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  1. Kids were given the polio vaccine at school. People were more willing to take vaccines back then, though. It's too bad the husband went nuclear with getting a lawyer, but I get that he was desperate. Trying to berate his wife into changing her mind was his first mistake. That tactic rarely works.
  2. I'm kinda annoyed that Dylan's ex keeps running back to him for help, and he keeps saying, "Come to me for help," when they both know her husband hates Dylan. There are other doctors, and there are other hospitals. Dylan could easily pass her off to another ER doc when she shows up.
  3. This is my favorite episode so far. They all have such good timing, and the judge's speech was the cherry on top.
  4. He looked younger than 11 or 12, and Dylan hadn't seen them in 12 years.
  5. Why was the ED so dark in the final scene with Stevie and Will? I know was supposed to be late at night, but they still need to see what they are doing. It's not like they were on a patient care floor where most of the patients would be asleep.
  6. Wasn't the daughter Vanessa's patient? I think Dr. Charles wanted her in the room to see if she was right about not calling CPS before talking to the mother. She's still learning from him and the other docs. Choi re-injured his back when he tried to play Superman after coming back to soon. Who knows when we'll see him again. Crockett has turned the daughter down flat, what, three times now? Looks like she finally got the message. I feel bad for her, and I don't blame her for trying, but I do hope she stops pursuing him. It does put him in a tough spot if he is into the mom, tho
  7. Just finished Season 5. I don't think I actually made it to Season 5 during the original run. I might have stopped some where in Season 3. I don't understand what Michael was telling Olivia by pressing his finger to his lips. I also don't understand why he let himself be captured by Windmark. Was it just so Olivia would take the Cortexiphan that would allow her to kill Windmark?
  8. The Thanksgiving episode had me crying laughing. "Y la estatua de las boobies. Esa qué?" Why, oh why, did Lupe ask about their couples therapy? I'm still not convinced that Erik and Lidia should be together. They seem mismatched. My other favorite moment was Yessika telling off the Uber driver. I don't get what the immigration judge was trying to pull with Pop. Chatting about breakfast in one sentence, then disparaging him in the next?
  9. They do seem to have cleaned house with the cast. I do miss some of the guests stars (Abrams, Latham, the lawyer, the nurses), but I can't say that I miss the lead actors who've left. The show has a different feel, but that's a good thing. I used to hate-watch this show, big time. My mom probably thought I was nuts when I talked about the show because it clearly bugged me. The storylines were over the top and repetitive, and the doctors constantly behaved in unethical ways. Now the show is more mature. The cases and the doctors' behavior is more realistic while still being dramatic. Frank
  10. I'm loving how eager Dr. Transplant's daughter is to get Crockett naked. She's all "Shall we shag now or shag later?" Brian Tee's neck seems thicker than it was before. Why didn't Crockett or Archer just do the procedure when they saw that Ethan needed to take off his brace? Was Ethan the only one who knew how to do it?
  11. No way Crockett would go there with Vanessa -- he actually has principles. I did like how he brushed off her advance last week without embarrassing her. Looks like Vanessa is headed for a crash. I was hoping Crockett and/or Maggie would do more to get her to slow down (have her talk to Dr. Charles or tip off Goodwin maybe). I just realized that nurse Doris is gone. They really cleaned house with the cast. Thank goodness Paramedic Courtney is still there, otherwise I wouldn't recognize the show. Dr. Scott's dad was a hottie.
  12. I also appreciate how they've included several storylines about poor people and minorities getting substandard care without being too preachy or too obvious. They build enough sympathy for the character that the audience feels wronged on the patient's behalf. I was relieved that they didn't go the route of having the police shoot the patient. It would have been easy to do that. They are really cutting down on the melodrama. I was actually disappointed that the episode ended so quickly. I can't even hate-watch this show anymore! Kudos to them for turning things around.
  13. He's off somewhere recovering from his gunshot. I think the actor was working on another project while they were filming these episodes, but he'll be back. It's kind of jarring that most of the original ED docs are gone. Can't say that I miss them though.
  14. The podcast Still Processing did an entire episode about "Before I Let Go," and how irresistible it is to Black people. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/20/podcasts/still-processing-before-I-let-go-frankie-beverly-maze.html
  15. It feels like they got new writers for the show. They haven't been throwing around the typical bingo card terms (pneumothorax, hemothorax, intubate, "push 2 of epi" (or sux or whatever drug)) as much this season. The storylines seem more thoughtful and complex. Also, no budding romances so far -- the preview for next week notwithstanding.
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