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  1. I got a copy of SOAP OPERA DIGEST that was their Best/Worst issue today, and can someone explain to me how GH could get more "Worsts" than all the other shows put together and still get named as "Best Show"?
  2. Not just SBu. KeMo constantly acts like she can't stand to be in the same zip code as SBu, much less share a bed.
  3. My favorite memory of RoHo will always be when he won his first Daytime Emmy and told his kids he'd try and get Big Bird's autograph for them.
  4. The deep irony being that the death scenes may never happen, thanks to the show probably having to do a time jump or something after the lockdown.
  5. Better yet, Chase, get drunk and bitter and run into Nelle and have wall-slamming hate sex and realize you just can't quit her. Put the people who can actually act together AND get some good soapy conflict going.
  6. They should take a page from GH's-by-way-of-DESPERATE-HOUSEWIVES-and-a-bunch-of-other-shows books and do a five year time skip where a bunch of things changed and it's a big mystery as to why. That would be a good way to shake things up and dump some of the more deadweight plots.
  7. The obvious pairing for Chase is Nelle, as a kind of "you-are-bad-but-I-can't-quit-you" type thing. As people have said upthread, it would be a small matter to retcon that Nelle didn't kill her fiance in the canoe - maybe Nelle didn't deliberately sabotage the canoe, just failed to take some safety measure and therefore believes she was responsible, or she was tricked and set up - and the truth coming out draws Chase back to her side.
  8. Another reason for actor's being replaced is BTS issues, which soaps traditionally stay VERY tight-lipped on. Although that doesn't seem to be the case with Drew Garrett, if he was so popular with his colleagues.
  9. T.J.: "Hey, Molly, I'm back from being kidnapped! Why is all my stuff in boxes out in the hall?" MOLLY "Since you bugged out for weeks and didn't tell me where you went, I got a new roommate. Meet Brando." T.J.: "...." 😉
  10. It was Angel Boris. And it was obvious he was deliberately tanking scenes.
  11. I couldn't figure out at first if "little snot" referred to Lulu or Spencer. Which says a lot about how the character of Lulu is written.
  12. Article about what Antonio Sabato, Jr. (ex-Jagger) has been up to lately.
  13. Given the way that CarSon barge into any hospital room they take a fancy to, I was under the impression that anybody could walk in and start bossing the doctors and nurses around.
  14. I have been saying for ages that this show should have been centered on Liz, but that would require showrunners and writers who actually care about making a good show. Why should we care about the guy who was the biggest victim in all of this? The writers clearly don't.
  15. The only possible explanation I can think of for how this reveal was so rushed and fucked up was that the writers got as tired as the rest of us of this horrible dumb story and wrapped it up as quickly as possible, damn the consequences. Stevens Point also has a Water Street which more or less runs alongside the Wisconsin River, which is why I guessed it when you mentioned it. 🙂
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