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  1. Yeah, Ramona is a screamer. And she's definitely not Miss Manners.
  2. Help me, I'm about to be supportive of Ramona and her intolerance for the screaming. If anyone has experienced hearing loss, the loss can really do a number on noise tolerance, with or without a hearing aid. Aging is not for sissies. I don't know how Ramona can handle the loud dinner conversations, the constant talking over one another, and the screaming. It's true that Ramona doesn't listen, but to start with she's probably hearing only about 70% of what is being said.
  3. Elaine is doing a fantastic job at trying to explain anti-racism to Sharon. And Sharon isn't listening.
  4. I thought that I was overreacting last night when I became angry at what had been done to the ranch home for single mom and her young son. Were any closets left in the house? Where will everyone put bulky winter coats, snow boots, hats, mittens, etc.? Storage isn't needed in a bathroom? Thank goodness Steve found a way to incorporate some shelves back into the bathroom so that the bump out shelves in the living room could be built. Then the travesty of painting all the wood in the home plus the grandmother's table! And, yes, it was a stupid unusable layout. It just felt the redo was a to
  5. In one of the many picnics and promenades, Penelope asks her mother if she can go and play with Eloise. Mrs. Featherington reprimands her and reminds Penelope that she wears long skirts now, not short skirts like she did last summer. I think that Penelope's actions were reprehensible, but I also believe that she is young enough to learn and to make amends if possible. This could give the series an out in redeeming Penelope if subsequent episodes show Penelope's journey.
  6. Wait, wait. Do I understand that you used home canned tomato juice? I get it. Skunk smell is an emergency situation. I just weep at the loss of the tomato juice.
  7. Was there a dining area in Shuff's home? I saw the counter seating in the kitchen, but I don't recall seeing any other kind of dining area. I don't like artificial flowers, but I was surprised and pleased to like the variety of plants that Erin used in the window boxes.
  8. Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi are kind people. It's great to see Dorothea's efforts to bring delicious meals to the homeless paying it forward.
  9. A thread for CBS Sunday Morning?????? Don't mind me over here doing the happy dance 💃
  10. Shoot, I'm sorry that there have been so many here who encountered personal issues with Red Wing boots. Probably my dad's boots lasted forever because he wasn't having to use them every day for work, so he got lucky. Darn, I had hoped that I had the perfect solution for you!
  11. All right, so I'm sneaking out of lurking once again, which I do maybe once or twice a year, but I'm compelled to deliver my $.02 about boots. Before I retired, I worked claims and risk management for manufacturers. One of my clients was Red Wing Shoes out of Red Wing, Minnesota. If you are looking for high quality boots that will last you FOREVER, you can do no better than a Red Wing boot. They cost a pretty penny, but they are serious high quality boots. You know some of the electrical linemen cleaning up to get power restored after Florence? I'd bet that a lot of them are wearing these
  12. I finally had a chance to catch up on my Flip or Flop Vegas obsession. The opening to the golf course club condo almost derailed my watching, and my complaint isn't attached to the decorating for once. Aubrey was wearing her heeled black shoes on the putting green! Golf Etiquette 101 is to be respectful of the conditioning of the greens. No spikes, heels or stilettos allowed. Ever! The black and white golf course condo was an Aubrey and Bristol flip that I could see purchasing, with removal of the overhead mirror feature in the master bedroom. I appreciated they were careful removing
  13. I'm conflicted over voting, which turns reading selection into a competition. If it gets more of us engaged in reading, though, the outcomes will be worth it. I have to shift my emphasis on this being a selection of a great book that Americans read to a focus of "hey, it's great that Americans are reading!"
  14. I'm old, so please understand that I'm not qualified to speak about current music. It does seem, however, that Kelly Clarkson wowed the crowd with her singing. I hope that Kelly keeps it up because she seems such a genuine person and I just want to spend time hanging out with her and listening to her be kind. We need more kindness!
  15. The rustic glam house had multiple offers and sold for $315,000. What the what?! Bristol had a couple of good ideas for this house. He suggested removing the wall around the fireplace, which I questioned until I saw the results. Then he also picked out some really nice tile for the main bathroom. It was fun to watch them shop together until the red tile appeared. How many different wood patterns were in the finished house? Aubrey stained the wood for the 70's paneled wall (#1) and then used a different light wood (#2) for the master bedroom. I think she also chose the laminate
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