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  1. I have so many questions, but why is a grown woman with four children, a sinking home and animals to take care of making shitty dance videos on tik tok?
  2. A wise philosopher once said, “Money can’t buy you class.” It also can’t buy you taste.
  3. At least Vaeda can finally get some love and attention.
  4. I did the same thing! I can see Chelsea falling into an MLM route.
  5. Looks like something the stoner kids made in shop class.
  6. You're welcome! It took a little bit, and this may shock you, but I've seen worse grammar from college graduates!
  7. I was actually wondering that myself. Even the casting calls they do would break the "social distancing" protocol.
  8. I used to be copy editor, so I think I was able to figure it out: ”I don’t want someone who I care about making a fool of themselves because of internet trolls” Could’ve fooled us, sir.
  9. Yes, this. Some of the most memorable/iconic moments of the show happen during Untucked.
  10. I don't know why she keeps getting dogs. She doesn't know how to care for them. I still remember her having a French Bulldog and trying to get it to shit on the toilet. That's back when she still lived at her mom's property.
  11. Can Farrah and Jenelle have a Tik Tok dance off to see who is the worst?
  12. The most surprising takeaway from this is that Jackson and Holly are still together.
  13. I see it now! Lord. She must've been quite young when she had those kids.
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