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  1. Execellent point. Nate’s storyline has been redundant to me all season (though, admittedly, Nate’s arc differs from Jamie’s in that it also compromises Ted and Beard as characters). And wow am I tired of narratives that explore a guy’s abusive behavior. Just because the writers think the psychology is on-point doesn’t mean I want to watch it on this show. Why has Nate earned such a big subplot this season? Why not another supporting character with a new story? Nate is wrecking the season for me…and Roy is saving it. Wonder where the balance will be after the season finale?
  2. Oh, I saw that dog, too! And then thought about that dog for the remainder of the episode. Edited to add: As much as I admire the actor who plays Dylan (seriously, go watch him in The Society - ridiculously appealing guy), I felt like all of the Dylan subplot was a waste of time last night. The questioning scene, the extended chase scene...why? If the narrative consequence was supposed to have been Jesse's handing over the picture, why not just have Jesse's mom find the picture or have Jesse reconsider? The episode felt busy and fragmented. Not its best showing.
  3. At this rate, I will be more shocked if Zabel survives this episode than doesn't.
  4. I am similarly cursed, and I like Zabel a little too much, so... Am hoping that we do get properly spoiled if Zabel is bad/getting killed off. The beauty of lowered expectations.
  5. My first thought was that the date was Drew's birthday (because the age seems to fit), but then I thought that Mare would've had a much more startled and troubled reaction if that were the case? It does feel like the show might be connecting Kevin and Erin...
  6. I’m guessing two different guilty parties for Katie’s disappearance and Erin’s murder. Maybe a religious/church connection for Katie, and then something much closer to Mare’s home for Erin. There’s been way too much made of the ear surgery’s cost; could that Post-It note have been more of an obvious neon sign? I do think that Frank was sexually involved with Erin and the next episode will deal the possibility that Frank is the baby’s father...with DNA ultimately ruling him out and making the audience cross him/that connection off the suspect list prematurely. While I think that the w
  7. I thought the disappearing of the restaurant patrons was intentional, showing us that Luther and Allison are in their own little world together for that initial moment of reunion. The effect was similar to the dance scene in the Pride and Prejudice film starring Keira Knightley, when all others vanished as Elizabeth and Darcy focused on each other, then reappeared once the spell was broken. Effective.
  8. Nate's character seems to pull focus and I think that is to the detriment of the show as a whole. The actor is charismatic and talented, the character's backstory is tortured...but I am sick to death of the 'drama' of sociopathic men who are really scared little kids deep-down. I am tired of being asked to understand the psychology of the abuser. I get it. We all get it. I wish this show had a different story to tell.
  9. I admit that I've had my Hamilton CD on loop since last November, but was anyone else disappointed that Caleb didn't start rapping during his little speech to Hanna? You don't do dishes until they mold, You eat French fries in bed, cold. You don't gas up the car until it starts beeping, (You wear high heels when you go out a-creeping?)
  10. While I certainly wouldn't have minded Kelly Ann opening that door and kissing Reg (that couple really worked for me), I can't deny the emotional impact of Reg not giving up, pounding on the door even harder, finally in time with the music. I can forgive a lot if an ending gets it right. And this ending got it right.
  11. The Patrick/Kevin interlude was a short film unto itself. Such fine, detailed performances from both actors. I felt like I was watching Linklater's Before Sunset...and I can think of no higher praise than that.
  12. While there were some beautiful moments in this finale, overall it was fractured and underwhelming. I get the strong impression that Logan had that end scene (Vanessa's sacrifice at Ethan's hand) in mind, but no real narrative map to lead the characters there. Now looking back, the whole season feels like an exhausting run on a hamster wheel, a repetitive and unsatisfying journey. It might've given more retroactive form to the season had Ethan realized that he had been subconsciously running away from his destined duty to kill Vanessa...but no, Ethan's sum-up of his never-ending trek out We
  13. Yes, this. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Carrie and Quinn spoke to one another in - what? - two or three episodes out of the whole season. That's just bad business from a story-telling standpoint. Forget romance; I'm not writing this from a shipper's perspective. These two actors are good together, and their scenes together can represent the show at its best. What a waste of opportunity this season. I do wonder about backstage drama because I can't make sense of the choice to sideline both Quinn and the Carrie/Quinn dynamic.
  14. I think #8 is in reference to Norma dragging an unconscious Norman into the basement (as seen in the preview). 'Body' does not have to mean 'dead body.' The very bad, very violent event of #8 is making me nervous for Emma. I wish we knew if that actress was on board for next season. I can see it now: Dylan and Emma have heartfelt scene, Emma embraces a chance at living, BIG KISS, then - bam - bye, Emma. Probably happening at Dylan's homestead construction site...after all, how many times has Emma mentioned how beautiful it is there? Beautiful enough for a death scene, Emma? Ugh. N
  15. This. A thousand times this. I don't like saying, "Shut up, Claire!" to my television screen. It's not fun at all. I felt we were moving in the right direction over these last episodes with fewer interruptions...and then comes that ridiculous "Jamie told me stories!" voice-over as the viewers watch - wait for it - Jamie telling stories. It can't be a coincidence that the amount I like Claire in any given episode is indirectly proportional to amount she is talking my ear off. Now, that last image of Claire staring at her hands, her two wedding bands...that worked like gangbusters, and
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