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  1. luleetuni

    S06.E14: Watch Your Back

    Since Scheana was a bridesmaid, I wonder if she knew/had previously said more about how Jeremy acted and that's why she booked it out of there so fast so she wouldn't be brought into it
  2. luleetuni

    Celebrity Big Brother US Wish List

    Shannon Elizabeth for the win. She has been a fan from season 1 or 2 and is a professional poker player now.
  3. luleetuni

    S12.E17: A Case Of The Vickis

    That's what they did with my dad when he had a clot in his leg and dvt, he was out pretty much as soon as they showed him how to administer the shot. Not saying she's not full of shit, but that rang true to me.
  4. Yes! They were bffs for years, I want more info! As awful as Vicki is, it is interesting that she keeps in touch with almost all of the ex-wives. This party wasn't a one off, she has been spotted with all of them the last couple years. A lot of the old ho wives hate tamra and love vicki. Perhaps strategy to get back on? Who knows, but she does spend off time with them.
  5. luleetuni

    Season 13: Speculation and Spoilers

    The problem is, is that this show has become about who they can promote next, not who they are matching currently. Sure, there might be a magazine cover, a dwts gig, but they are more concerned about who will be on bip or who is the next bach(ette). Therefore the winner gets the short end of the stick and the runner up gets a glowing edit. I would love if after it's all done, they gave us a bonus episode, kind of a stuff they couldn't show or it would be too obvious type show. Bryan has gotten shown so little that it reminds me of Ashley and JP. They had an instant connection and it has been said after that they went out of their way to make it more dramatic of a choice than it actually was. Maybe I am over analyzing what I see with Bryan and her, but she has seemed into him from day 1 and from the snippets they have shown, that they have built a relationship that the show has gone out of their way not to show.
  6. My favorite still is the horsefly story. Those damn flying lyme carriers. Even my 6 year old knows to Google before claiming to be sick.
  7. Daily mail posted more excerpts, wow, she is something. I always knew she was full of shit but the way she edits her narrative to become a martyr is fascinating. She talks about being financially independent, which might be the best "I invalidated prenups" spin ever. She also wanted " to stay far away from Gucci and Chanel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Yolanda decided to reside up the California coast in Montecito " aka where Oprah lives and even the most modest tract home goes for a million +. Lots of stuff about David working and ignoring her. Does she not realize how her white jean collection was paid for? Then hw stuff, more vault threats, lack of sympathy, they're all bitches stuff. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4725340/Yolanda-Hadid-dishes-illness-kids-exes-memoir.html
  8. luleetuni

    Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Here's what I don't understand, if she hired Matt, would he be that upset on social media? He says he was paid in one post and then gets mad in the next because he never made any money from the show. His rant about her getting married does not come off like someone who was a boyfriend for rent.
  9. luleetuni

    S05.E23: Reunion Part 2

    Lala is a sloppy sugarbaby in regards to discretion. She posted a picture of the two of them months ago and while his face wasn't visible, there were other identifying things in the picture. I think she ultimately wants it out, brings more attention her way.
  10. luleetuni

    S05.E14: Into the Closet

    If rumors are to be believed, when the cameras were off, Lala made many comments about hooking up with Tom or having friends ready for him when they get divorced. This wasn't a one time retort, but an ongoing proposition. She said it on the pump aftershow and the reunion as well. It doesnt help that both Lala and Ariana have a track record of hooking up with people in relationships. Not to mention, Tom hasn't been faithful himself. I think what really makes her insecure is that Tom has always gone out of his way to defend everyone but Katie. He did it with Jax when Jax was accusing Katie of cheating, stood up for Scheana many times when they weren't getting along, shoot even when he shut Stassi down, he still invited her to their engagement party despite Katie and her having problems still. I have to think it isn't as much about Ariana, but that Tom never puts her feelings before his own need to be liked. She has said on past seasons that she hates that he gets to always be the good guy and she looks like a dick.
  11. luleetuni

    S05.E09: The Talk Of Montauk

    This all happened during season 3, first it was a kiss years ago with a random girl, but denied sleeping with Tiffany's(jax's Vegas girlfriend) friend. Later in the season, Jax gave his phone to kristen and Carmen and left a text up busting tom. He didn't sleep with her friend but did make out with her. The first accusation was made during the same time Katie was being accused of motorboating a d.
  12. luleetuni

    Gold Rush

    I have a cousin that used to mine eastern oregon and into northern nevada with a lot of sucess, granted he was an individual, not part of a crew, but there is gold to be found. There are a lot of parts of eastern Oregon that are relatively untouched, majority of the population is in the western 1/4 of the state(where the Hoffman crew all live). Honestly, once you get past Bend (central Oregon), it is more likely to see empty land than homes or land in use. Central/eastern Oregon is high Desert, I am shocked they've even been able to break through some of that ground. The western part of the state is very different, green and lush and has many rivers flowing through, some of the terrain in the Valley is similar to some of the mines in California along highway 49, as well as the parts of Alaska we have seen on this show. The valley has been developed since the 1800s and now, there are less and less sections of mineable land. Not to mention, there are fairly strict land use laws that would prohibit a lot of hobby mining. I wouldn't be shocked if there is gold underground in some of those areas. The possibility of gold exists, but like has been said, testing should happen, not just "there is visible gold on top of the land" like the Hoffman's found when they were prospecting last season. Oh, and Todd sucks
  13. luleetuni

    Ariana Madix: Smarter and Prettier than You!

    Sorry don't know how to copy and paste tweets, though this was interesting... Guess Scheana is out with everyone?
  14. luleetuni

    S05.E09: The Talk Of Montauk

    Totally agree. Schwartz has always been the most likeable for me but there have been multiple instances over the show where he has made Katie appear like the bad guy. She even said in season 2 or 3 that it's not fair he gets to be loveable tom and she looks like a bitch. He is just so damn charming when he wants to be. So as much as it pains me to recommend it, you guys should listen to Stassi's podcast. I binge listened to pump rules related episodes over the holidays (too much car time without kids in the car). Apparently Katie and Tom's whole no sex shtick is just that, a shtick. Also, while a lot can't be divulged because no one knows what will air, stassi dished on the bathroom incident and that there was a bigger issue with Scheana the whole time. From reading between the lines from the last few episodes, it seems like she was the one instigating the Lala stuff and then backing off when cameras were on. She definitely was in the wrong no matter how she approached the trip from what it sounded like. Oh and Lala is a horrible person who repeatedly offered Tom sex or a new girlfriend.
  15. luleetuni

    S05.E09: The Talk Of Montauk

    Oh but she does, or at least "her friends do, she just goes for the free trip". Last season, it was basically how she was introduced to the show. She claimed she was going to Italy for a modeling gig and the girls outted her. I always love episodes where Lisa actually gets involved, she always has always way of getting the truth from this group of habitual liars.