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  1. Thank-you so much. I have another question. Who was the third dark haired woman who was seen in a scene eating with an older man? And who is he? I apologize for being so stupid but my brain is in a fog with this episode and appreciate the help.
  2. I feel so lost. I watched this episode within a brain fog. There are so many characters and names and references and faces, I do not know if I am coming or going. I need a road map or diagram to keep up. Which characters are from past episodes and who are new? Gulom is the VP of Afghanistan. Who was the terrorist at the end who hit Saul before the episode ended? Who is the woman who was interviewed for some fake job and then was kidnapped after she took the photo? Plus, there is the woman whose husband was killed because they thought he was a traitor and the wife blamed Carrie for that.
  3. This is a beautiful episode. There is so much quiet care and attention to detail. I always thought this show never got the notice it deserved at awards times. I am glad it is back. The wedding is beautiful.
  4. I love this show but I have always felt that all that was necessary was to watch episode 1 and the final episode. And I feel the same way with this new season. I am not interested in the journey or in how they got to that place where the car crashed. I just want to see the solution.
  5. Before this season even started, my money was on Yul.
  6. If the twist she hates is that after they are voted out they can get back, I do not blame her for quitting. If they are voted out, they should go home. Production needs to stop messing with this game. Let it flow.
  7. And trust me, these women who marry these old guys for money do earn every penny. But, to keep the thread on the topic of the show.... I think the funniest on the show is Leon. He seems current and has not lost his edge. Larry David should retire to an assisted living residence in Beverly Hills. I cannot believe how OLD he looks and how clueless he is in terms of how he keeps his character in that time warp. If I was that woman he handed the gum to toss, I would conclude he had dementia.
  8. I think those women MIGHT give LD the time of day because as it was pointed out... he is rich. Very rich. But to see an old, very old, LD, acting all romantic with these women sickens me. He is an "old geezer." This writing model for the series worked like a charm back in 2004, but he was in his 50s then. At almost 73, the same model seems bizarre. And to see him cavorting with his friends as if he has not aged is even more bizarre.
  9. I think the problem is as I indicated. Larry David still writes the show as if he has not aged and is still that guy back in 2004. He is sort of old and looks older than his age and pairs himself with 40 somethings when he should be with Frances McDormand or Fran Drescher types. His friends all are caught in a time warp. Richard Lewis is also almost 73 and acts like he is 50. They all interact like they are in high school. They are old men. And much of the humor today just does not fly or stand any test of time. Back in the day, his shtik of making fun of fat women passed. Now, it is dated and insulting. I look at this now through a different lens and think: "who the hell is he to judge the weight of women and frown upon her yo-yoing up?" But this is the same LD that created caricatures of disabled people: LD politically incorrect
  10. I think the absolute worst on this show with regard to improv is Cheryl. For the entire run, she almost never finished a sentence. She speaks in phrases with dangling participles. She starts a thought consisting of three words and then stops talking. She is awful. I think in real life Larry David hates overweight women. It is just a feeling I get. Woody Allen also made fun of heavy women.
  11. Do you think this would be OK today? politically incorrect 1 politically incorrect 2
  12. Liev Schreiber was encouraging the fans to lobby Showtime for an 8th season. Maybe Showtime did not like having their arm twisted and the cancellation was a push back. The ratings were very low for season 7 and maybe that was what provoked the final decision. I think the idea of having Netflix pick the series up for a final season is a great idea. I am disappointed to see this show end.
  13. Larry keeps referring to himself as "old and bald." He is almost 73. If he really saw himself that way, why would he constantly pair himself up (romantically) with women who seem so much younger?
  14. Mocha Joe is a character featured in the Season 7 Finale, from maybe 2009?
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