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  1. Well you could be right. I zone out from boredom so I stand corrected. Maybe I have to watch again within a different mindset.
  2. I think this is just very poorly done. I usually like Amanda Peet but she is awful in this. I saw the trial decades ago on COURT TV and that was better than this thing. All these episodes in and they never showed how Linda tormented and ridiculed Betty and gaslighted her and how Dan also made her life a real hell. And Amanda Peet just never reached any level of real desperation that drove Betty to that point. This is a melodrama that is like cotton candy with no substance. The acting is horrendous.
  3. Ennis, Holcomb, and George 100%. George knew those cops and got them in on some get rich quick scheme which went wrong. Emily and Matthew 0 % As to why Charlie's eyes were sewn, they were idiots who just wanted it to look like a random maniac kidnapped Charlie. And I think Charlie's death was accidental.
  4. There is a separate thread for our speculation for Perry Mason. It is called "spoilers" but also includes speculations.
  5. I put it in the spoilers thread. Look over there.
  6. I think Emily told George her husband was rich and George did it on his own (Emily was not in on it) with those 2 cops who he in some way knew. The cops screwed it up and they are now framing Emily and her husband for the whole thing.
  7. Is Sister Alice supposed to be modeled after Aimee Semple McPherson? Lili Taylor is unrecognizable in this. I love the episodes. This is the first series in a long time where I have been more interested in the journey than in the resolution. It is pretty obvious to me how this crime went down. But I love the episodes and the whole feeling in each episode. The sets are remarkable.
  8. I like the show but I have a real hard time keeping track of the characters and their names and following the characters' threads within the story. I have to watch each episode a few times ro sort it all out. For instance, tonight I was like: "Who is George?" Was he in chapter 1? And then they introduce new characters and I get lost. And I was also confused with the character who turns out to be Matthew's father. There is John Lithgow and Robert Patrick and Shea Wigham and for some reason to me they all start to look alike. And was it Della Street eating with Emily in that cafeteria or does she have a lookalike too?
  9. Who is "Marion?" I thought the kidnapped child was "Charlie." Who asked for Marion and why am I still so confused after watching this episode 3 times?
  10. Yes, some guy was chased and fell off a roof...... I found a recap on Collider: "But while Ennis is brutally crushing the throat of the fedora-wearing man with his boot, another injured criminal escapes to the roof. Ennis follows him, only to watch the man attempt to jump to the next building over, miss the ledge, and fall to his death on the steps far below…" What's that plot line all about?
  11. As usual, I am lost right out of the gate. I am not sure if the volume is too low for me, if the actors are just garbling some sentences, or is my hearing is failing. But I am already confused. Who was the guy who fell off the fire escape and what is his plot line? How does he fit into the episode and the story of the kidnapped and murdered child? And who was that group he was with in that scene prior to his "escape?"
  12. Did I blink? What happened to Joy and the baby?
  13. Thanks. But, that was played over the end credits to the episode. I wanted to know the opera played over the preview to the next episode, number 5.
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