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  1. Johnny's dad isn't my favorite. But, I get why he made the choice that he made. I wonder if he was a little less disappointed after he found out that Johnny married Bao. Johnny, his card, and his wedding gifts were adorable. Hopefully Bao will grow to appreciate him and won't steal his joy. If I was the sort of person who would apply to be on this show, I'd totally be okay with them selecting me and then recruiting my husband from some number of guys that would have been in the same places I was or had the same interests I had from ages 17-25. A lot can happen in ten ye
  2. Watching Ryan interact with Miles the other day and then with Kev, Melissa, Angel, and Marcus tonight was pretty interesting. While Ryan acknowledge watching a few seasons of MAFS before going on the show and watching many Bald and the Beautiful episodes, I'm inclined to take what he said during both interviews at face value. In contrast, I like Dr. Viviana less and am more skeptical of anything she has to say after her Bald and the Beautiful interview. According to Ryan, he and Clara were having sex the whole time. He also addressed his take on religion. Clara said they were
  3. She's certainly extending her 15 minutes of fame instead of going away quietly. All those episodes of Unfiltered. Next week's prediction show. I like Ryan better during the 10-15 minutes he chats with Miles than I did when he was on the show. Keith chats with Miles after that.
  4. Ryan seems like the type of guy who is friendly, but not necessarily friends with plenty of Jake-like guys. Even though theoretically they have a few things in common, I could see Erik finding Jake fairly annoying but never admitting it on camera. If Vincent and Jake are off-camera buddies, that would be more shocking that finding out that Woody and Henry are buddies. The women going on that trip doesn't convince me that they've formed a close lifelong bond, either. If I was Brianna or Vincent, except for official Couple's Cam business, I'd distance myself from all the rest of them by th
  5. My guess is the only thing preventing Jake from already being married is that he's not attracted to the women who find his wit and quirks endearing. Yes, plenty of funny people are absolute jerks. The cast spent the bulk of their airtime at the reunion trying to rewrite a history we saw. So they aren't the best character references.
  6. Perhaps Jake thinks 40 is old in single man years and some even younger age is old in single woman years. While plenty of women are with men a decade older than them I wondered if Jake wanted a younger woman but would have done better with a woman closer to his own age. This could be it. Or, the types of interactions they had with Jake were shorter and entirely different that the types of interactions Haley and Jake had. Yes, he's a handsome older guy. I'd argue better looking than any of the guys this season.
  7. Jake absolutely has animosity toward Haley. His reunion shoes would have been better for miniature golf than the shoes he wore back then. Virginia said she thought Chris' apology was fake and he was just trying to save face. She would know since she and her husband spent both reunion episodes being fake and trying to save face. Chris was correct when he said Virginia is a drunk and that Clara and Virginia weren't really Paige's friends. At that point she was some woman they'd met a few days ago. A woman whose relationship was so bad that they could tell themselves that their control
  8. Erik can do this. If he was willing to lie to us on the first part of the reunion and was in a multi-year marriage for housing, he can be in a multi-week/month marriage for Couple's Cam.
  9. I hope you're right. Dwight's target audience might be a decade younger than Steve's. Plus, some subset of folks who are into relationship books often read a bunch of them. This reunion episode was inauthentic and disappointing. But, I get it. Some of these people's coworkers and neighbors probably watch this show.
  10. They were wrong. Clara bent to Ryan's will much of the time. So I'm not surprised that she labeled it strong. Haley knows better. Chris isn't the only cast member who says a lot of bs to Paige. Agreed. It's absolutely okay for Haley to not like Jake, a guy she met, married, and hooked up with as much as folks who saw him on a television show do. Plenty of people in their twenties make bad decisions when it comes to sex, marriage, and figuring out how to respond when things don't go as anticipated. She's human and arguably, no worse a human, and no worse a partner than Jake. Whil
  11. Jake may not be attracted to the women who are attracted to him. Or the women who want to have a long term relationship with him. Also, there are plenty of guys out there who share Jake's positive attributes who have better dispositions.
  12. Thanks for mentioning Stephanie Lee's recaps. I haven't watched them in a few weeks but will check this one out. I wondered why MAFS didn't just move on to the other couples, leave Chris and Paige's shenanigans on the cutting room floor and just give a voice over wrt what happened. Vivianna really annoyed me this episode. It was important to her to redeem herself and get her zingers in when talking to Chris and when talking to Erik and Virginia about how they rose above being impacted by "other couples" when she advocated for matching the disastrous duo #1 in the first place. Also, Erik a
  13. If she's comparing her relationship with Ryan to her past relationships and the relationships of Haley/Jake and Paige/Chris maybe her bar is so low that this is enough. Elsewhere on the internet one of my favorite podcasters wrote: Clearly something has gone wrong over the course of Clara's dating life if this eight weeks with Ryan is the best ever. Also these "experts" are not to be trusted. Viviana said that they were "so thrilled" with the way Erika and Virginia handled themselves. She followed up with being glad that they chose themselves and chose love when that is absolutely not
  14. He certainly did. This was an entertaining yet disappointing season. I'm rooting for Clara, Virginia, and Brianna. But, I'm not rooting for any of these couples.
  15. Pastor Cal had reservations when one of the others suggested that they match Chris and Paige. Chris is terrible. And also a human who absolutely cares about how bad he came off on this show. Tonight, I thought Pastor Cal was trying to appeal to Chris to do the right thing and walk away from Paige. I thought he was trying to convince Chris that there was a way to make walking away serve the redemption arc Chris was trying to create.
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