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  1. Same here. She was his childhood crush from the first time he saw her on the Cosby show, and in interviews he always talked about her with an "I can't believe I won the lottery" lilt to his voice. I wish them the best, but it sucks that they couldn't make it work.
  2. This one didn't really grab me either. It was fine, but seemed to cover a lot of the same historical ground we've seen before. I'm glad that Brittany was so thrilled to learn about her paternal line, but the story of her grandparents made me nervous. At best, the relationship was a one night stand or brief affair between a married man and a young woman visiting her brothers. But it could have been a much more sinister encounter. We'll never know. And hearing that he later divorced his wife and was stabbed to death by a girlfriend sounds even more shady. However, I did like the picture of the g
  3. I liked that Jackie (finally) addressed her concerns with Neville like an adult rather than a lunatic, and everything worked out. I also got some laughs out of Becky flirting with the doctor and then stalking his social media. It was also nice to see Ben sitting with the family and supporting Mark without getting into a bitchfest with Darlene. What a revelation! But yet again, I hated the way Darlene handled the situation with Mark. This woman is incapable of anything other than rash decisions when it comes to her kids. She went straight to yanking him out of his school without even attem
  4. Same here! It definitely could go either way. I'm not sure what to make of this episode. If this is really the last we'll see of that Tusken group, it was a very anticlimactic arc. Same with the twins- if they are actually leaving Tatooine after two brief appearances, I'll be very disappointed (I'll miss that tiny fan!). The new teenage street gang was fun, but super goofy and not threatening at all. And I know nothing about the Pykes, so I have no strong feelings about them arriving in Mos Espa. It just felt like a weird reshuffling of characters and plot lines before the story has reall
  5. Yeah, whenever I see it I think that this is the one piece of music where his crowd-pleasing split jump feels inappropriate.
  6. This is me with the whole NXIVM cult thing. It was just completely off my radar. As are most big scandals involving famous athletes because I barely follow any sports. There's just so much information swirling around it's impossible to keep up with everything, so everyone has blind spots. Incidentally, I became aware of Theranos about a year ago when YouTube randomly recommended a video about Elizabeth Holmes's bizarre affectations - the deep voice, the intense stare - and I was intrigued enough to click on it.
  7. You're right. The older retired guy was the one who returned Houdini to the cafe after Houdini jumped from the roof into his arms.
  8. Ah, okay. Thanks! I did not get that.
  9. It was really rough for me too. Hugo Awards? Pictures of banks? Chess moves? No ma'am, those are not my areas of knowledge. I also thought the Copenhagen question was a trick, and flubbed FJ because I was focused on Paris, and couldn't think of any famous French brothers from that time. I'm still confused about the chess category, admittedly because I wasn't playing close attention. But were those real chess moves? Or made up moves with chess puns? Or something else? I was totally confused.
  10. I agree. I really thought Oscar was going to dump her when she was so late for their rooftop date, and was pleasantly surprised they avoided that cliche. Loved the Blossom reunion. Jenna and Joey look great! I always liked Michael (the other brother), and it was a bit startling to see him looking so rough compared to the others. I kinda hope the retired customer starts working at the cafe. He was fun and fits in well with the gang.
  11. Matt Berry also voices a droid in the new Boba Fett show on Disney+. His voice is a little more subdued than normal to sound more mechanical, but I'd recognize it anywhere!
  12. Me too. Also, is anyone else getting the vibe that the Tusken in black (who I think is Boba's primary trainer) is a woman? I only know about Tuskens from the main films, so if there is an obvious male/female distinction in their society that I'm unaware of, I'm happy to learn. And I could be totally wrong; I'm just getting vibes. That's pretty cool. The initiation ceremony at the end reminded me of a Haka, so I wonder if that was the intention. Like I said, I know most of my Star Wars stuff from the main films so I may have missed something, but what's the big deal with the Hut
  13. I didn't notice before either, but now that I've read about all the behind-the-scenes stuff, I definitely noticed it in tonight's episode. There were only a handful of shots that genuinely looked like Garlin was on set with the others, lots of back and forth camera shots of single actors talking, and lots of shenanigans with back of the head shots (included the Bev/Murray hug at the end) that were probably shot with stand-ins. I don't generally notice this kind of thing, but it really jumped out at me tonight, and then I started paying closer attention and it was super obvious. It's a sha
  14. Not that I saw. I have heard in other places that the actress who plays her was quite ill during the filming, so Tina's part was rewritten to be drastically reduced. If true, that's disappointing to me, since I like her character and she has key relationships with both Newt and Queenie. There has been other speculation that they got around the filming issue by having Tina polyjuice her way through the movie in the guise of someone else (such as Newt's assistant Bunty), but I hate this idea so I hope it's not true.
  15. Interesting info in the update to the Deadline article: It's hard to believe they added episodes to this dying show, but there it is.
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