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  1. I don’t think anyone in this cast has deserved a 10–choreography, performance, technique. But, I’m sure the judges will give someone a 10 soon, deserving or not. They know people are looking for them. From what I’ve read, people would prefer the 10s go to James or Kate.
  2. Joe can repeat and repeat as much as he wants about Trump not being a conservative but is a lifelong Democrat. It won’t convince most people that Trump’s a liberal/democrat. Trump’s decisions have been blessed by the conservatives (Mitch, Lindsey etc) to include the debt ceiling. Well, maybe the “Fox-type” viewer will be persuaded by the repeating. But, most see him more as a conservative/republican because he is so selfish and money hungry. The main thing is he was the candidate for the Republican Party; not the Democratic Party. Why is that if he’s a lifelong Democrat?
  3. Witney was really emotional after Len’s comments about her QS performance. Earlier, someone had mentioned that Witney LOOKS pregnant. I don’t see it but she was too emotional. This can’t be her first time making a mistake.
  4. I'm dropping both. And, you are right about the music. But, I think TPTB knew the music wouldn't inspire anyone for an AT. So all three conspired. But, you have to have some criteria to choose anything. A good AT is just one of mine. I do use technique as one of my criteria for a favorite but performance is first for me. I'm one of those people you guys hate. I'd rather have someone with great performance skills and mediocre technique than mediocre performance and great technique. I look at the show as an entertainment show. That's why ringers don't bother me. They have the tech
  5. Of course, the newness has fallen off. But, most of the dancers are too polished now. A lot of the thrill of SYTYCD was watching great dancers in a style struggle in another. Now, if you’re not polished enough coming into the competition, the choreographer just creates around you. Speaking of choreography, I saw where WOD won the emmy. I think one reason they kept bringing SYTYCD back was the emmys. If they're going to treat WOD and SYTYCD the same, WOD will always win. Those groups bring in routines that they’ve had loads of time to tweak the choreography and performance. On SYTYC
  6. Everyone seems to like Pasha. I enjoyed his routine least of all the pros and usually the AT is one of my favorites. I don’t know if he had to make allowances for Kate or what. So I need to get someone else to root for. I have to let you go if I don’t like your AT. I give breaks on technique because it takes a while for technique, even if you’re faking it. But as an entertainer/performer, you should be able to get the essence of the dance. The audience should feel the intensity of a tango, the fun of a jive, the romance of a waltz etc. I don’t have a problem with the pros, as long
  7. Jon Meacham talked about Americans being a forgiving people except when lied to. Then he went on and named the presidents who got in trouble during the modern era—Johnson/Vietnam, Nixon/everything, Clinton/scandals, Trump/everything. Is Meacham a republican lover? I know Nixon and Trump are republicans. But, I don’t care who you are, if you’re talking about presidents who lied, you must include Nixon. And, Joe likes to remind everyone, especially lately, that Trump isn’t a true republican. Didn’t he run down all the democrats that Trump gave money to yesterday? I remember thinking
  8. I’m guessing John Salley as the Thingamajig. He’s a 4 times champ and he can sing.
  9. Kate is my favorite as well. So far she’s had a foxtrot, cha cha and quickstep. I hope she can handle the other styles because she’s a joyous performer and very rhythmic. Maybe age won’t be a problem. Jennifer Grey won. She was about 50 when she won but she was skinny. I know Amber won and she’s not skinny but she’s young, and Glee was still on the air. Lamar should go next and then Sean. I agree with an earlier poster that James has no male competition. I like Kel and Karamo but they are no match for James. But the women are good. I always vote for the woman if she and a man co
  10. Joe is always on his high horse when he can bring a Clinton in a bad light. No matter what’s happening, he has a Clinton-ism. So glad Pelosi shut him down when he bragged about his votes for 2 of the articles to impeach Clinton and running down the after-effects (losing his law license, how it sticks with you). Joe keeps trying to make it seem like Clinton was abusing the Constitution. She let him know how they differed on Clinton because it was personal behavior. Thank you Speaker. But, since Trump, we know that personal behavior really means nothing to the Republican Party.
  11. I was just thinking of versatility as it relates to the show and the types of styles they promote. Not the world. If bboy dances were part of the show's preferred dance style, he would be very versatile. So the dance skills I was referring to are the ones that are used most on the show.
  12. I meant a bboy may have been cross trained in his early years (someone had stated Bailey was cross trained). But if he’s a great bboy, his recent practices would’ve been devoted to the bboy scene. So his other dance skills are not going to be on point which will make him less versatile than the studio trained contemporary/jazz dancers. Thats just my opinion Feel free to disagree.
  13. I hope it’s renewed. Give it a chance to capture an audience. I really hated that Jessica wasn’t upset with Angela about turning on her. What does she feel guilty about when it comes to her family? i think they are rushing the Nick story. Now he confesses to Keri? They should’ve built up a scenario against McGann first. I like the Nick character. I was hoping they’d have something to show that he may not have committed the murder.
  14. I agree with a lot of what you wrote but I also think they were trying to spice the ballroom routines up. Sytycd audience is cool toward ballroom. They warm up a bit with the flash. Even if the ballroom is done well, the votes are for the contemporary or hip hop. I think they try to give the contestants a fighting chance when they get ballroom by adding the flash. i think, like you said, that we accept turns/leaps in any style. They can usually flow into another move, if choreographed properly. Bboy moves are “look at what I can do” moves. There is no interaction with the partner o
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