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    Rewatching this on the ABC app and I can’t believe how well it holds up after twenty years! I still remember the TWOP (maybe even mighty big tv back then?) recaps. Just love that such an introspective, tightly wound self proclaimed nerd like Felicity was so captivating.
  2. I was so happy to see her hair in a ponytail! Yes it’s lovely and long but I’m tired of seeing it swish behind her like a character of its own. Spencer is in fact spoiled, but he’s also been obscenely neglected by Nikolas. Everything he’s done is driven by his knowing that he’s not Nikolas’s world, not because he thinks he’s the center of the universe. Sonny was ridiculous pretending he’s just the bestest at mobstering because he never gets caught. It was amusing to have him up against the extremely tall Nick Chavez though. The toughest tiny mobster. If only Spencer had another uncle who
  3. I’m surprised by how good she’s been recently. When she first came on, her smug smiles felt very fake to me, but watching her go from believable sweetness and fear with Cam to nasty with Trina and Joss, I’m really impressed. Also impressed by the actor playing Spencer after those scenes with Ava. I realize Esme is the psychopath here but the absolute hatred on his face in those scenes took me aback a little. His obsession with possessing his father…that boy needs some help. Half of PC have been abandoned and neglected by their parents (including Nikolas himself).
  4. I don’t think it’s weird the trio of teens haven’t had sex (tho who knows maybe Cam and Joss have) but it’s odd that the show has avoided it as a storyline altogether. They’re weird about these teens generally, though. In the 90s we had Robin and Stone and later Lucky and Liz (who didn’t have sex but definitely talked about it) and all those characters were younger than the teens are now and were also dealing with crazy adult soapy situations. I feel more than anything that with the current teens, they’ve skipped over essential character development and growth with them, in many areas. I actua
  5. She is very angry and cold towards him, I agree. But I think she was done with him and his inability to just make something happen with her years ago. She’s actually charming with Strange. And I never wanted Morse and Joan together…I just get sad at what he’s becoming. Still love him though.
  6. I just finished the second episode and while both so far were up to the usual high Endeavor standards, they’re starting to make me sad. I know we always knew where this would end, but seeing a drunken mess Morse stumble over to Joan’s only to find her out for the night (with a man fully capable of asking her on a date) was just depressing. But so goes the story, right where we always knew it would lead. Loved seeing more of Bright.
  7. Certainly a more complicated issue than that, and silencing women as a whole should not be happening, much less championed by progressives. But certainly NLG can handle whatever vitriol she gets, that’s all Twitter is anyway, people yelling at each other
  8. If Sonny was so worried about his daughter you would think his first stop would be Avery. But of course his main concern was his ego. In a normal show anyone acting like he did today would be examined by a doctor, because that display of irrational thinking and impulsive propensity towards violence first is worrying. But it’s just normal Sonny, back to business.
  9. I agree with NLG, and the idea that having more likes on Twitter means you’re right is…absurd to me. But she does interject herself a lot, so she can deal with the blowback that comes with voicing your opinion.
  10. I doubt the show is going in that direction, even though I would enjoy it and it would be interesting. I’ve been wondering if maybe Esme is somehow related to Nelle (though not Nina since she has shown zero interest in her). She’s been focused on Ava and Kiki was Nelle’s sister I think (wasn’t watching then)? Either way, the actress screen tested with Eden so I do think they plan to have this be a Joss heavy storyline.
  11. I usually fast forward Carly but I decided to watch the confrontation today and man, people don’t exaggerate about her beastly qualities. LW really does bare her teeth like a terrifying animal. I don’t understand how she’s the one we are supposed to root for. In their brief scene today, Cam and Esme had ten times the chemistry of Joss and Cam or Spencer and Esme. What a weird and interesting couple they would make, which of course means GH won’t ever go for it.
  12. Considering how thrilled they all were Carly was marrying Jason, I could almost believe they didn’t really miss him. This story is so so dumb.
  13. Lol what an absolutely pointless storyline. I personally was hoping Sonny would walk in on them mid-bone but not even mid kiss? And on a Tuesday? And now Jason gets to make sad faces and go be with whatever second choice woman (Britt?) who will act grateful to have him I guess.
  14. I’m in the US and watched the first episode online. Now I have to go find this Vigil show too!
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