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  1. Fisher King

    S05.E02: Back in Baby's Arms

    A concept album is sort of a diary of personal experiences containing emotional events. Add to that a creative flourish, and that makes it worthy of sharing with the public. It's a great idea for famous people who want to present it as a genuine entity. Rayna has enough clout to release a half-assed effort and make it sell. Fine, if you want to put out bullshit just for profit. But it's way more personal for Deacon, who's not ready to relive all that pain. He made that abundantly clear and I thought Rayna was way out of line for pressuring him. It's something that takes time to organically originate to a presentable form, not something to whip up in a few weeks. The first hour marked noticeable improvements in the show. The second hour - this episode - seemed to slip back into needless drama. Back to the same old irksome Scarlett & Gunnar mess. Glad they were able to sort of settle it by episode's end instead of dragging it out several eps just to reconcile and rinse and repeat - the spinning of wheels only to recur later. Among the good was seeing Will not be quite as naive as in the past. Glad he showed some restraint without slugging the trunk show dude. That would have created a media scandal before, now it can hopefully show character development - and maybe that's what Herskovitz & Zwick are shooting for. We need stories with cohesion and a plausible flow - not constant, repetitive conflict. The stalker idea kind of makes me ill, but I'm cautiously optimistic that it won't play out to a ridiculous end.
  2. Fisher King

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    So sorry for your loss, @LegalEagle53.
  3. Fisher King

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Former Atlanta Falcons safety Keion Carpenter died at age 39 from a brain aneurysm. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but fell into a coma. It happened while Carpenter was on vacation with his family. Carpenter made his NFL debut with the Buffalo Bills in 1999 and was a graduate of Virginia Tech. “He had a heart of gold. His work with The Carpenter House and other charitable organizations to help those in need truly embodied the Virginia Tech spirit,” said former Hokies head coach Frank Beamer.
  4. Fisher King

    S05.E01: The Wayfaring Stranger

    It was SO good to see this show back with a different feel. It was probably mostly my optimistic attitude that made it worthwhile, but I'm okay with that. Please keep this kind of pace going without relapsing into too much melodrama, show-runners. Thanks!
  5. Fisher King

    S03.E03: Episode 3

    Oui, Tio without a bell but prefers banging his fists. The French lady seems to care about the guy though. I thought the acting was pretty good in this scene. Watching this using headphones, I think the most annoying part of this episode was the detective crinkling the plastic cup while questioning Noah in the hospital.
  6. Fisher King

    S04.E08: All I'm Sayin'

    Sure, some parts felt too neatly wrapped while there wasn't definitive closure on who killed Hanna. My only complaint is having to wait 14 months for the final season. Maybe there was too much time to become dislocated from the moments that initially pulled us in. But there were good moments this season. The poignant elements were still there. Maybe the bar was so high that expectations couldn't possibly be met without the viewers calling bullshit, and I seriously doubt Ray McKinnon would end his creation with anything HE thought was bullshit.
  7. Fisher King

    "The View": Week Of 12/12/2016

    It hasn't even started, wings707. I like Ali - she can keep the red nose. Oops, she took it off.
  8. Fisher King

    "The View": Week Of 12/12/2016

    I've been keeping up with all of it. Probably too much and it's making me crazy. People are right to be scared. I'm glad not to see that KAC on today. She's just one of the many brainwashed puppets running around defending the indefensible.
  9. Fisher King

    "The View": Week Of 12/12/2016

    Get rid of the stupid fucking blinking red nose, Whoopi.
  10. Fisher King

    S04.E07: Happy Unburdening

    3 sneak peeks from tonight's episode.
  11. Fisher King

    "The View": Week of 11/28/2016

    Watching and getting too much of Whoopi on a daily basis has made it easy to forget, or just ignore, the great things she's done in her life - the things that endeared her to us initially. Getting much-needed attention to sick and dying AIDS victims in the chaotic pandemic was no small task. Liz Taylor's grandchildren presenting her with the humanitarian award was an awesome moment for this show. For Whoopi and for us. I would have missed this if not for reading the comments here. Thanks, gang!
  12. Fisher King

    Former Hosts: PROFESSIONAL Life After The View

    FWIW, Rosie apologized.
  13. Fisher King

    S04.E05: Pineapples In Paris

  14. Fisher King

    S04.E05: Pineapples In Paris

    I thought this was the best episode so far this season. I agree about the mixed messages with Teddy. The sense of dread hangs over him, as it does with Daniel. Janet and Ted's road trip "discussions" were much-needed and long overdue. It felt like they'd never posed those personal questions to each other before. Ted and Tawney's "divorce" scene was so well done.
  15. Fisher King

    S04.E05: Pineapples In Paris

    On the next Rectify: