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  1. The show mentioned that they got all of the families who received the calls together and went through their entire lives to try to find any kind of connection. Stuff like shopping at the same store, using the same repair company, etc. The officer said they couldn’t find any connection. I wondered how much information may have been available and accessible through the schools back then. I when I remember when I was in elementary school we had a “Buzz Book” published every year that listed every family name, children’s grade and teacher, parents names, phone numbers, and jobs. Probably not it
  2. Great point about Darryl. I’ve been following Roberta (the one who said she realized it was a cult) and she talks a lot about how hard it was for her to come to terms with being both a victim and a perpetrator in the whole scam. She talked about the guilt she feels for roping others in, and has interviewed many who have family members who don’t speak to them and lost long time friends because of their behaviors related to LLR. Darryl definitely didn’t seem to have that same feeling of responsibility.
  3. Maybe I’m giving Mario and Kelly too much credit, but would they have known back then what a crappy company this was? I fully admit I purchased some LLR in its heyday, before the quality took a nose dive. I knew it was an MLM, but figured it wasn’t much different than Mary Kay and Pampered Chef, which have been around forever. It wasn’t until one of the people I purchased from quit and talked about the thousands in inventory she was stuck with that I really began to see that there was something wrong. They fooled a lot of people for a few years.
  4. How was that comedy showcase any different or less offensive than what it originally started to be? I honestly don’t understand how the stereotypes they portrayed are different than how it started. Is it only because they were able to write their own skits that they were suddenly acceptable? Or because the substituted unicorns for lesbians?
  5. Russ’s response. https://www.ksdk.com/mobile/article/news/investigations/russ-faria-prosecutors-statements-leah-chaney/63-f7539858-ab75-4578-8507-e1ac3dc7bd98?fbclid=IwAR0lwNh99VdV0h8Oim-zT_fV3OAqiRMVjOHA4pG3OpKPeMb3LU_rMZCtU9E
  6. I found the sibling split in this one interesting. The older one who had already moved out by the time the murder happened would have known his parents and their issues better than the younger ones, but he’s the one who is staying on Jason’s side. I felt terrible for that poor 16 year old girl. Kids who have to live with knowing one parent killed the other break my heart.
  7. It felt present-day. I’m guessing her dad made more than 75k as a business owner in NYC, but still not enough to afford Stanford.
  8. I had a bad feeling when they kept zooming in on the pot while Riley was telling us how dangerous making lye is, then zooming in again as they all slurped gator fat out of it. Hopefully it’s too much fat and not lye poisoning.
  9. I thought Keith said the son was adopted by Martha Ann, and she refused to give him any information about his adoption? She isn’t his biological mother, I don’t think, unless I misunderstood something.
  10. I was seriously waiting for it to somehow be found out that the husband was set up to to go to the in-treatment PTSD place just so he could meet the guy who ended up marrying his wife after he died. It just seems like such a crazy coincidence that these 2 abhorrent scammers were introduced by their husband/brand new BFF. I guess that would be the plot if it were a movie, but real life is not quite so crazy? Both of them are horrible people.
  11. Which one of her husbands did Lori convince people abused Colby? I do wonder if that has changed for him at all. I think in the first Dateline he was still more on Lori’s side, but not anymore?
  12. I paid extra attention to this scene because I was wondering if Claire’s dad paid for her college and medical school too. He actually said, “I sent money every month until you finished college. It was more than enough to cover rent, food, and clothes.” So I don’t think he was claiming to pay her college, but it was likely enough to help her with the other expenses.
  13. Sorry about that! I saw People and figured it was at least slightly credible. I didn’t realize until reading past the first paragraph that it was just another rehash.
  14. https://people.com/tv/josh-duggar-wife-anna-standing-by-him-believes-innocent-source/
  15. Of course it’s hard to know what one would do in these kinds of situations, but I would think instead of Jeannette’s parents being concerned about her lying when they discovered the key, they’d be worried about her being a victim of the kidnapping abuser, as well. Anytime I have heard of a case of abuse by a well-known person, there are always worries in the community of who else they victimized. As a parent I would want to know WHY she had that key.
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