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  1. mrsbagnet

    S05.E04: Chapter Eighty-Five

    I kind of liked that Rafael kicked Jane out. Yes, it was mean, but I don't blame him for not wanting to suffer again. He needs to think about protecting himself in this situation -- the same way that Alba was planning to do before Jorge came back. Rafael has been through a lot with Jane. If she needs to figure out what she wants, she can do it on her own time. It would be cruel to make him sit and watch while she waffles back and forth. It is just unfortunate that Mateo has to be involved in it. I can't believe that the family misinterpreted Alba's "I felt it." Why would they even think she'd say something like it? 😂
  2. mrsbagnet

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    I love the movie references on this show. They're not obscure, but they also aren't films that are frequently referenced in pop culture, so you'd have to be a movie fan to recognize them. My favorite was the Halloween episode tribute to Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte. I also liked Leslie's dressing in drag and Patti's obliviousness. Who was the singer he was imitating? Amy also gets some primo guest stars -- Susan Sarandon, Jessica Walter, Juliette Lewis, etc. Did anyone else notice that the actor who plays Chassie was one of the singers in the Anniversary episode?
  3. mrsbagnet

    S05.E03: Chapter Eighty-Four

    I felt bad for Mateo feeling like an outsider with the twins, buuut they are twins. Everyone they interact with is an outsider. They should learn to include their brother, sure, but he will never have with them what they have with each other. Add in the lifestyle differences that @nomodrama mentioned, and I don't see how their relationship can't be difficult. The whole situation is just messy. I really liked River in this episode, both her explanation of why she deserved a high salary and her advocating for Rogelio. She used the situation for publicity, but since he did kick her in the face, he owes her that.
  4. mrsbagnet

    S04.E14 Minor Crimes

    Amy's storyline reminded me of an episode of Ugly Betty in which Betty won an internship at either another fashion magazine or for a designer, and when Marc convinced her that she only got it because she was Latina, she wanted to turn it down. Then, like now, I was upset that she'd turn down an opportunity because she got it for the "wrong" reason. Please. Take it, do your best, and prove that you're worthy. Lots of people, like Laurie's son, get jobs that they don't deserve and suck at them. My favorite line was a throwaway line by Marcus to Laurie - "Wow, he looks too young to be your son." I had to stop and think about it for a second to realize that it was an insult.
  5. mrsbagnet

    Kim's Convenience

    Binged the whole season this weekend after unsuccessfully trying to space things out. Someone on the writing staff really likes puns. My favorite exchange from the first episode: Janet: Can you call before you come over? Mrs. Kim: No.
  6. mrsbagnet

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    I'm slightly embarrased to admit how much I say this on a daily basis.
  7. mrsbagnet

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    The reason I care so little about the Michael/Jason storyline is that it is now just another part of the ridiculous, tiresome Sin Rostro storyline. It's almost as if Rose has superpowers - she seems to have control over everyone everywhere. If any unbelievable thing happens, - it was ROSE, the evil genius!! I am over Rose. I want her gone. I want any and every thing to do with her gone.
  8. mrsbagnet

    S04.E17: The Space Between Us

    She seems to bring out the worst in him, which is the opposite of what an SO is supposed to do for you. Every interaction he has with April makes me lose more respect for him. I can't even blame her anymore. ETA: It's like he becomes desperate around her. Not a good look for him.
  9. mrsbagnet

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    Gina Rodriguez did a good job on her rambling monologue, but I honestly didn't feel anything until Rafael broke down. I'm glad they gave him some space to show his feelings, too.
  10. mrsbagnet

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    That was my favorite moment. This reminds me: It was funny to see everyone's choice of sleepwear. It seemed appropriate for Justine and Sandra to be wearing the full-length floral flannel gowns.
  11. mrsbagnet

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    Yeah, Jerry seems pretty weak, and the brain injury doesn't help. I'm trying to imagine the conversation that led to them sexing in Glenn's office. When I heard the heavy breathing coming from Glenn's office as Dina approached, I was hoping it was Jerry and Sandra. That payoff was excellent.
  12. mrsbagnet

    S04.E12 Blizzard

    Aired: 3/21/2019 Sandra!!! and Jerry, back together again! Let's hope Glenn doesn't find out sex has been had in his office.
  13. mrsbagnet

    Proven Innocent

    Exactly. In the final ruling, he strongly implied that not getting prenatal care is a criminal act. That would leave the case wide open for appeal. The guy Madeline is dating is a reporter who trying to get information on her. To what end, we don't know yet, but I got the impression that he was looking for dirt. I'm wondering if seeing her murder board on Rosemary's case will bring him over to her side. I felt sorry for Bodie with his fuck buddy. He has strong feelings for her, and she's not having it. He's just hurting himself by seeing her. I was glad to see that Madeline had an SO while she was in prison. I felt like that scene, along with the one with Rosemary's father, added some more dimension to her character.
  14. mrsbagnet

    Proven Innocent

    Whose photo was it that Bellows burned?
  15. mrsbagnet

    S04.E16: Old Flames, New Sparks

    I only started watching the show again because Vicki came back. Now that she's gone for good (why would she come back now?), I doubt I'll stick around much longer. I second the comment upthread about how quickly the new dad is moving on with Natalie. His wife has been dead about 5 mins. His entire life plan was shattered, and he's already moved on enough to date? Everything happens on this show too quickly. Rapid healing, dead spouses immediately forgotten -- what's the rush?