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  1. For the way the show has been written for the past decade, It’s pretty reasonable for Liz’s sons not to consider Lucky a father. But that does seem to be a strategic choice by the writers to screw the character over. One of the more defining characteristics of GV’s Lucky was that he was such a great dad. JJ’s Lucky was allowed to be in more storylines so it wasn’t focused on as much but I wouldn’t have thought he’d abandon those children either.
  2. I actually loved the books, though they were very different from the show. And a lot of this years storyline was Quentin’s in the books, so the show runners saying they had “run out” of story for Q was preposterous. They had enough of his story that they were able to spread it around to multiple characters! The Dark Lord reveal and his and Elliott’s relationship has been such a bore. But Margo and Josh are still pretty cute. I liked her caring enough about him to give him her eye, even as she’s cursing about him.
  3. Wasn’t Kellan trapped in the quarantine from last season? That traumatic experience would be enough to give someone panic attacks, but it didn’t seem to occur to Park. I’m glad they have Lea standing firm in her not wanting to date Sean. I don’t think she’s attracted to him at all, I think she has feelings for him because she cares for him. I hate the storyline of a guy sticking around and badgering a woman until she gives in and dates him and I’m glad the show doesn’t seem to be going in that direction. Still feel like the real victim here is Carly.
  4. What is it that makes these girls hate Aalyah so much? I feel like we aren’t being shown anything truly evil. She and Victoria P not telling Peter (or rather producers) they knew each other seemed like she was trying to make sure they could both be cast, because you’re not supposed to tell people ahead of time you were cast. Peter is a bigger mess than Hannah! He’s somehow more insecure than all these girls. It bugs me that he makes out with girls in front of other girls. As much as the girls are annoyed that he’s giving attention to the drama queens, it’s because he likes them the most. This show isn’t about equity. But he doesn’t even try to hide it. Even Colton did a better job of hiding his favoritism.
  5. Web of Dreams was my favorite of the Casteel series. I know it wasn't actually written by VC Andrews and there are a lot of continuity problems, but I loved Leigh as a character so much. The movie looks horrible - dark haired Leigh for no reason, is Jason Priestly going to be playing young Tony?
  6. I’ll join the Blaise hate, though at this point I kind of love to hate him. He’s just such a blatant douchebag, it’s almost enjoyable. His fanboy was insufferable though (“I touched Richard’s fork!”). Was not sorry to see him go and won’t be sorry to see the butcher go anytime soon either. I like most of the other contestants though! Really loving Nini and although he’s one giant ball of nerves still like David. I don’t even mind Brandon, who tried to help the guy with the overly salty dessert.
  7. I know this is an old discussion but I’m on a GG rewatch and I have to agree with this. In my mind, the first time I watched the end of S6 during its original run to now, I have always seen Lorelai sleeping with Chris as a way to solidify that breakup. She was so distraught and unhappy and just DONE with the situation in that moment that she needed something they couldn’t come back from. She knew they’d be able to repair things after their fight, and that would lead her right back to where she had been, pushed aside with Luke not really seeing her or her needs. She wanted something that they couldn’t move past. It wasn’t a good decision by any means but I don’t think it was her trying to comfort herself. It was cruel to Luke and Christopher but I’ve always understood emotionally what brought her there.
  8. That's my recollection too. And this was after she had essentially stolen two years of Cole getting to father his child. Cole can seem to forgive her anything. I feel for Luisa, not because she's right to yell at Cole - Cole is just the only person she CAN yell at. It's an unfair situation, and it's not his fault or her fault really. As for her wanting Allison to sign away her rights, I don't think she really thinks that's a viable plan or even that Allison would ever agree. She just wanted Cole to try, to prove to her that she means more than Allison to him. But she doesn't, unfortunately. Allison definitely left out the "dry drowning" part of the story, and I think it's because she still feels guilty and didn't want Ben to judge her. Little does she know he's probably a hired assassin or something ridiculous.
  9. Mike didn't say, ever, that he agrees with it being taboo, he was simply acknowledging that it is considered a big deal in their culture. Why on earth is that a bad thing to acknowledge? Pointing out racism and wanting to talk about it makes you racist now? I can only handle tommy in limited doses but damn if he and vida aren't cute together
  10. I think it's Timmy saying he likes Vida more than MJ likes her. I also don't think that's what causes MJ's tears. And I don't think reza is about to fully own up to non monogamy even tho I do think they have an arrangement
  11. I wouldn't call myself a non-fan because she was my favorite once upon a time but I had to stop watching last season because of her. This season I found her fun and funny in her best moments and still bearable in her worst so it was a good season for her I think. Luanne's son is handsome. Great genes she passed down.
  12. Carole is just a wet blanket. Or maybe permanently stoned. Either way, she was kind of rude in front of the ice cream workers. I've been to that ice cream shop and it's a fun, cute place and the workers are always sweet and excited. But eh that's Carole, she's in her own world. I don't hate her as much this season, and I kind of respect that she doesn't want super commitment or to be around her boyfriend 24/7. She still looks like the guard at Gringotts bank tho, way too much work done. Luanne is totally aware Tom cheats and always will and she's clearly fine with it. Who cares? People find happiness in different types of relationships. Lu looks amazing, but her second party was just sad.
  13. I completely agree - I never cared about or for Q & Alice before this season, but the heartbreak and longing this season have really sold me on them. I think Jason Ralph has amazing chemistry with almost everyone. Even the woman he worked with (forget her name) who was there was Alice's brother became a niffin, the night they were drunk and almost hooked up, it was kind of hot! And he's always had chemistry with Julia. But Q & Alice this season worked really well for me.
  14. Ha, thanks for the detailed explanation! I do remember that Lorelei quote now. Ah, to have people throwing gobs of money at you, the injustice.
  15. I could be totally wrong on this, but I thought Lorelai used the $75k to pay back her parents for Chilton? And it caused a huge fight?
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