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  1. Yes! I was wondering why that was happening and if I could turn them off. I really hope this isn't something they do on the show every week and we don't have a choice on having the captions.
  2. Unless I'm misunderstanding this, it sounds like Cheryl and Cody will be dancing together remotely from her living room on Monday night? The Scoop From Cheryl
  3. Ha! I dated myself with the Tracy Flick reference. She's an iconic Reese Witherspoon character from a '90s film called "Election." Tracy was this very ambitious, intense, focused, seemingly perfect high school student who was running for office in student government. She was to barrettes what Kelsey was to hairbands on Masterchef. P.S. I felt bad for Kelsey when she said in that interview that the show made her wear hairbands all season even when she was sick of them and didn't want to anymore.
  4. I felt like it was anybody's game going into the finale and I was rooting for all three ladies. Unfortunately, I knew Suu was out of the game when she screwed up the cook on the baby octopus (AND left the beaks on - shudder!) and Autumn messed up by undercooking her risotto (after Joe warned her she was waiting too long to start it!). Overall, Kelsey seemed to have the best meal and didn't do anything horribly wrong, so it was her night. I know Kelsey had a bit of a Tracy Flick thing going on all season, which turned off some viewers and I totally get it. I, for one, was impressed by how sh
  5. Huh, interesting. So, her real-life husband played her ex-husband on Good Witch for a couple of episodes. Agreed with everyone that Kylee Evans is most likely in her 40s. IMDB has her playing adult roles all the way back to 2004. She's very attractive, but it was clear that she started doing Botox/fillers a few seasons back. Thankfully, she didn't go for the plumped up lips like Catherine Bell! The timeline on this show is completely wonky! Unless I misheard, they said something in this last ep about Cassie's baby shower for Grace being 21 years ago. That being the case, we're to believe th
  6. Wow, okay, so let me get this straight. Kanye could fly in from Wyoming to fuss with the mannequin art installation Kim set up for Kris's 65th birthday, BUT when his wife and a couple of his kids were stricken with COVID he peaced out? That must have been what pushed Kim over the edge and made her decide to divorce him because that is seriously messed up. Even if Kim and Kanye were having issues at the time, he should have been there to help care for his children. He'd already had COVID, so it's not like he had to be as fearful of exposure as the nannies or other members of the K Clan did. UGH
  7. Yeah, this last episode gave me anxiety. 22 y/o college student wins $340K (before or after taxes--no idea!) and spends over $500K on a 5-bedroom house. I hope she had someone sensible in her life to warn her about how much taxes, HOA fees, and monthly utilities would add up to be. I got the impression that the winner and her sister did NOT come from a family with any money as they were both complaining about how their current house was small and things were falling apart in the kitchen. Good guess that the 22 y/o was some kind of influencer and had made some money from that. If so, I admire h
  8. Hot diggity! I suspected this announcement was coming with Alison and Cameron both being up in Vancouver getting ready to start filming a new Hallmark movie, but it's official. They're going to do another Murder, She Baked movie! This is one of my fave Hallmark mystery series, so I am jazzed! Rebranded Murder, She Baked
  9. Loved the location even if it did look freezing cold! I was thinking that the big butterfly tattoo on the back of David's neck was new, or has that always been there?
  10. Does HGTV have an online suggestion box? If so, I'd like to suggest that they do a design variation on the next season of Rock the Block. I love this show and seeing designers from all the different shows come together to compete, but having the winner be the team who "adds the most value" to their house is no fun at all. I want to see these designers unleash all of their skills and creativity on the different spaces. Who cares about adding rooms when these houses are already huge? Design is much more entertaining and where these HGTV personalities get to shine and show how unique they are. As
  11. Finally they show Elizabeth acting like she's physically attracted to Lucas! Up until now she's behaved so primly with him as if holding hands was third base or something. Maybe it was hearing him speak French that did it for her? 😉 As much as I love courtly, sensitive Lucas, I do still mourn the potential I saw in the character when he first appeared on the show. He seemed roguish then and I thought it would be fun if Elizabeth fell for a "bad boy" after her relationship with do-gooder Jack for all those years. But nope, they had to sanitize Lucas so that he'd be worthy of Princess Elizabeth.
  12. I actually enjoyed the obstacle course segment more than anything else I've seen on this show in quite a while. I was super impressed with Kourtney's performance considering she's 40+ and doesn't do those daily "beast" workouts that Khloe and Kim do. I think she would have beat Kendall's time easily if it weren't for the difference in height. I'm a short person like Kourt and I can say with certainty that Kendall had a MAJOR advantage with her long limbs. Scaling those tall walls was easy for her and a major challenge for a petite person like Kourt. I am sorry we didn't get to see Kylie or Kim
  13. Funnily enough, I live in the 'burbs of Atlanta (about forty minutes from where ROB filmed this season), so I know what people like around here and I can assure these designers that anyone who can afford a 3800 square foot home would absolutely expect a home gym. I live in a neighborhood with a wide range of age groups (everything from singles to retirees) and everyone is very big on exercise. On the flip side, I don't know anyone who has a home theater. If these designers are smart (and have any money left), they'll put pools in their backyards because our summers are brutal and a nice pool/o
  14. I am legit shocked that not one single team set up a gym space with all of that room in the basement. I think most people would get more use out of a gym than a game room, home theater, bowling alley, etc. I'm in my home gym every single day and most of my friends are the same, especially now when it's no longer safe to go to health clubs/public gyms. I would love a huge, tricked out home gym with a big TV, great sound system, mirrored wall, and all the equipment. Missed opportunity IMO as that basement could have had the gym and still had plenty of room for the extra bedrooms/bathrooms. Ve
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