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  1. If Laura Wright were to quit GH, that to me would be a sign that GH is going to be cancelled. People at GL talk about how she picked up on the signs of it's impending doom and got out early. I think that's the only reason she would leave GH.
  2. I'm not sure it could continue like it already is - I suspect there would be some definite changes having to be made - but I think that movie the show over to a streaming service that ABC's parent company owns would be a possibility.
  3. I bought I new TV just so I could get Disney+ and watch THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER! I'm pumped! 🙂 In CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, Steve had a line that suggested that Bucky was actually faster than him. "He's fast. Strong. Had a metal arm." At the very least, Bucky's speed was something that Cap called out as being exceptional.
  4. I give GH a slight edge in that I can see it getting moved over to the Disney+/Hulu streaming service. I don't think NBC or it's parent company has anything like that set up yet.
  5. Given that Jill Faren Phelps and Bob Guza was in charge during her stint there, I am not at all surprised they turned their back on her. She's lucky she didn't get fired on the spot.
  6. Kelly Monaco showed that, if you just stick around long enough and have your backstory changed enough times, you too can be a major star on GH.
  7. I thought that too, although in all fairness he was given a lot more to work with writing-wise. And he was simply "better than how he was playing Morgan", not OMG-blow-your-socks-off-A-Star-Is-Born! terrific. He's still got a long way to go to develop as an actor. I enjoyed GRAND HOTEL as well, it was soapy, frothy, and fun. Gave me a real "classic DYNASTY" vibe. I'm intrigued enough to keep watching.
  8. Hey, there's a little Turkish pickpocket kid hanging about handy... ;)
  9. JT made it quite clear that he disliked the two pairings that were written for him when Robin was off canvas, then abruptly announced he was leaving for Y&R. Those bridges lit up the night sky. If FV somehow decides he just has to have JT back in the cast (despite ample evidence that, without KMc around to carry his sorry ass, he is incapable of acting), he should bring him back as Patrick's brother Matt. Matt could be recently paroled from prison and back in town looking to see if he can reignite the spark between himself and Maxie. Also, rumor has it that Gina Tognoni is campaigning hard for FV to bring JT back as Patrick with herself as recast Robin. This idea is so utterly horrible I'm willing to bet that FV is seriously considering it.
  10. The big question is where JT will go after he gets bounced from Y&R. There's no place for him at GH any more, not to mention he burned his bridges here. ( Although I could see FV taking him back, if only to make him crawl.)
  11. I seem to vaguely recall that Lucy was a psychic at one point, I'm guessing Joss goes to her to set up a seance to commune with Oscar's spirit or some such thing.
  12. For some reason this show is reminding me quite a bit of SLINGS AND ARROWS. I'm definitely going to be giving it a look.
  13. And good thing too, because it is basically thankless.
  14. Well, not surpisingly, the Change.org petition is going nuts.
  15. I was thinking Tony Stark.
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