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  1. rab01

    S01.E10: Hello

    I made it through all 10 episodes and I'm not entirely sure how. There were huge plot holes, huge continuity problems, unclear motivations, dialogue that doesn't match the direction of the scenes, etc. I liked the performances - the actors really worked hard (so hard) to sell the emotions they were supposed to be feeling - and the effects weren't terrible but the makers of this show don't deserve another chance. I'm not so sure the Akaye are actually evil - there's no way to tell yet. It's entirely possible that the race saying they're terrible were lying. For example, if they are that evil why did their puppet on the spaceship work so hard to keep a planet-killer weapon from reaching a world they had already decimated (not their own homeworld)? I wouldn't be shocked if their plan was for Season 2 to show that the Akaye are actually scared by humanity and want to domesticate humans before they become too dangerous for the rest of the universe - i.e., anatagonists but no Eeeeevil ones
  2. rab01

    Russian Doll

    I live in NY and think of the type of place they showed as a typical bodega but would probably say "deli" to someone else. Most stores like that in Manhattan have "deli" or "market" in their names while few have "bodega" in their signage. Looking around online suggests that both usages are correct for the store we were shown.
  3. rab01

    Books We Never Finished

    That's a good choice -- one of the Greyjoy scenes was why I stopped reading the series in the middle.
  4. rab01

    S02.E08: Moon Shadow

    Well, yeah of course it's just playing around cutesy talk and what bugged me is that they didn't sound anything like the couple we met last season. I got a chance to watch it again tonight and it was just sort of there, filler to finish the episode order. On second viewing, there were a lot of boring shots of Shadow walking around the house and the chat between Technical Boy 2.0 and his creator/acolyte was surprisingly drab. Also, I have to say the nudity this season feels gratuitous in a way it didn't last year. I enjoy seeing Bilquis naked as much as the next guy but there wasn't any plot reason this time and it didn't have any of the visual or mythological interest that those scenes had last year.
  5. rab01

    S02.E08: Moon Shadow

    I dozed off during this episode so I'm going to have to rewatch it. Reading people's posts this morning makes me half-dread that rewatch but, much diminished though the show may be from last season, I still kind of like it. I was, however, awake for the early scene between Shadow and Dead Wife so one question -- Does the same DW who regularly contemplated suicide in S1 seem like the same person who would have a very Rom-Com standard reaction to seeing a cute puppy? And does the same Shadow who committed a robbery to help her feel alive seem like someone who wouldn't have immediately bought her a puppy?
  6. rab01

    S02.E07: Treasure of the Sun

    I think it's a recurring theme of the show that Wednesday is tricking people and deities into his service and binding them to him through a claimed debt/agreement. We've seen it with Shadow, with Donar, with Columbia, and now with Sweeney. We've also seen him refuse to pay honest value even if it's something as trivial as money (for Lou Reed's jacket).
  7. rab01

    S02.E07: Treasure of the Sun

    I really liked and hated this episode. The hated part is easy -- Mad Sweeney and Dead Wife are my favorite part of the show and she's at her best when with him so the show just lost most of what I enjoyed this season. But I really liked the exploration of Sweeney's past, why he was tied to Odin, why he hated him, etc. I don't necessarily understand most of what they showed us -- and the unreliable narrator means that the show may not be taking a position on what's necessarily "real" about it -- but it felt like it touched on the level of myth-making that the show achieved often last season and somewhat less often this season. Bilquis' sermon/seduction lacked a little for me and I think it's because she was so serene during the service. The audience reaction shots showed a build-up of desire to match the biblical verse but her body language didn't quite match it. For me, there was more seduction in the moment she sat in the chair opposite Sweeney than in the entire sermon. I wish they had brought more of that energy into her speech. Obviously, attraction is a very personal response so YMMV.
  8. rab01

    S02.E06: Donar the Great

    Also, Thor accused Odin of using magic on Columbia to make her fall for it. Odin denied it but he lies as easily as breathing. I think Odin bewitched both of them. Given what we've seen so far, why would any human support Odin's side in this war? And why should any god support it (except for death and war gods that is)? Also, how is Odin important enough in America to have any influence or power?
  9. rab01

    Divine Quotes

    Looking up through all the quotes you've listed, it's not just the visuals that are becoming more ordinary over time for this show.
  10. rab01

    S02.E06: Donar the Great

    It still doesn't make sense that Thor would have to throw the competition (or that Odin would want him to) because he gets more worship for winning. So what if some human Nazis want you to lose? His burlesque shenanigans are also further reason why his treatment of Vulcan and Bilquis taking the New Gods' deal is pure hypocrisy because we see him here making deals with them right-and-left. Are we supposed to discern that Odin learned his lesson from how badly he fucked up in this episode's flashback? Odin seems to be enough of a creep that I'm beginning to root for Laura and Mad Eye to team up with Mr. World and take him out.
  11. rab01

    S02.E05: The Ways of the Dead

    Oops and thanks
  12. rab01

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Has anyone else noticed that Buddy and Duff are friendlier talking to each other during the first round challenges than they are in the talking heads? But they are each pretending to be surprised by something the other does? I think the producers' first take on the dynamic was going to be fine dining trained pastry chef vs. Baker and they switched gears after finding out how much Buddy hates to lose. I think a lot of the insulting each other commentary was added afterwards to hype the "drama." Also, I like Duff but Buddy's cake was far better than Duff's. Buddy's partner actually baked magic tricks into the cake while Duff didn't even make much of a cake; he just held an amateurish magic show.
  13. rab01

    S02.E05: The Ways of the Dead

    They screwed up the order of scenes didn't they? Wednesday peed on yggdrasil before meeting the djinn to receive mjolnir BUT it was the djinn who received both last episode. Wednesday shouldn't have had it yet. Also, am I right that Wednesday called the god from that episode "Yahweh"? As in the god of the old testament? I've got to say, if a God's strength is measured by belief of his followers, there are a lot more Jews in the world these days than Odin-worshippers. Lastly, I'm shocked that I was right in my guess that the sprig might be from yggdrasil.
  14. rab01

    S02.E04: The Greatest Story Ever Told

    It struck me as a scene to save money and round out an episode. If they really did have to cut a bunch of stuff that didn't work, that speech is a great scene for insertion in reshoots - it's cheap (they already have the set, the actors are there, no special effects and Orlando Jones may well have written it) and it doesn't advance the plot at all so it doesn't cause any continuity problems.
  15. rab01

    S02.E03: Muninn

    I don't know how much (if at all) we disagree. I didn't mean that he wanted Shadow permanently injured, just ... stressed ... to further him along the path to becoming whatever god or demigod he's supposed to be. I haven't read the book so I really don't know why Shadow is important to Odin but it's clear that Shadow is not an ordinary human and Odin needs something from him that Shadow is currently *incapable* of doing. Odin's been putting him through boot camp throughout the series and getting to Cairo on his own is part of that training. That said, in Norse mythology Odin is known as both deceitful and "all-seeing" so I find it hard to believe that he knew exactly where the train and Shadow were but didn't know that Laura and his servant, Sweeney, were also on the train. In addition, we know that Odin killed Laura, was angry last season when she turned up during his big reveal to Shadow, and that he was trying to put a wedge between Laura and Shadow in this episode so I think it's important to Odin that Shadow and Laura are not attached to each other. I think he more didn't want Shadow to see Laura's attempt to rescue him, than the extent of her injuries. Bottom-line, I agree that Odin is kind of a dick. I wonder whether, despite being charming, personable, and the protagonist, he's really the villain of the story.