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  1. I really think that if Jill was able to get pregnant - she would be by now. No way is she holding off.
  2. OMG. This post just really made me LMAO. Jills recipes are just so snarkworthy.
  3. Seems right up Jill's alley. Cream of mushroom soup, sour cream and processed luncheon meat. What is it with fundies and the cream of mushroom soup?
  4. Same here. My first thought. The first thing I saw was armpits. Have we ever seen those on a Duggar?
  5. I am curious if she makes IZ eat that crap. Does she grind it up for Sam? Does she pack a lunch for Deredick to take to law school classes? You know she packs a lunch for Deredick (I just love typing that). I'm sure she transports it with the two children each day and they eat the recipe of the day mess in the car. Oh the horrors!
  6. I know this green bean crap recipe is snark worthy - but LOL I was looking at Jill's list of recipes on her blog (https://www.dillardfamily.com/category/recipes/) and I have to say that the refreshing chicken salad is my favorite. https://www.dillardfamily.com/2018/05/refreshing-chicken-salad/ ETA: I really love the 3-4 TBS of mayo for 12 ounces of chicken. She says she really likes lemon- but I think she loves mayo even more. Don't you know she is hoping to get her own cooking show on UP?
  7. That dish really makes me queasy and I'm not even pregnant. I will say one good thing about it. It's not four times as much. I watched a couple of the videos of the stupid couple. When the cameras go off, there is no way not are not mean, overbearing and very uncaring parents. Iz definitely seems to be afraid most of the time and Deredick is just an ass with his hands stuffed in his pockets.
  8. You could tell those clothes were never cleaned or pressed before they wore them. It gave me the creeps. Fundie fun nights are just not that fun. Joy and Dumbstyn changing dirty diapers on that kitchen countertop. I really hope they cleaned that after the fact. I'm hopeful that Joy didn't use that tube of caulk on the baby. Take off the damn cap Dumbstyn. You are going to have no hair in a few years.
  9. Because she would have to list 1/2 a can of Rotel tomatoes and she would never figure that out.
  10. I do think I remember hearing that. Maybe that is why hubby is watching the kids and leaving her outside with lawnmower blades and stuff. If you have not watched her video rants, I highly recommend doing so. OMG. She gives Jill R a run for her money. The two of them together. Now that would be entertainment. ETA: This might further explain why she was hanging out in a parking lot at 10:50 PM. Just saying...
  11. OMG. I was finally able to watch the Sierra rants! Help me! She really is coming unglued. If I didn't know what a crackpot fundie she is, my first guess would be that she is on crack. Why is she sitting in a parking lot at 10PM filming videos? Why is she standing in her yard for 15 minutes filming a video- all the while complaining about the heat? I'm happy your husband changes diapers- but have him mow the lawn. She really does have a persecution complex. Everyone is out to get poor lumpy Sierra.
  12. Another recipe that really bothers me. I'm sorry, but in my book tomatoes are one of the main components of chili. 12 Chicken breasts? WTF? I made a dish last week with 4 and had enough to send to the neighbors. Why does she even bother to throw in the one small can of Rotel tomatoes? I really want to send her to Gordon Ramsay for a good mouth thrashing. Or better yet, she should audition for Worst Cooks in America.
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