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  1. btp

    S05.E06: Tribes

    Dumping core is not dumping the engine; it's just basically what is burning inside the reactor at that moment. After dumping core, you can restart the reactor (assuming that you still have fuel). It might take a few minutes, but it's doable. I loved this episode; it was quiet but tense throughout. Amos & Clarissa make for an odd couple, but a very compelling one. I can totally get what they see in each other, and Nadine Nicole is doing a fabulous job of playing Clarissa/Peaches v2 (Vulnerable Edition). Given that she is now appearing in the main credits, I'm presuming that she will co
  2. That link seems to be to an article in Science Magazine about allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines. Maybe you copied & pasted the wrong link?
  3. I guess he never got out of Baltimore. Interestingly, neither IMDB or Wikipedia lists his (Frankie Faison's) casting in The Expanse, at least so far. I wonder how many other surprises we might see in this and/or upcoming seasons. I'm keeping book spoilers out of this, but there are certainly several characters in the books that I am hoping we'll get at least a glimpse of this season. EDIT: You know, we've had both Cutty and Burrell on the show now, can we get a cameo in which a distant relative of Clay Davis shows up and says "sheeeeeeeiit?"
  4. A-fucking-men to that. Shorter's score, too, has been incredible this season. I wonder if there's any chance, with the increased exposure the Amazon platform has given the show, that it might actually get nominated for some technical Emmys. I'm not expecting any nominations for Wes Chatham or Cara Gee -- those would be well-earned, but history suggests they'd never happen. But sometimes shows like this win for things like costuming, musical score, VFX, and that kinda thing. It would be awesome to see that.
  5. Oooh, I like that, but I'm coming up short here. Diogo and ... who? Of all the plot lines this season, I find this one the least believable, unfortunately. I mean, I get it, they needed something for Shoreh to do, and I get it, it might be interesting to see what happens when Avasarala ventures out of her comfort zone into places where she may actually not Get Shit Done or Keep Her Head Attached To Her Neck. But this is just a little too on the nose for my taste. This show usually eschews the broad and obvious in favor of the nuanced and enigmatic, but Chrisjen's story this sea
  6. btp

    S04.E04: Retrograde

    What's causing the collapse of Martian society and the "Martian dream" is not the onset of a period of (relative) peace, it is the emergence of over a thousand habitable planets within a few month's journey, which completely changes the economics of terraforming. The terraforming project has basically been Mars' raison d'etere since Earthers first colonized there, and now there's little reason for it to continue. Some will make a go of it still, certainly; presumably companies like the ones own by Private Hillman's family, whose fortunes are entirely tied up in the terraforming effort, will tr
  7. Miller's appearances in those scenes reminded me a bit of another show. I think it would've been much more fun if he had a hand terminal that he kept banging on, saying things like "Ziggy says there's a 67% chance that you're supposed to do something at the alien station." But seriously, yeah, there really wasn't much to be done there to keep that from looking hokey. Maybe if they had made Miller appear a tad less substantial and introduced some of the glitchy effects they had early on it would have helped. Though that would have been contrary to the narrative that "the signal is stronger
  8. I did, briefly, but honestly I didn't spend much (enough) time with it. Not the podcast's fault, really, just life and work intruding on my leisure time (as they do). I'll get back to the podcasts for sure, though, probably more than one of them, but possibly not until the long Expanse drought we're about to enter. At which point I will likely consume every bit of Expanse-related media I can find. :)
  9. For what it's worth, there seem to be examples in this series already of (mostly) unmanned support vessels being brought along as part of a fleet of vessels on their way to one thing or another. I could imagine any number of reasons for this. For example, a science vessel like the Seung Un might be packed to the gills with instrumentation, leaving no room for crew quarters, galleys, etc. Think of it as a science lab in space, which is what it basically is, really. People may work there, but they don't live there. And while the fleet was still underway to the ring, there wouldn't have been much
  10. You know, this comparison of Cotyar's crimes with Clarissa Mao's does raise a question. One of the things that seem to set Clarissa's crimes apart from Cotyar's is that Clarissa is said to have been willing to murder many people in order to frame Holden. But this presumes some facts that are not necessarily in evidence. All indications from what we saw was that the ship the blew up, a Science Vessel, was unmanned. There certainly were no crew members wandering around during their time there, and when the ship did blow up, nobody on screen seemed to be mourning the loss of anyone other than Ren
  11. I have no quarrel with how Melba is executing her plan, such as it is. I just think, from a storytelling perspective, we need a better view of her thinking, of why she holds James Holden, in particular, responsible for her father's demise. That honor would seem, to me, to go to Chrisjen Avasarala, the person who pursued Papa Mau initially and, presumably, had him arrested and prosecuted. Holden just happened to be the guy who picked him up. If you wanted to avenge the person who ruined your family, wouldn't you focus on the person who actually directed that operation, not the street cop who cu
  12. Either? Object [noun ob-jikt, -jekt; verb uh b-jekt] ... 3. the end toward which effort or action is directed; goal; purpose: Profit is the object of business. "Objective" works too.
  13. I am traveling on business this week and was forced to watch this episode on a hotel room TV with analog only service. Noisy, low resolution analog. And stretched out (as people often do in hotels) so as to fill the screen horizontally at the expense of maintaining the proper aspect ratio. Hence, everyone was stretched out such that they were short and fat. Even the Belters. Short and fat. And grainy. I do not recommend this as an optimal way to view an episode of this, or any, show. But even with that obstacle, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit, especially that last 2 and a half or so K
  14. Of course. Perhaps my tongue was not firmly enough in my cheek. As I said, that was my "fanboy" reaction. The real me is well aware of the world and how it works. I just now and then long for a time when everyone wasn't so jaded. I know it's a pipe dream, but in the words of one Mr. Holden, "I'm going to hold on that for a little while."
  15. This was a really interesting read, but I have to say, the fanboy in me wishes the studio execs quoted in this piece were not so damned cool and collected and professional. Like, Jennifer Salke (new studio head for Amazon Studios) talks about how she heard good things about the show, so she decided to watch some of it, and she concluded that the show was "actually really well done." Which is fine, but, I mean, "really well done?" Is The Mona Lisa also really well done? Citizen Kane, really well done? How about the collected works of Beethoven? I wanted her to tell a story about how she turne
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