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  1. I think the whole "Ship of the Dead" and sweeping the battlefield to collect their honored dead is diametrically opposed to that part of TNG era Klingon lore. It must be another thing scheduled to change in the time between Disco and TNG. As for times of famine, they were explicitly said to be starving on that ship in the aftermath of the Battle at the Binary Stars so it would make sense from a plot-continuity standpoint (though I agree with the poster above who said that it was just a way to make them super eeeevil).
  2. I'm really surprised by the amount of dislike expressed for the finale. Not that there is anything wrong with those opinions - Everyone is more than entitled to their own opinion and if a piece of entertainment doesn't entertain you then, for you, it failed. - It's just that I felt like this was the proper ending for the series; it made me tear up, it was occasionally funny, and it fit with the philosophical ideas they played with throughout the series. To the extent I had issues with the finale it was little things like Eleanor seeming less at peace than the other three at the end, or Tahan
  3. We were joking about Wild Wild West.
  4. Man, The Cold Equations is a brutal short story and should absolutely be required reading for the Robinsons.
  5. No, but I remember the much maligned 1999 film where Kenneth Branagh was part mechanical spider monster. Does that count? 😄 What the hell was in the water during the 90's?
  6. I think there's a shot of Dr Smith holding the stress ball when she's looking at the not quite frozen robots. If that's right, the show wants you to know she's alive. *sigh*
  7. Same here. I thought the horses were in a separate safety perimeter and thought that was insane enough but your idea that they had no perimeter at all would truly be impossible. Actually, now that you bring up the horses - Isn't it nuts to pretend that the Resolute would be carrying full-grown horses (rather than horse embryos)? When you're running colony trips for the very vert select few people and weight is such a premium that chocolate is strictly rationed, how much does a horse weigh? And how much does its feed weigh? How many people could have been transported in their places?
  8. I think it's funny that the show's forgotten that Will is the one who couldn't pass the colony tests, not Penny. As for Penny's whining, they were mainly waiting for the rest of the family to lower a rope so I guess they had the time for it.
  9. I liked this episode. I sort of enjoyed the first season but hated Dr. Smith and found at least one moment every episode where I had to stop the show because someone had done something stupid beyond all human recognition. (Usually involving treating a an unknown alien planet as if it were a weekend camping trip.) This time I didn't notice them doing anything monumentally stupid except maybe not having tethers every time they were outside the sail-rocket-ship and, at least until the final scene, they had been keeping Smith locked up.
  10. This show is dead to me now. There was more bad than good in Season 2 and the people leaving the show are the best actors and taking the best characters with them. Top that off with racist bullshit in the casting process and I am so done with this trash. And, yeah I'd say racist despite whatever reason they say (or even think) they're following because when you have a production as deeply troubled as this one, you do not jettison the few pieces that work in favor of the stuff that puts people to sleep, regardless of the source material.
  11. It's not dead until they drop a house on it, see the witch's legs shrivel up and get a coroner's report afterwards. Personally, I don't dare to hope until they lose a first round playoff game and miss the playoffs the next season (and even then I'm keeping my fingers crossed until Bellicheck retires.)
  12. Isn't tobacco pretty common in Virginia?
  13. electric car batteries last about 8 years so those would be dead by now in the ZA. Also, their flashlight batteries should start failing within a couple years. Speaking of timelines, the turncoat doctor's timeline doesn't make a lot of sense but it's a little easier to swallow when I remember that the whisperers have been around for somewhere between 8 months to a year - Rosita had just learned she was pregnant around the time they showed up and her baby is now a few months old.
  14. I think that was their communal graveyard. They pulled to an overhead shot that had bunch of rectangular patches in the grass about the size of graves. In an earlier episode, they showed Michonne visiting Carl's grave and only some graves had markers and even those were small. I just caught up to this episode and am wondering about how that guy infiltrated Alexandria and assume we'll get a the backstory before he dies - no need to spoil me, I'll get there soon 😉 I like that they gave us enough clues as to the Whisperers plan and that it was one with enough deniability to possibly be ac
  15. Hey, I resemble that remark 😉 Though I don't say it to be cool or thinking it's cool in any way. Like I tell my kids, it's not my job to be cool anymore.
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