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    S06.E19: Lumbar Support and Old Pork

    Allison Janney is very gifted, but Bonnie's entitlement is out of control and not entertaining.
  2. jmonique

    S03.E22: U-N-R-- UNREALISTIC

    Methinks the writers don't expect to be renewed.
  3. jmonique

    S02.E12: Sanctuary

    So, whatever happened to Lt. Commander LaMarr? Also, if Bortus hadn't told his child, who was obviously way too young to keep the secret, this entire episode wouldn't have happened. It was irresponsible.
  4. jmonique

    S06.E12: Casecation

    I find it hard to believe that Amy never covered kids in premarital talks with Jake. But other than that, the only thing the show needed was more Kevin!
  5. jmonique

    Single Parents

    The "Will they or won't they" of Will and Angie is inevitably going to be more interesting than if these two get together. They're both somewhat nice and neurotic. The idea of watching them together just doesn't intrigue me. I get that the kids are caricatures, and that the kid who plays Rory is surprisingly capable for a kid his age. But his ego is out of control.
  6. jmonique

    S10.E20: Can't Elope

    The one problem I had with the escalation of the impromptu wedding was the behavior of Cam and Mitch. Purely self-centered. They chose to go to the wedding. Grow up and deal with missing the show.
  7. jmonique

    S05.E21: Under the Taipei Sun

    The thing this show is screwing up is that Asian moms have high expectations for their children - but they don't hate them. They've gone way too far in that direction with Jessica, and it's pretty offensive. I'm in my 40s and my mom still nags me about zipping up, but she'd never relish in my absence like that (I'd hope). On the other hand, I burst out laughing when the gang was intimidated by Eddie's height and sprinted away. When my (Caucasian) husband met my Taiwanese cousins kids, all they wanted to know was how tall he was!
  8. jmonique

    Will & Grace

    The show received a two-season renewal last year, taking it through next season.
  9. jmonique


    Pilots are notoriously bad so I gave it another shot. I lasted 5 minutes. Doubling down on the stupid premise by digging into some of the 100+ stupid rules for the stupidly illegal backyard bar was too much. I’m out. Good luck, all.
  10. jmonique

    Will & Grace

    Grace is in her early 50s. She’s a business owner and president of her design society or wtfever it was. All of her junk is at Noah’s, a man she’s made a commitment to, and she’s just gonna bounce for the first hot rando at the airport? I don’t care if Noah is a dick, that’s just ridiculous. On another note, I don’t care how ridiculous Will’s spontaneous proposal was. I like Matt Bomer back on my TV semi-regularly.
  11. jmonique

    S03.E18: Her

    I looked it up on IMDb - Tween Kevin is played by Parker Bates. Kevin’s son is played by Preston Oliver.
  12. jmonique

    S03.E17: R&B

    I can't find the post, but another poster asked if I find Beth blameless in all of this. I don't, but deep down, this is my biggest problem in all of this: Randall and Beth's fight seems MASSIVELY contrived. What man with three children who depend on him quits an incredibly high-paying job out of nowhere? Yes, his birth father had passed, and sure, they sent something he was allergic to. Doesn't matter: Suck it up because you're about to have three college bills to pay for, along with all of the other day-to-day necessities. What man buys a run-down building while unemployed, thinks he can fix it, then promptly forgets about it? What man up and runs for city councilman in not just a city that he doesn't live in, but a STATE he doesn't live in, and keeps running even after his wife joins him on the unemployment line? While it reads like I blame Randall, I mainly blame the writers for taking some HUGE swings at contrived storylines in order to set up some big fights between Randall and Beth, in what feels like bids for headlines and Emmys. But in regards to do I blame Beth? I see a woman who went too far to try to support her man and make a living at a "real" job, who tried for a real long time to walk the path her domineering mother set her on, while they were both in grief. I saw her at least trying to rectify some of that, while still working a job at a nearby studio, and trying to open up a dialog with her husband. I saw her serve up some truths that may not have been pretty, but at least she was being honest after he forced her into having this fight on HIS schedule, of course. And I saw him reject that, and shut it all down. So yeah, when it comes to the storyline, I'm still feelin' Beth's side, but overall, I'm wondering how much longer I'll actually care about this show when there is NO sunlight or happiness, just relapse, a premie fighting for his life, and potential divorce.
  13. jmonique

