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  1. tanita

    The Fix (2019)

    I wonder, what is potentially the plan for season two if this show gets it? More of this story, like the trail, or another high profile case for Maya to tackle. Maybe they can leave the identity of her mystery stalker for season two to be the foundation of that story.
  2. tanita

    The Enemy Within

    She used that wire to unlock a drawer in the FBI command center and steal a burner cell phone. Which she used at the end of the episode to called that KBG agent and asked to be connected to Tal.
  3. tanita

    The Enemy Within

    There had to be more to the story the "I did it for my daughter" - Erika has been far too shifty since the start of the show. And I'm not surprised that she probably worked for/with Tal in some capacity, undercover or was flipped. Besides her story, which I find has some dramatic and suspenseful potencial, the left of the show and cast leaves me bored.
  4. tanita

    The Fix (2019)

    Besides being the clear OJ clone story, this show really reminds me of a 1998 movie Shadow of Doubt with Melanie Griffith and Tom Berenger. I'm on episode two, but I keep thinking that the actor didn't kill the new girlfriend. He is defiantly guilty for those murders from 10 years ago, but this one I think he is being set up. I do love the little inside tidbit - the guy who plays the lawyer Wolf, played the Wolf in one of my favorite shows of all time, the 10th Kingdom. That has to be an inside joke. Out of the three new shows I'm watching - Whiskey Cavalier , The Enemy Within and this one, The Fix seams the least half baked. WC really disappointing me with the quality of storytelling, not to mention that it's almost more a comedy then drama.
  5. tanita

    S01.E16: Greenlight

    I like it when shows do something unexpected, and that was certainly unexpected, but IMO a huge mistake. They killed off the most likable and frankly best female character in the show. Not to mention that I was convinced that Nolan and the captain were the endgame couple. She was my favorite character. I'm quite miffed to be honest. It somewhat ruined a pretty good and solid first season of the show.
  6. tanita

    Whiskey Cavalier

    It was a decent pilot, but the ending was rushed as hell - we needed to see them become a team officially. And I think they made a mistake of making Gigi just a cheater. I would have integrated her as fellow spy, or one working for another nation using Will. it would have created more tension and drama later, she would gate in-between the two of them, etc... Chuck really did it perfectly. As for the leads, they had sufficient chemistry.
  7. tanita


    I binged the whole thing in 3 days. It's like a hybrid of Event Horizon, Alien and the Thing. The flashbacks are hit or miss, most of them have no real effect on the present, except for Lana's of course. The cast is really good all around, my favorites were Shun (he is a standout, and I think this is his first role ever, so great work), Lana (she has some really complex silent work, particularly in her flashback and the finale), Katie and Logan (he especially gets really good as the show goes). It's fairly predictable, I mean, I two first guesses for the parasites host were the the person who had a really shady past and the person who had the parasite. Some of the characters make such stupid decisions, and most of them pay for it with their lives. Has a few really good jump scares. The production is great, given that it's a YT original. All in all, I enjoyed it immensely, and am looking froward to season 2, given the ending.
  8. tanita


    So , is Nyssa Jax-Ur's daughter with Vex, or is she here mint condition clone ? She looks like aspitting image of her, she could grow up to look just like Jax-Ur, and I don't remember if they shared a scene on the show.
  9. tanita

    S05.E19: Ian Garvey (13): Conclusion

    If the bones are Katarina's, that has no effect on Jennifer's life whatsoever, and as we heard this discovery is crucial to her as well. I think it's become obvious that the only thing that the bones can mean is that the Red we know is not the real Redington. He killed him and assumed his identity. The Lizz obsession is a question. If our Red is her biological father, then he changed the DNA sample and she is his daughter with Katarina - whomever he was, probably a russian spy. But if she is the daughter of the real Redington that he killed, why is he obsessed with Lizz when her being Redington's kid didn't make him obsesses over Jennifer ? Is it pathological, that she was Katarina's daughter with another man, and by killing him and assuming his identity he is taking everything that was once Redington's. He wants her because he couldn't have Katarina.
  10. tanita


    I'm finding Nyssa Vex to be the most compelling presence on the show right now. She isn't boring and bland like Seg, Adam or Lyta, and the actress is stunning. Is she an original character or does she have a DC counterpart ? I know she and Seg have already conceived a child, a Vex, but what is the possibility she will be the mother or Jor El. I mean, it clearly won't be Lyta and the only other prominent woman was the chick that Seg saved in this episode and Zod called her very important. But that actress left zero impression on me so,... I hope not.
  11. tanita

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    I'm the biggest Regina/Evil Queen stan, but I got to agree, Lana can't sing. Her songs are the weakest vocally and lyrically to be honest, not to mention those dance moves - yicks. The Charmings duet REALLY impressed me, it can actually be in a Disney animated classic. And Ginny sounds good. And while I found Hook's voice kinda weak in strength, his song is unbelievably catchy. I can't stop singing Revenge, Revenge, Revenge in my head. The Wicked song is also rather weak lyrically but Becks has a nice voice. The rest are all rather decent. Frankly, the musical part of the episode came out much better they I thought it would. I haven't watched the show this season at all since the premier, but I may be tempted to binge all, what 19 episodes, to get this musical extravaganza.
  12. tanita

    S01.E03: Episode 3

    I think they said in episode 1 that she 16.
  13. tanita

    Famous In Love

    That was kinda painful to be honest. Weak acting, weak writing - not that the original book is award winning (I've actually red the first book in the series before it was even a thing, just like Hunger Games). The lead Page is acting too young and clueless for someone who is in collage in LA, and I just can't buy Bella Thorne in an innocent sweetheart role - it does not compute. I will say, I'm pulling for mama Devon because I approve of her bed-mate - talk about cougar and her cub. Alexis is giving me major sleazeball vibes.
  14. tanita

    The Catch

    If I were Alice, I'd wonder if I even was in love with Ben. I mean, where does Christopher end and Ben begins ??? I agree that we didn't see anything underneath Krause's performance - it's all surface level. I mean, he likes to avoid the fact but the con wasn't Margot's doing 100%. If anything, she may have planned it but he was the executioner - his part was much more vile and duplicitous, yet with that smile he has on 100% of the time, you'd think that never crossed his mind or bothered him at all.
  15. tanita

    The Catch

    I'm gonna come off like such an ageist, but with this writing everyone in the show is coming off at least 10 years younger then the actual actors playing them. Are they trying to make me buy Alice in those flashback as late 20's early 30's, because it ain't happening. All of them scream 40's at least. Also, whenever I think the show is on the cusp of making itself interesting with a setup, they don't deliver. I expected something a bit more sinister about Ethan then what we ended up getting. And she and her brother talked about him in the past tens like this was almost a life long bad romance for her. I didn't get that from those flashbacks. But, the one saving grace, besides queen Margot of course, was the ending with Alice realising how much she was profiled and how much Ben faked and based himself on Ethan to appeal to her. That reaction was GOLD.