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  1. Was there a dining area in Shuff's home? I saw the counter seating in the kitchen, but I don't recall seeing any other kind of dining area. I don't like artificial flowers, but I was surprised and pleased to like the variety of plants that Erin used in the window boxes.
  2. Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi are kind people. It's great to see Dorothea's efforts to bring delicious meals to the homeless paying it forward.
  3. A thread for CBS Sunday Morning?????? Don't mind me over here doing the happy dance 💃
  4. Shoot, I'm sorry that there have been so many here who encountered personal issues with Red Wing boots. Probably my dad's boots lasted forever because he wasn't having to use them every day for work, so he got lucky. Darn, I had hoped that I had the perfect solution for you!
  5. All right, so I'm sneaking out of lurking once again, which I do maybe once or twice a year, but I'm compelled to deliver my $.02 about boots. Before I retired, I worked claims and risk management for manufacturers. One of my clients was Red Wing Shoes out of Red Wing, Minnesota. If you are looking for high quality boots that will last you FOREVER, you can do no better than a Red Wing boot. They cost a pretty penny, but they are serious high quality boots. You know some of the electrical linemen cleaning up to get power restored after Florence? I'd bet that a lot of them are wearing these boots, because they keep the lineman safe, sturdy, and don't wear out immediately. My dad had a pair of Red Wing boots that he used for tromping around in the woods, bought them in the 1960s, and wore them up until he passed away in 2015. He sent the boots in for repairs a time or two. Repairs! I've personally walked the repair department and it's a full blown manufacturing department. Bad news is boots cost over $300. Good news is that you might never, ever need another pair of boots in your life. The employees are treated pretty well, pay is decent, and boots are American made. I was proud to have them as my client. Regular people wear the boots for hiking, hunting, work, and just regular every day wear. Jeez, I sound as though I'm in sales.
  6. I finally had a chance to catch up on my Flip or Flop Vegas obsession. The opening to the golf course club condo almost derailed my watching, and my complaint isn't attached to the decorating for once. Aubrey was wearing her heeled black shoes on the putting green! Golf Etiquette 101 is to be respectful of the conditioning of the greens. No spikes, heels or stilettos allowed. Ever! The black and white golf course condo was an Aubrey and Bristol flip that I could see purchasing, with removal of the overhead mirror feature in the master bedroom. I appreciated they were careful removing the kitchen cabinets so that they could be donated, along with the furniture and belongings left in the condo. Now on to the condo with the mural. I didn't like the faux brick paneling for the mural in the bedroom. Thank goodness it was painted white. I agree with everyone that the mural wasn't for me. It's too large and too personal a decorating style.
  7. I'm conflicted over voting, which turns reading selection into a competition. If it gets more of us engaged in reading, though, the outcomes will be worth it. I have to shift my emphasis on this being a selection of a great book that Americans read to a focus of "hey, it's great that Americans are reading!"
  8. I'm old, so please understand that I'm not qualified to speak about current music. It does seem, however, that Kelly Clarkson wowed the crowd with her singing. I hope that Kelly keeps it up because she seems such a genuine person and I just want to spend time hanging out with her and listening to her be kind. We need more kindness!
  9. The rustic glam house had multiple offers and sold for $315,000. What the what?! Bristol had a couple of good ideas for this house. He suggested removing the wall around the fireplace, which I questioned until I saw the results. Then he also picked out some really nice tile for the main bathroom. It was fun to watch them shop together until the red tile appeared. How many different wood patterns were in the finished house? Aubrey stained the wood for the 70's paneled wall (#1) and then used a different light wood (#2) for the master bedroom. I think she also chose the laminate flooring with the faux square pegs (#3). Then Bristol stained the wood (#4???) for the upper wall of the fireplace. I'm not sure how this has turned into appointment tv for me, but it has.
  10. The blue and green house may be worse even than the condo that had the purple sink. With the blue and green house there was no place for the eye to rest.
  11. I was finally able to catch up on the first two episodes of this season. I love this show because Aubrey's use of color is insane. And I mean insane in the literal sense, where one is carted away wrapped up tightly in a white coat! Except in Aubrey's case it would be a coat of baby food green. You know, that kind of green where it coordinates with gray for kind of a military camouflage vibe? Seriously, Aubrey knows how to bring the entertainment with her use of color, sparkles/feathers/mirrors, and her hair styles during open houses. I don't know what's wrong with me because I wouldn't follow Aubrey's decorating style or inspiration, but I am always so happy to watch what she pulls together. Is she in on the craziness, do you think? Every now and then, there's a design element that I like, such as the metal stair railing in the first episode. Since the stair railing was covering three levels of the house, it did add a cool element. Then the design went off the rails (ha! rails, railing, get it? I'll be here all night, folks. Then we move to the ranch house, which is in horse country. I don't ride horses, don't know horse people, etc., but I just can't imagine that the decorating and remodeling done by Aubrey is what a horse owner is looking for in living quarters. I imagine that there's a lot of dust and manure. That's a lovely image reflected back at you from your mirrored tiles as you wash away the horse adventures! I really do like to watch both Aubrey and Bristol, including the fact that I think it would be fascinating to spend an afternoon with them and get tanked on tequila. For some reason, I think they'd be a blast. Don't judge me.
  12. This reunion show can't be good for Buddy's recovery. Wow.
  13. I feel bad for Heather as well, but I wonder if her confusion over closure and Heather taking forever to heal is due in part to some shenanigans we weren't privy to seeing from Whitney. I do think that Whitney still had feelings for Buddy that crossed over into K-I-S-S-I-N-G in a tree. Because that's Whitney's level of maturity. From what little this reality show allowed us to see I felt that there was enough shown on the surface throughout different seasons that Whitney still showed an unusual attachment to Buddy. Most specifically, there seemed to be an odd competition or vibe in the air when I saw Lenny/Whitney and Buddy/Heather at the same time. Then her driving to Charleston, unannounced to Buddy, was over the top to me.
  14. When we were watching Tal move in with his box labeled "books," I couldn't take my eyes off Whitney's greasy, greasy hair. It makes me question how often she bathes or showers because her hair was just nasty. I can imagine that Tal wasn't happy to have that head of grease plopped down right under his nose. Then when Todd talked about the Cheeto dust under her fingers, which was the day following the dance class in Charleston, I had to pause the show and go outside for a breath of fresh air. I hate the thought of her bringing an adopted child into her home. Crossing my fingers that it really is just a TLC driven plot line.
  15. I am a constant lurker, and I always love so many of your comments. It's a pain how introverted I am, even on PTV (!), but I'm coming out of lurking to tell you about a book that was just released 2/20 that can shed a light on why things can continue from generation to generation. The book is Educated by Tara Westover. As I read the book and continued to question why the author allowed her family to treat her so horribly I kept making comparisons to Ma and Pa Duggar and the harm they have brainwashed into their children. It's also just a freakin' fascinating book. Fair warning: There are some graphic medical and abuse scenes that will tear at your heart. OK, back to lurking!
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