way he answered Bootsy's question about Trump doing a good job was gold. 😅😅
  13. I can't stop laughing at the car going over the bridge. I guess it is admirable the driver was willing to sacrifice himself than hit the pedestrians but like Trevor said "Why didn't he stop?"
  14. I am with you about Dee Dee. She's that relative that you don't let know you have money.
  15. Great to see Jordan Klepper again but his segments at those Trump rallies. 😳 Those people. SMH. 🤦‍♀️
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