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  1. Why is the writing for this show so bad, especially for Mare? I don't mind if someone is unlikable, but when she confronted Frank, she came off 100% like a jealous ex-wife. Why is she so bad at her job? Why can't she do ANY of it in a seemingly professional manner? Getting told extremely important information and then reacting so over the top that she's screeching at him 2ft from his daughter's ears, then invites said daughter into the fiasco and then 15 seconds later she somehow gets shamed back to her own house? He still lied! He was a cop's spouse for how many years but he lied to her fa
  2. Overall, I really enjoyed it, but at the same time, including Nina/Matthias and the Crows left the actual Shadow and Bone story malnourished. It basically seemed like the Crows and Nina/Matthias was built on the back of Shadow and Bone. So while the others benefited (for what I am assuming is a Six of Crows spinoff), the Shadow story withered. No real time for Baghra/Alina or Alina/Genya or Zoya or Darkling/Baghra or truly develop Mal/Alina and Darkling/Alina because they're only getting half the time to tell the story instead of ALL the time. Instead there's barely any breathing room to do an
  3. Well, that got stupid and soapy really fast. I have never understood why show runner after show runner in these carbon copy murder series never feel that the murder of a single person is compelling enough on its own. There must be 8 other nonsensical stories flapping around at the exact same time. I can only imagine how more focused the writing might be if there was no dead son (no blinking grandson or I WANT FULL CUSTODY mother) and no love interest(why does she need a love interest???). Even the writing for Mare, our protagonist and hero is uniformly lazy and trite. Mare comes to a cr
  4. I think the best moment of the entire episode was when Elliot whined about being profiled and Bell threw that bullshit back in his face SO fast. She was not having it and yet it is absolutely what a privileged, old, white male cop would say. The Olivia moments didn't work. First, please stop acting like old flames or that you broke up last year. I can buy that things might be awkward, but not "I've seen you naked" awkward. Second, why did Olivia just show up at Elliot's apartment building? It must have been close to 10pm and it seemed like she didn't call. Weird. And rude. I did kind of
  5. That was a mess. A weird, nonsensical mess. Even if I believed that Olivia and Elliot didn't talk for 10 years, I don't believe that Olivia wouldn't have tried to talk to Elliot. She absolutely would have called, texted and come to the house. She would have called Kathy. Kathy would have reached out to Olivia too. There's no way Kathy wouldn't pick up on the abruptness of Elliot leaving SVU. She would have talked to Olivia. So Kathy being surprised they hadn't talked in 10 years was laughable. Kathy would have known. She cared enough about Olivia that she would have done the decent thing a
  6. THIS! My mouth dropped when Monica said that line. What?! No, Wanda CREATED their pain and misery. She kidnapped them and tortured them, and even though it began without her knowledge, by the time she kicked Geraldine/Monica out of the Hex and then left the Hex and threatened SWORD, a part of her KNEW and continued to put Westview through misery. I mean, even when people were begging Wanda to kill them rather than go back to being under control, or how Dottie was willing to go back if only she could be with her child, even THEN, Wanda refused their pain and their suffering. So Wanda
  7. This is where I am. Penelope is not a naive girl getting in over her head. This is someone who would have had her every movement monitored and supervised. So how was she able to set up the Lady W gossip rag? How was she able to continue it while being escorted everywhere all the time? This speaks to a level of intelligence, planning and patience that leaves sweet, naive sheltered Penelope WAY behind. What about how she wrote so well that nobody suspected a teenage voice was penning it? Or the sexual stuff she hinted at despite Penelope presenting herself as knowing NOTHING about the male ana
  8. Making Penelope Lady W was a stupid decision. It basically suggests that Lady W is her true personality and that Penelope is basically a mask she wears and the Penelope we see for the better part of 8 hours is not the 'real' Penelope. She's not sweet and reserved and kind to the outcast farm girl, or having simple pleasures like wanting to go 'play' with Eloise and be a random teenage girl. She's a clever, vindictive troublemaker who most certainly made a living spreading rumors about others, talking shit and not feeling an ounce of guilt for doing it. The fact that she so often caused st
  9. There was so much I enjoyed about this show and then there was the Megan factor, which I hated. I never felt like the show devoted enough substantial time to her story or connected it to the main story in a substantial way. It just sort of limped along, parallel to Cassie's. I kept waiting for the stories to intersect and for Megan to join the fray and it never happened. Rosie Perez is amazing and put so much into this, but this show did not deserve her. Megan's part could have been cut completely and very little would have changed. Plus, there is no way Cassie thinks of Megan as a fr
  10. As much as I love Donald Sutherland, Franklin's role was pointless and added nothing. Much of what he contributes could be parceled off to others. Sylvia's role could have been beefed up, Janel Moloney and Fala Chen could have lasted past the first 2 episodes. His scenes mostly went nowhere. Lending Jonathan money? Dropped immediately. Threatening Jonathan? No impact. The confrontation with the principal? Dropped immediately. He always believed Jonathan was guilty, so nothing changed there. None of his scenes with Grace were memorable or revealed anything and he always remained firmly in her
  11. They showed it once, without explanation and because the show never took any real interest in who Elena was, her character was never developed and we never really understood her or her behavior. The nudity felt cheap and exploitative. The violence was shown repeatedly, the pictures were shown repeatedly and the actual murder was shown every step of the way. I have seen shows deal with violence, especially towards women, in a way that shows care and understanding. In a way that indicates the showrunners are aware of what they are putting on screen and are therefore taking consideration in how
  12. Terrible. That was a really bloated C grade Law&Order:SVU/Criminal Minds episode. I still cannot believe they took what was, at best, a 2 hour show and made it go on for SIX EPISODES. Ridiculous. Wasting Donald Sutherland, wasting Lily Rabe, wasting so much and so much potential. Quite frankly, the only thing that genuinely bothered me was that a female character of color, the victim, was repeatedly shown on screen being beaten to death throughout the series. Apparently, the audience needed to see her pleading, needed to see the brutal first blow, needed to see the graphic attack i
  13. This episode was just ridiculous. Overly dramatic directing, overly dramatic acting and I just don't buy who Grace is in this. She's a wealthy woman and has been her entire life due to her family so she would understand power and privilege and status better than most. The fact that she began to unravel almost immediately and made one seriously bizarre choice after another is mystifying. Rich, powerful women do not behave this way. Their lawyers are on speed dial, they do no hesitate to pull up shields if they get a whiff of scandal. That school would have never surprised her at the school en
  14. I guess I have to believe that Perry paid off the juror but they sure did not explain it well. I mean, I understood cheating on the bar exam, they were desperate and Emily had nobody willing to stand up for her. Plus Perry believed her and had real talent and could pull it off. If he'd had the time, he wouldn't have cheated, he would have just studied his ass off and taken the bar exam and passed the old fashioned way. As for Pete, I would assume he was tired of being yelled at by Perry and being blamed for stuff that was out of his control. They used to be more like colleagues and budd
  15. That was kind of blah. I liked the whole fakeout with Ennis on the stand early in the episode and Burger repeatedly bellowing how nobody confesses on the stand. But then, I kind of expected for that very thing to happen. For an explosive end to the trial where Ennis confesses on the stand. So did Perry pay off the juror? Was that his 'move' that Pete referred to? Because it was weird how it was kind of a non-issue after the fact and Perry certainly acted like he had no part in it. And why did Pete go work for Burger? Was it paying off the juror that bothered Pete? Or was it
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