    This Is Our Spoiler and Speculation Topic

    The "Her" jump to the future just completely got away from the writers this season, it would seem. I would love it if they'd quite focusing on trying to SHOCK everyone with clever setups, focus on logical narratives and actually give these suffering fools some light in their lives every now and then.
  14. jmonique


    Stupidest premise ever. I couldn’t get over Abby’s entitlement, but then again Natalie Morales’ charms have always escaped me. Couldn’t make it through the episode and bailed. Can’t believe it’s a Mike Schur project, given how rote the dialog was.
  15. jmonique

    Will & Grace

    I really don't understand why they made Will gay if they were never going to be allowed to get involved with other people. Twenty years later and it's all just as toxic.
  16. jmonique

    S03.E17: R&B

    And for me, this circles back around to Randall disregarding her request for space and forcing her into a confrontation about this immediately after she had given up another night to further his latest whim, and he responded by belittling and demeaning her, then rolling up into the bedroom spoiling for a fight like she did HIM wrong. She reacted emotionally, already on the defensive after being told to grow up by a manchild who’s spent the past three years taking on and abandoning projects. This is raw - and yeah, she is obviously angry at herself for not speaking up earlier. But as soon as she did, he put down her desire to miss one meal and lashed out when she was late. Beth can’t win because she isn’t putting herself on the back burner, as Rebecca did.
  17. jmonique

    S03.E17: R&B

    But did you take your parents out on dates? But that doesn't absolve Randall of his priority being ... himself. Granted, we haven't seen the entirety of their relationship, but this "Beth let herself be run over" mind-set doesn't excuse Randall doing it, or gaslighting her when she finally puts herself first. She laid it all out for him and how she feels, and he stopped, took a beat ... and completely rejected her feelings. Again.
  18. jmonique

    S03.E17: R&B

    I still think that Randall, who has shown amazing concern for everyone but his immediate family (still can't believe he dumped Kate and Toby to RUSH to the bedside of two people he had just met), could have abided by his very hurt wife's wishes after he cut her and her profession down, and sacked up and gone to Philly or just not gone home for one night, as Beth asked. He was wrong -- very wrong. He ran over and belittled her desire to grab drinks with her colleagues, and guilt tripped and gaslit her into yet another function for him. And when she was late, he just kept harassing her by phone. He wasn't worried that something might have happened. No, she did him wrong, so he had to cut her down. So when she still sucked it up and played the charming political wife and asked for some space, Randall STILL couldn't see it from her point of view. If he had just went home and slept in the basement, that would have been a dick move, but fine. No, he stalked into the bedroom and HAD TO THROW DOWN. THAT NIGHT. He was in the wrong, yet he had to push it and force the issue because it's ALWAYS about what Randall and the rest of the Pearsons need. Not what Beth or Toby or Miguel or even Nicky need. Just the sanctimonious Pearsons, who seriously need therapy already. Also, to touch on some points made earlier, we don't know that Randall had only two or three panic attacks over the course of 15 or 18 years that he's been with Beth. We just know of the big ones.
  19. jmonique

    S03.E17: R&B

    It wasn’t about being queen. It was a matter of respecting her wishes after demeaning her and her career. Randall was nasty and cold and used her yet again to further his whim of a career, and when she asked for space he of course wouldn’t give it to her. Because he’s Randall the Wonder Boy and has no concept of respect for his immediate family.
  20. jmonique

    S03.E17: R&B

    Full disclosure: Randall going OFF on Beth via voicemail when she's not there for him ONCE, then smiling and accepting her support through dinner instead of immediately taking her aside to apologize, THEN trying to get away with the voicemail, AND THEN DRAGGING HIS ASS BACK INTO THE HOUSE AND FORCING HER INTO A FIGHT when she flat out told him to take his sorry self back to Philly pissed me off at the end of the last episode. In fact, I wrote off this episode, forgot it was airing until the last 10 minutes and turned in to watch a clearly backed-into-a-corner Beth lash out in response to Randall's gaslighting, and got to watch the man who's been steamrolling her for three years with his family melodrama act like the martyr yet again. In short: Team Beth.
  21. jmonique

    S05.E17: Time Bomb

    I loved this show SO much in season 1, but I have been completely over the omnipotent super villains for three years already. Ugh.
  22. jmonique

    S06.E17: A Dark Closet and Therapy with Horses

    I stopped watching as soon as Christy was taught you can bet through apps. Nope. I saw this storyline two years ago. And earlier this year with the smoking.