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  1. I am going to go hoarse yelling at these people to "just go home!" Alina, Corey, Jenny, Ellie...just go home. I think what we are seeing is the Sunk Cost Fallacy at work. Can someone help me out? Bini can't come to the US...why is that? I think it's been mentioned but I can't remember. Is it something that wouldn't prohibit him from qualifying to come under a K1 visa? Because it seems like Ari is throwing her parent's good money after bad.
  2. While that may be true, all policies require employees to be actively at work in order to be covered on the active employee policy. Ari has been out of the country so long, and not working, that she should not be eligible for coverage unless she is covered under COBRA continuation. I'll bet her dad's insurance company is going to be looking at the eligibility of her "employment" quite closely. He'll be lucky if they only rescind her coverage and not for the whole group.
  3. My “sympathies” to the girlfriend who didn’t realize that, after two months ex-wives and a “not girlfriend” investor he was trying to get rid of, she was temp.or.ary.
  4. I disagreed with how Francesca addressed Elizabeth about the master suite (publicly, not privately). I would like to think it may have gone better for Elizabeth had it been done appropriately (i.e., she wouldn't have had to do mental gymnastics she wasn't capable of to avoid embarassment), but then she's not the brightest candle on the cake, so public or private, her evasiveness told me she knew it was wrong and she was trying to minimize the damage. That said, Elizabeth has no, zero, nada self awareness. Or at least she has failed to express any to date on this show. After all of the
  5. I am a Hoosier born and raised and I laughed when James said that was the first time he heard them pronounce “Ver-sigh”...he had been pronouncing it “Ver-sales.” We have the same issue here in Indiana. At least Elizabeth took some initiative on setting the table. She’s probably surprised that flawed effort wasn’t enough to save her. Izzy may be a pot-stirrer at times, but I think she can think on her feet, and I liked that she went to The side not to complain but to ask advice about how to handle it. If Eddie let’s her do so for now, that will raise him even higher in my esteem.
  6. I mean, that seems like a legitimate claim? I wouldn’t want to be a party to that. Also, James, show your colleagues some respect and clean up after yourself. Lordy...his whining about Elizabeth’s inability to keep it quiet sounds pretty stupid when he leaves his calling card in public. I think the reason that none of the crew jumped in immediately had less to do with Captain Lee’s wrath (he clearly would have known it wasn’t disobedience on his crew’s part), but it was dangerous. Trying to coral a reluctant drunk in the dark open waters...just think if Delores were violently protestin
  7. Francesca: Check on the guests every 10 minutes. Elizabeth: OK 45 minutes later the Primary hunts her down and Elizabeth says something to the effect of “I was just on my way” for the first time when she should have been up there 4 times already. *** Francesca: Pull the sheets in the master. Elizabeth: OK Also Elizabeth while delivering sheets to Ashling: I pulled all the sheets from all the guest beds. *** There are no clearer directions that can be given to Elizabeth. There is also 0 training to do. I have never once worked in yachting and those directions
  8. I am 99% sure Melyza was with a guy. She was very vague about pronouns and I considered she’d been with a woman, but I *think* last episode she said “he” or “guy” once when she was explaining to her brother and friend.
  9. Angela, Michael and Aunt Lydia all bullying poor Skyla for her “aig” and her ability to “tote a baby” made me sad and very uncomfortable. It was unbelievable that anyone believed Angela had “one aig” that was going to wait there in the ovary until they decided it was time to get pregnant. That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. And I know Michael has the internet...why didn’t he check into any one of her specious claims? He either is gullible or desperate to get to America. I used to be on the “Free Michael” team but he had plenty of time to figure out the ba
  10. GB is the name of the island. UK is a sovereign state.
  11. That’s a good point. I doubt that Andrei did anything bad. I do think he,Chuck Charlie are all birds of a feather. Lib loves the drama.
  12. Well, banks are in it to make money. They aren’t really interested in your personal life as long as you make payments. If Andrei and Libby wanted that kind of transaction, they should have borrowed from a bank. Every other institution that give you money (friends, family, the mob, the other mob—the government) use money as power and your indebtedness as leverage. Chuck and Charlie are jerks. They’d have less power over Andrei if Andrei hadn’t taken their money. Sadly, Andrei is just now realizing this. If I were Chuck, my check and myself, would be on the next plane back to ‘Merica.
  13. ITTA...if you ask for money, you are inviting the lender into your life. Want to be independent and not beholden? Be independent and not beholden. No matter how much Libby protests, O think she likes being the center of this arguing. She gets all the attention when before Andrei, I get the sense she was always battling the coven for anyone’s attention. Now, look, all eyes are on her.
  14. Let’s not lose the important point here...she was in a relationship with her supervisor WHO THEN PROMOTED HER to lead deckhand. This girl is an manipulative and conniving piece of work.
  15. I think Jess’s problem with Bugsy’s accent is that she isn’t concentrating. I don’t usually have issues with understanding thick accents, but if I’ve been on hold for a bit and my mind has wandered back to something else while I wait, when a live person does pick up and start talking, accent or no, sometimes it takes me a few seconds to refocus on them. I sense Jess probably has a more difficult time refocusing, so it takes 3 attempts to understand. Not that that is acceptable... she needs to concentrate harder.
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