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  1. Maybe it's a chance for both of them to make something good out of their MAFS experience before moving on to whatever they move onto. She's 8 years older than him. He's outside the demographic she said she was looking for in a husband.
  2. This, plus Rachel mentioned having debt and not managing her finances well. It might be possible for her to budget/make financial choices that allow her to reduce her debt and travel overseas vacation on a teacher salary without taking on a second job. Travel hacking is an option. Saving a little each month is an option. Taking students on tours to Europe like one of my friends does is an option.
  3. Rachel is at an age where it might benefit her to be more mindful about her finances and the many options she has to entertain herself in the summer. She went to the World Series by herself. She could go to Astro’s games. travel domestically, take a class, get a summer job, etc.
  4. Rachel is a 33 year old teacher who was in an eight year relationship but has never been in a relationship in the summer. How?
  5. Sure. Somehow he wanted to win against the "best" but was okay with Azah and Derek F being representative of 3rd-4th best. Maybe X and Ky ruined it by deciding that Azah and Derek F were final 3-4 worthy. Or, quite frankly final 5-6 worthy. ETA: That said, I'm rooting for an Azah and Derek F final two with Azah winning.
  6. Good point. In some places it's 72 hours on 72 hours off. I thought fire fighting was a fairly new career for him though. Too bad MAFS didn't pair him with a nurse.
  7. Gil and/or his friend mentioned that he's always attracted plenty of women. Gil told Myrla that his four longest relationships to date lasted 6 months to 1 year. Maybe he's available because until recently he wasn't interested in being with anyone for longer than a few seasons. Or maybe he meets tons of women that he's physically attracted to who are physically attracted to him but they just aren't compatible long term.
  8. Yes. The motivation to work together for someone to be the second isn't as great as the motivation to work together for someone to be the first. Plus at least two members of this Cookout aligned with the group because it was the best path for them. The other members of the Cookout were as much pawns to them as the non-black players. They would have absolutely cut members of the Cookout earlier if another, better path emerged. Tiffany let Claire go for the Cookout. X let Alyssa go to get X closer to the finish.
  9. Cookout 2.0 plans could be thwarted because someone decides they don't want to get played like Tiffany, either.
  10. Oh, I get that. I agree about the courageous women and men. I was pushing back against the idea that an Afro-Latino firefighter born in the 1980s was likely to be ostracized or limited professionally if he grew his hair out an inch or two before March 2020. While the conversation focused on Gil, Michaela, Amani, Karen, Iris, and Deonna wore/wear their hair in its natural texture without a weave or other extensions at least some of the time on MAFS. Deonna has a MBA. Yes, I saw that she straightened her hair for the work zoom call on Couples Cam. 😃 I agree about the courageous
  11. Right. Is it actually a savings account? How long would it take to access the money if he needed it for an emergency? Where does he put the regular jobs money? The grocery money? He said he valued investing in real estate over buying the things Myrla has in her closet. Where is his real estate? Is it impossible to see the balance of a Columbian bank account on the internet?
  12. Perhaps she's fine living in her basic apartment but isn't interested in moving to a different equally unimpressive apartment. Or, that's an argument for dissolving the marriage. Even if Myla reduces her spending, Gil isn't motivated to earn the money it take to support a wife and two kids in a modest home let alone a wife and seven kids. Myrla has savings. If she had debt she could use the savings and forgo the next quarter's shopping trip to pay it off. His lack of savings at age 35 in the city, state, and country they live in could impact her decision. The purpose of an e
  13. Yeah. Gil doesn't work in corporate America. If conforming is what he's doing, it seems to have taken him less far than it did Atlanta Ryan. It could be something that's turning Myrla off. Or maybe not. Either way I appreciate the dissenting voices that agree that Myrla absolutely does not owe Gil a kiss. The experiences mentioned previously are some black experiences not the black experience. On MAFS, and in the world the guys live in off camera, Miles, Woody, Zack, etc. don't have to make Gil or North Carolina Greg-type hair choices to be considered good.
  14. I agree that the pictures an organization posts for recruiting or PR purposes are sometimes smoke and mirrors. Vincent, Brianna's husband was Dominican. Gil is Columbian. Where I live the bald black guys are often shaving their heads for the same reason North Carolina Jaime does. Oddly enough, I can't imagine Gil with long, beautiful hair. I don't even like Woody like that. Yet, my impulse is to say he's no Woody. That leads me to wonder if Myrla would have done better with a Houston-esque Woody. For whatever reason, I think there are guys she would treat better than she's treating G
  15. Since he's 35, I assumed Gil shaved his head due to a receding hair line. Or that he doesn't like the texture of his hair. Agreed. Myrla could have filled her closet over a number of years. Some of the items could be gifts, etc.
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