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  1. I'm a similar age and definitely identified with the kids. I thought Kevin's mom was fine, but was a little scared of his dad. I don't remember him being a bad guy, he just had a short fuse and was very emotionally distant from his kids, which caused a lot of problems on both sides. With this new show, I'm already more interested in the parents than the kids, and I hope they get a lot of screen time.
  2. Bats? Flying squirrels? Neither really fit, so I'm stumped too. In weird coincidence news, while watching Jeopardy I was actually scrolling through Etsy looking for William Morris needlepoint patterns. Freaky!
  3. Definitely, and I'm glad that they made it all about the character/actor, without mixing in stuff about the real Pops. And I'm glad there was a time jump. It would have been way too sad to see them go through the death and funeral. I didn't mind the idea of it, but one of my biggest pet peeves about this show is that they are always SO on the nose with their 80s references, rather than using them as a jumping off point to show a similar idea. I mean, Adam literally said, "we're gathering important people together, just like Bill and Ted did!" Yeah Adam, we know. We're not idiots.
  4. If I remember correctly, near the end of last season they showed the episode of Jeopardy that Jackie was on, during which she lost badly and went on a rant about how great the Chicago Bears are compared to the Packers (which is the team that the guest host Aaron Rodgers plays for). The rant went viral, and soon the Lunchbox was full of Bears fans. Jackie abruptly decided to cash in on her 15 minutes of local fame and turn the Lunchbox into a sports bar, which, to be honest, sounds better than the crazy mishmash of food she was serving before. In yet another stroke of brilliant financial planni
  5. Are they gaslighting us with the whole Darlene/Ben thing? I was positive that they definitely broke up last season, so I almost did a spit-take when Dan asked Darlene how she felt about the fact that Ben was "thinking" of breaking up with her. I was glad that he broke up with her AGAIN, but I'm not convinced the storyline is over. Serious question: is anyone actually rooting for Darlene and Ben to get back together? (No judgment if you are) I don't look at any other tv-related social media, so this forum may be an outlier, but I'm baffled that they're dragging this out for so long. I mean
  6. I haven't seen the original in a long time, but the set up is pretty similar: nuclear family in suburbia with two boys and a girl. In the original, Kevin's older sister was a hippie who drifted in and out of the series, and his older brother was a stereotypical jerky older brother who teased/harassed Kevin constantly. The best friend character was much nerdier (he had the thick coke-bottle glasses), and the girlfriend/crush (Winnie) was more "girly" and aloof (I doubt they would've been sharing comic books). Also, I don't think Kevin's mom worked outside the home, and his father had a pretty m
  7. Speaking as someone who owned way too many velour shirts in the late 90s, I loved Mayim's blazer and thought the purple on purple combo looked great on her. FJ was an instaget for me. I just watched the movie again last week, and had to fast forward through the scene of the cute little shoe getting "Dipped" because the childhood trauma of it is still too strong. I would have asked for one on the "Ramses" response. And I'm not happy with the response of "Ferdinand" for Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Ferdinand isn't his surname, it's just one of his many middle names, and I've always hea
  8. Sorry, but I'm still fuming over the fact that, yet again, Matt was given special treatment. He flubbed the response "Hard Knocks Life" then corrected himself and was ruled correct. Then, seconds later, Odessa made almost the exact same mistake (an incorrect S, but I don't remember the response) and was immediately ruled incorrect. What the actual hell? I can only hope that this is a product of Mike Richards' terrible reign and things will be better once he's gone. Fingers crossed!
  9. My favorite thing about Hallmark fall movies is watching the same handful of fake trees filled with colorful foliage migrate to different scenes, as the set designers desperately try to convince us that the movie was actually filmed in the fall. I just pretend that the trees are sentient and are sneakily following the main characters around town. I swear, one day I'll actually catch them moving! Seriously, this was the only way I stayed awake through the dreadful Roadhouse Romance. There was so little chemistry between the leads that I genuinely kept forgetting that this was supposed to b
  10. What? You mean you didn't get something meaningful out of her incredibly insightful view that she would only consider getting married if "There [is] a purpose beyond, 'I think you're cute.'" You clearly have a lot to learn from this barely-out-of-her-teens expert who has studied polyamory "for a really long time."
  11. I think Nandor put it there when he wanted to sneak out to meet Gail without the others knowing, the same way kids stuff pillows under their covers when they want to trick their parents into thinking they're still in bed.
  12. Re the spoiler, I'm not sure I'm on board with Helford's thinking, especially regarding the "obstacle" (please, tv gods, don't let that happen!).
  13. Yes! It's usually fun when shows mix things up, and I've really enjoyed seeing the Colin/Laszlo and Nadja/Nandor pairings. I would love to meet some more female vampires. It would also be fun to see Nadja rekindle her friendship with the witch who slept with Laszlo. It's a long shot, but they were fast friends initially, and assuming that Guillermo's sperm supply business is still going strong, it could happen.
  14. Yes! Speaking as a member of the American Historical Association, I was outraged by that ruling. They are definitely letting Matt get away with way too many short cuts. And speaking of Matt, I know that his strategy of starting every response with "what's" is meant to make it easier for him but it would have the opposite effect on me. Putting "what is" in front of a person's name would compete with decades' worth of linguistic conditioning in my brain, and take precious mental resources away from me actually coming up with the right answer. It would be a disaster.
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was aghast at Peter's outfit. Aside from the tie, it was the sheerness of the shirt fabric that got me. I liked his personality, but he needs to do better on the clothes. It's weird for me to see people debating whether or not chest hair is "in." I've always just thought of it as something some men have and others don't. No big whoop. Every time I hear "Pantora" I think of the band "Pantera" and it makes me chuckle, thinking how great it is that those nice heavy metal boys have found a new career designing wedding dresses.
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