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  1. Every few days while listening to a playlist at work, Rob's "Fare Thee Well" cycles through, and each time it makes me immensely sad. I started thinking about it, trying to understand why I have such an emotional reaction to it, and now I realize why. That was the moment. That was when Supernatural ended for me. With isolated exceptions, everything since that moment has been garbage, and hearing that song now is like re-opening a wound. I miss our show. 😞
  2. LOL. I immediately decided it was because Dean can't be duplicated, and his name should simply be retired. Every year on his birthday, all of humanity calls themselves "Dean" in his honor, and then the name goes back in the vault until next year.
  3. So, is J'onn just carrying around everyone's entire memories in his finger? Barry's the "Paragon of Love", but we don't see a second of him checking on Iris? And did they really build a technobabble widget AT STAR LABS without Sisco? I can't believe I gave 5 hours of my life to this thing.
  4. So the Dawn of Time is like a rock quarry or something? This was easily the worst of the crossovers. None of it made any sense. How bout those wraith thingies? Just punch in their general direction, and they disappear? Oooooh, scary.
  5. And a young blonde walks by and says, "I'm looking for the AARP office. Do you kind old gentlemen know my grandpa?" [SERIES ENDS]
  6. Garbage. It was so obvious Kane was the bad guy at the outset that I thought it was going to be a subversive trick. Nope. It was just shitting writing. Dean giving up his cell? Shitty writing. Dean not immediately recognizing that Kane was the baddie? Dean being loosely tied to a chair he can just wriggle out of? The monster being able to bust through the door with ease but never doing it for years until Dean shows up? Kane keeping the monster IN HIS F***ING BAR! Shitty shitty writing. The only redeeming quality was getting an episode where they acknowledge that Dean is a badass and women think he's sexy, instead of turning him into an idiot and making lazy jokes about his age.
  7. The only redeeming quality of the Dabb regime is the in-show acknowledgement that he's a shitty writer.
  8. Just so I'm tracking Dabb's logic here: God is too weak to melt the gun himself (or just take it off the table entirely, God-style), but powerful enough to bring Lilith back from The Empty? Is that the bullshit I was supposed to swallow this week?
  9. I'm really in shock over this. It was so, so good. It's hard to know how to react after so much garbage, but I enjoyed every second of this. I know we may get a dozen crap episodes after this, so I'll just savor it.
  10. Knowing Dabb, they're probably setting up Sam to become the new God.
  11. The second "Jack the Ripper" 🙄 spelled disembowel, I was like "Oh shit, this has to be a BuckLeming masterpiece." They're such terrible writers. Award-worthy. That stuff with Rowena and Ketch ... And the explanation for why Kevin is in Hell is "God's a dick". That makes no f'n sense. God had zero motivation to just send Kevin to Hell for funzies and every reason not to (exposing himself as a liar).
  12. Glad they finally gave Calvert something interesting to do. Jack's been sucking the fun out of this show for years. Demon!Jack was fun, even if he has WAY too much pertinent plot information and it's transparently a setup for betrayal. Everything else about this episode felt like the lazy writing and location scouting under Dabb's regime. It doesn't even feel like they're in America anymore, and there's nothing scary about any of it. The ghosts were literally chasing our heroes down the street in the middle of the day? WTF. And bringing back the ghost from Halt & Catch Fire, easily Top 5 worst episodes in the history of the show? Come. On. Lazy. What I hated most about this episode was the exposition at the end. The boys should have NO idea what's actually going on, what Chuck's motivation is, what he's doing now, and what their mission should be. But because Dabb is such a shitty writer, he has Sam just make a bunch of assumptions and explain the plot of the season to everyone in hopes that we'll all buy into it like it makes any damn sense. And Dean just stands there nodding, because our once great instinctive genius hunter is now basically Sam's dumb assistant, sitting in the car and buying salt while Sam soldiers through a God wound to save a kid. I can't recall actively disliking a writer this much. Not even when Marti Noxon decided Willow's thirst for power was really just an addiction to drugs was I this frustrated with someone butchering a beloved show. It's one of the great tragedies in television history that this sack of crap will pen our heroes' final days.
  13. Crossroads deal. No other explanation.
  14. I mean, it's nearly winning "Biggest Cliffhanger" ...
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