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  1. She annoys the heck out of me. Her acting lacks real depth and seems shallow. But it could be the role she is playing. I despise her character so maybe that is it.
  2. I found this episode very boring and stopped it with 20 minutes left to go. Maybe I will get back to it. I am just not liking the direction the series is going. I don't like this high tech world they are in. I liked it better when the activity was in the simpler parks.
  3. It is not up on On Demand and Showtime usually puts the episode up at midnight.
  4. This was one of the worst series I have ever watched. It is preposterous. How could Jamie, who is totally psychotic, function as a teacher and husband for so many years and have nobody see any signs of his insanity? And a visit from his old college buddy sends him over the edge? What was the purpose of this entire season? Bill Pullman analyzes the finale
  5. I think that accent is a hint the Rabbi may not be all he is claiming to be. I think he pretends to be a Rabbi to get the Jewish people to vote for Lindbergh but he is really a Nazi himself.
  6. A nice show but how can they ever start the competition with "social distancing" in place and all that is going on? I think this season will have to finish up at a later date.
  7. Madison had twins? I thought regardless of Randall being a dick, Kevin crossed a line. I have no idea how they ever repaired that relationship after that. Oh my..... when will the new season start filming? Not for a long time with all that is going on. We will be lucky if next year at this time the new season begins.
  8. The problem with this summer season of BB is that while the HGs could be in the house, the workers who build the sets probably were unable to prepare the comps. Those comps for HOA and the veto comps are prepared and built in another location months before the season and then carried onto the BB set one comp at a time. They probably were unable to gather and do that work. So the show will probably not be ready to air in time. They could postpone it... but if they do manage to start and bend the style of the show, there probably could not be a live audience on eviction night. My prediction is this show will start in September or later.
  9. The final episode of the season was funny but followed the predictable algorithm. A "spite house" is exactly what I should have seen coming.
  10. Why did WARWORLD switch to letterbox format in the middle of this episode?
  11. What happened to that woman who Carrie left in the car? I forgot her name but she was a widow.
  12. Here's what I cannot understand. If Haqquani wanted peace, why were those rogue Taliban men near the helicopters and why did one of them shoot Max, kidnap him, and hold him as a prisoner? If they loved Haqqani so much they would not bother with Max because their leader wanted peace.
  13. It looks to me like Richard Lewis has had his health issues. He talks very slowly (even not as Charlie) and he has aged so poorly. I think this season is great, but Larry David turns me off when he pairs himself with women so much younger than he is. He also is a sneaky fat shamer (i.e. his contempt for a woman yo yoing up) And he does other things to show he is repulsed by women who do not meet his expectations of attractiveness.
  14. Sonia was "drawn to" him. She would have been an excellent Manson girl.
  15. Wow, just when I thought it could not get any more stupid or ridiculous... along comes part 7.
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