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  1. hoosiermommy

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    I saw this from a different aspect. He doesn’t want to be King, he wants to be recognized for who he is...not the bastard son of northern lord, nor the product of a rape, but a loved child from a happily married couple. This happens in the real world when people find out they’re adopted. No matter how loved they are, and how accepted into their family, many have a drive to find and honor their biological roots.
  2. hoosiermommy

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    I will never have the self-assurance and confidence the Night King had as he walked into see Bran. That “man” had the baring of a king, alright.
  3. hoosiermommy


    If I had to guess, the mixing spoon "i" is a reference to the fact that before their product, people would have to mix their own...flax seed gel??? (I have hair that is straw strait...I wan't really paying attention)....before the CurlMix product. Regarding the potential for the toga cover up thing (again...not really paying attention)...I understand the appeal of the toga for people who don't want to undress and bare all, but as I understood it, in a mud run, the parts that needed to be really cleaned were those not covered by clothes, so getting undressed and hosing off your exposed arms, legs and head while covering your torso made sense. Then dress again in clean clothes and you feel like a new person. But in a nursing home, the toga kind of makes actually washing one's torso more difficult than getting naked. It just doesn't actually seem like a practical option for nursing homes. Eh, I'd bake treats for my dogs. But maybe just once a year. As a Christmas present/reward for putting up with the sweaters I'd put him in. But I believe that, present company excluded, if people were committed enough to bake for their dogs, they would want to mix it themselves. It seems like a really small market segment of people who are interested in baking dog treats, but not that interested in doing so from scratch.
  4. hoosiermommy

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    Anthony Ryan’s model Merica was someone to emulate. She knows who she is and her family and friends know, but she won’t correct people about her pronoun if they don’t mean to be offensive. Substitute your favorite seasonal greeting (or any other well-intended comments) for “her pronoun” and everyone is happier. I am confused about the sewing machine issue. Christine was saying it was “her machine”. Why did she have to use that particular machine? It looked like several had black thread. I think guest judge Asia had the best comment about Sean’s look when they commented about not knowing what season to wear it in. and why was Alyssa so peeved at Anthony Ryan’s repetitive look when she’s never dinged anyone else for the same before. It seems like that shop has sailed.
  5. hoosiermommy

    S06.E06: Jackie's Cookie Connection 2019.02.13

    I wonder if Marcus's declaration that their activities were stupid not fraudulent was an actual legal opinion. Because my degree from Law & Order says he's wrong. I noticed Marcus received Rachel's phone call while in Santa Claus, Indiana. I recognized the distinctive Holiday World water tower in the background. Her boyfriend was a "salesman" alright. I know not all salesmen are like him, but those who are, are the ones who have helped perpetuate the stereotype of slick and untrustworthy. Rachel reminded me of Veronica Montelongo from Flip This House.
  6. hoosiermommy

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    Sarah chose a mix that was a pancake/waffle mix. If I recall correctly pancake batter and waffle batter are not made the same. Pancakes are softer than waffles, so the proportions of dry ingredients aren’t interchangeable. That led to soft waffles.
  7. hoosiermommy

    S06.E17: Reunion

    Well, this behavior certainly explains his ex’s attitude toward his attempts at reconciliation.
  8. hoosiermommy

    S06.E17: Reunion

    I didn’t hear them take responsibility. I heard a lot of “sorry, but”...the thing about “but” is that it negates everything the precedes it.
  9. hoosiermommy

    S10.E13: Episode 13

    I think that in their market (the Great Plains), the ground is too wet with a pretty high water table (or so it goes in OK) so few homes have basements. That means that most of the homes built in that area are on slabs, not basements (because if they had a basement, that would fill the need of a storm shelter pretty handily in most cases). And many homes have at least one bed on the ground floor, and if not, they are branching out to other types of furniture like pool tables, and kitchen islands. To me, the thing that I didn't like (beside it inducing my claustrophobia) is that it didn't seem to have terribly sturdy locks on the doors, making that a weak point. It is possible that it does, but the way they filmed it, it just didn't seem very secure.
  10. hoosiermommy

    S10.E13: Episode 13

    Re: Freah Bellies: I made my son’s baby food from scratch. He never ate commercial baby food and he loved his veggies when he was a baby. He actually hated fruits. Fast forward 6 years and he refuses all things veggie and will eat fruits none stop. Training the pallet didn’t work for us.
  11. hoosiermommy

    S10.E12: Episode 12

    My Obvious Wine would have to have to read #tasteslikegrapejuice. That poor little dog was shaking. I wanted to scope it up and snuggle it. I could probably use a restraint for my Yorkie Poo who likes to pace around the car on drives. My nephew goes to a Montessori school and honestly, I get this vibe that its reputation is for the upper crust. It’s a prestige thing as much as it is an education thing. But it may just be my sibling’s family because they seem to want to spend money conspicuously. I don’t understand the Twist it Up, but also am willing to concede I don’t know thing one about Afro-centric hair. So I am clearly not their market.
  12. hoosiermommy

    S06.E05: After the Casery (Everkin)

    I guess none of the Everkin team members had a non-compete with the Casery? Because that’s T Mobile pitch would have been in violation.
  13. I am a sucker for a good Christmas royalty story, but I almost can't watch A Prince for Christmas because of the train scene at the end, where she is getting on the train, in America, and the darn thing is a steam engine. I get the romance of the rails, but this wasn't a historical romance....
  14. hoosiermommy

    S06.E03: Santa’s Toys

    When the owner was answering Marcus’s answer about why he wanted to own a toy store, Marcus volunteered the “safe place” as if his childhood lacked safety and to me it wounded like the owner was trying to articulate that he wan Ed the store because his childhood lacked joy. Then Marcus made his read a radio spot about Marcus’s interpretation of the owner’s angst...and lonely childhood. 🙄 The line about “can you imagine” was fine but the rest of the text should have been focused on the anticipation of unwrapping that one perfect toy and the joy of Christmas morning.
  15. hoosiermommy

    S16.E02: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

    There were 4 full carts of things the black team had to abandon. Even if Eddie had been right in his estimate, they wouldn’t have had enough money to pay for that. I am trying to decide if Brandon (aka “Pompous-dor”) is really arrogant or just has a complete lack of self-awareness.