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  1. Yep! Amber is certainly mommy dearest! 😭
  2. These last couple of posts almost looks like she's fishing for her next... victim. 🤔
  3. I dont think this was posted here but Amber posted this about 6 hours ago and has since deleted it.
  4. Alright folks! Current season early faves?! I had an immediate girl crush on Lucie (I know big surprise lol) but she's turning out a bit boring...okay very boring lol. Loving me some Amber and have since the beginning - I love fiesty/snarky personalities, plus she's easy on the eyes. As far as the guys? Hmmm, I'm warming to Anton. Curtis was an early fave but he's starting to feel a bit formulaic. Like you can tell he's doing the right things in order to secure the win. Nothing wrong with it, but it's become too obvious so it takes me out of the funness of the show... Overall, every
  5. Ugh I can't with Reagan. So fake and so manipulative. Just leave sexy Jeff alone and allow him to move on with his life like you did a half second after you separated. 🙄
  6. This! I almost had a grief engagement but broke up with him almost immediately after I'd reached a state of peace after my mom's passing. No one can tell another person how to grieve and minimize it based on how they think one should do it. Gizelle hit a new low - didn't think that was possible!
  7. Please no. It's the final piece that completes her Saw puppet look. See:
  8. They literally lied to Candace when explaining what happened - Kort and Aimee. They didn't mishear him, as both of them have lied before to get people on their side. Codi is another who does that. Candace is the only girl on this cast that I can stomach. The rest could get replaced next season and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. Aimee needs to get her ass kicked by another woman one good time. I cannot deal with that idiot. Same with Kortni's dirty unhygenic ass.
  9. I was dead at that comment. Love me some Lucious!
  10. Okay, I just read from @CalicoskiesNC that Bristol and Dakota have already divorced. I'm sure it was for the best. Hopefully they can co-parent in a healthy way for the kids, and I wish him all the best.
  11. Okay the new editions are better than I expected. Firstly Cheyenne has always been very boring and low energy. When I heard she was going to be on this season, I hoped Cory would be featured cause he's definitely the fun/more animated half of them. Good to see MTV has recognized that. He and his antics will keep her segments interesting. Cheyenne herself? Yawwwnnnn. And then Bristol and Dakota. Hot damn the tension is strong! I find her to be very cold, and insensitive to his history and diagnosis. Not everyone can or wants to be in a relationship with someone who has PTSD, however,
  12. Tell her this 34 year old who has been a fan since the first season, is super jealous! What a great way to start a flight!
  13. Can you post the pic and black out her face? Did she say he was as personable as he seems on JS?
  14. Shannon is the only cast member who I feel is a good person, inside. The rest - Tamra, Kelly, Vicki - are all horribly flawed and seem to get off on causing other people pain. I honestly don't know why I watch this show anymore besides for nostalgia.
  15. Yeah, hence, the only reason she wanted him back. Lol
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