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  1. I want to know what she's playing at. Dating coworkers is shaky enough. Openly dating two coworkers who are in conflict with each other is shady AF. Does she want to cause a fight?
  2. I've been wondering that myself. I'm bingeing and I can't stop. I think it's because the actors are very talented, and they are doing their best with the crappy material they've been given. They all embody their characters well. Also I really like Goodwin's character. Or maybe I just like getting righteously annoyed over people doing the same stupid shit over and over. 😄
  3. It was really surprising to see how Med is shot differently from Fire and PD. The Med set looked totally different on the other two shows; it was brightly lit and spacious. At first I thought they were shooting in a different space. I understand why Med would be shot at a closer angle due the more intimate interaction between doctors and patients, but why is it so dark? Watching part III. When the CDC lab people show Will the antibiotic cocktail that is working, he says "It's attacking the virus." No.
  4. As annoying as this storyline is, there's a strong degree of truth to it. Nurses are THE WORST patients. I've had to take care of my mom after surgery and during a serious illness. She did take sick leave, but her refusal to stay in bed bordered on pathological. She'd get up and try to do things, then she'd have to practically crawl back to bed when she got tired or had pain. I jokingly threatened to sit on her or tie her to the bed. While her attitude is pretty realistic for medical professionals, I do agree that Maggie is being unprofessional, and I would think that as a nurse, she'd fe
  5. So, Connor just quit on the spot and walked out. No two-weeks notice or anything (it was the same day as Ava's death, right?)? No good-byes other than to Latham and Goodwin. That's such an insult to both the character and the actor.
  6. So a nebbish like Bernie has two whole families and is living in one house with both of them? Nice one, show. It's good that they're making the best out of a bad situation, but I feel so bad for the teen daughter. How is she supposed to talk about her family with her friends? They better not be making her babysit for free.
  7. He was trying so hard not to react with disgust 🤣 Best scene of the episode.
  8. I think I need an intervention. I can't stop hate watching this show on Netflix. I stopped watching it on NBC a couple of years ago, but I just started watching again from Season 1. It's so much worse bingeing it. The crappy repetitiveness of the writing is much more apparent.
  9. I love that Stacie got more screentime and story this season. I was stunned when she showed up at Kimchee's reunion. That was gold.
  10. I'm halfway through S5. Jung is kind of a crappy boyfriend. He made the lunch with Umma unnecessarily awkward, and that thing with the dinner party was incredibly thoughtless of him.
  11. This was my favorite episode all season. I haven't been really feeling this season; the sketches have been hit or miss. I actually forgot to watch it last night. I just watched the finale, and all the sketches were really good this time. Doesn't it? That sketch was hilarious because it was so true. I don't like it either, and sometimes it doesn't even seem to fit the setting of the sketch. It felt very out of place in the Split the Check sketch, even though I understand it was a callback to an earlier sketch.
  12. Laci was the lead in the twerking sketch with Miguel. I agree about Gabrielle being the MVP. Not only is her acting on point, but she's nearly age 40 and out here doing handstands, roundoffs, and splits. I'm jealous.
  13. I thought I saw this here, but I guess not. This was fun to watch. I just re-watched the Purgatory Soul Food sketch and saw that the waitress is one of the writers.
  14. Yes, that was her. I was really glad to see Erica Ash in that scene, too. I recognized Ryan Michelle Bathe's face, but I couldn't tell who she was until the credits. I was so excited to see Miguel! They are doing Ashley no favors with her wardrobe this season. I remember her clothes looking better last year. I Wheel Survive, lol.
  15. Pattu Hogg is not saying "I've said too much, I've said too much" as often. My new favorite quotable lines from her are in the Baby episode: "Amy Lou, you are without child and you are without wits," and "Oh my sweet Jesus!"
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