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  1. The producers talked about this in an interview with TVGuide. "The idea is that the last remaining [magic of Lilith's immortality] brought her back to life. And now that it's spent she does not need [the ring to survive] it. One of the things that's important to us is always wrapping up a season arc, and so much of that was planting that seed in the first half of Season 5 so that it could pay off [in the finale]. That story has been told, and now it's just a beautiful ring."
  2. Yeah. Kind of bummed to hear about a mid-season premiere, but I also think it has to do with need for more post-production (CGI, etc). The show looks good, and I guess that takes time. I can live with the delayed premiere if it means there won't be too many gaps between episodes.
  3. Yes to all of this. I did find it interesting that the Red K affected Jordan (who is manifesting powers) but seemingly not Jon. That's the aspect that makes me wonder if Jon's powers are already starting to manifest, or if we're still waiting for them to kick in. I must admit, it was helpful to have had Jon unaffected so that he could help protect his dad and brother. It made me think in that moment that that was the upside to Jon's not having powers yet. In any case, I'm glad Lois and Clark decided to be more open with the boys. It wouldn't do for them to start barreling into dang
  4. metaphor

    Media for Rebel

    That second episode on June 10 is the final one for the season/series, right? So bummed ABC cancelled this; I hope the final episode provides a sense of closure. Though I would certainly be happy to see it picked up elsewhere, because I really like the cast.
  5. Yes. I'm using Chrome, Win10, PC, Dark on the site. My concern is email truncation, though, so it may be a separate issue. Hoping an option for the old behavior can be restored if possible. Thank you.
  6. I also noted that since the update, email notifications are all truncated. I hope there's a way to restore the old behavior. Thank you.
  7. So very glad the show is back! I've missed the Frasers and their growing family. I thought the montage of the three couples (+ Fergus/Marsali) was really well done, demonstrating their differing situations. I was also very moved by Jamie and Murtagh's conversation. So far, a very promising start for the season. Can't wait for next week.
  8. This has been getting great reviews at festivals. Looking forward to its release! What I love about Nicole What I love about Charlie
  9. Airdate: February 17, 2019
  10. Airdate: February 10, 2019
  11. I enjoyed Season 2 more than Season 1 because the focus moved away from Maia and her family, and because the magnificent Audra McDonald joined the cast as a regular. I also found that the characters and relationships deepened over time. So I'm definitely looking forward to Season 3.
  12. Airdate: December 16, 2018
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