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  1. Now I want to go back to Ep. 8 to see if any of this was on Lucifer's "Operation Payback" whiteboard.
  2. Well, damn. Did not expect them to go there. Maybe Dad's just playing a little game with his kids to prove a point?
  3. It was his former partners in crime, the ones who got into the shootout with Chloe. The dialogue was a bit rushed, but they said they killed him and took his hand to get the loot he owed them from a past job.
  4. Don't worry: There are another eight episodes of Season 5 still to come, and Netflix has renewed it for a sixth season.
  5. Because at this point, he still thinks he has to return to Hell and let Amenadiel go home, and the only thing that had been keeping him on Earth was dealing with Michael's mess, which he's done, as best he could.
  6. I'm thinking Michael's grand plan was just to force Divine Intervention. Now he'll get to take credit for getting Dad to suspend His "you've all got your free will, let's see how you use it" hands-off policy.
  7. Actually it kind of does, because while she's been immune to his charms from the start, he wasn't vulnerable around her at first -- in the very first episode, he wasn't wounded when record producer Jimmy (John Pankow's character) shot him after shooting Chloe. It was at some point after their first case that he became that way, maybe even at the moment he yelled "Shoot me, Detective!" Amenadiel's point, I think, was that God's gift was to her -- letting her choose Lucifer, or not, rather than be helplessly sucked in by his mojo -- and Lucifer also, subconsciously, gave her the complementary gi
  8. I think you're right that he's been mentioned, and in contexts that imply neither Lucifer nor Amenadiel can stand him. IIRC, most recently, in a Season 4 episode Linda suggests "Michael" as a baby name, and Amenadiel replies something like "Not Michael!"
  9. Her hair's darker and worn differently (in fact, a couple different styles appear in the various scenes), and I think they've changed her makeup too; for one thing, the beauty mark by her right eye is more prominent than before.
  10. I've been thinking the same thing, especially since I saw Prime Video had picked up the show & started occasionally rewatching it, with the scenes of things like masked parishioners going to a church to light candles for lost loved ones. So is there an odd little UN sub-agency operating out of a former research center in Wuhan, China?
  11. I thought that too, but the On Demand menu shows two more episodes are coming.
  12. IIRC, he just showed her some memories he selected to help him talk her out of her funk. The first time he did it, he just showed her a quick snippet to "inoculate" her to the side effects of the process (losing her hair and teeth).
  13. It's more a nod to Conan Doyle, I think -- Reichenbach Falls was a waterfall where his Holmes had his final confrontation with Professor Moriarty...
  14. The extra episode order might just be because the showrunners said they had enough material to go that long in bringing the series to the conclusion they envisioned. Someone else here had posted an article with comments by exec producer Ildy Modrovich (sp?) to the effect that she'd really been hoping to get a sixth season to wrap the show up with; this might be the compromise they worked out with Netflix.
  15. I was with everyone else on this until I started a rewatch of the series from the beginning. Now I think Chloe at this point (S4E2) has no reason to trust what Amenadiel says at all -- her longest real interaction with him to date was in the early second season when he tried to convince her that Lucifer was using movie FX to make it appear he'd withstood getting shot, which she now knows was bullshit. Sure, now she knows Amenadiel's a celestial … but for all she knows, he could be another fallen rebel on the outs with the devil, or heaven-sent but simply antagonistic toward his brother.
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