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  1. Yeah Kathy had her face stuck in that big ass candle.
  2. Is anyone really that passionate about candles? I’m wondering if the company approached Wendy because she’s on the show and Wendy saw it as a good out. I know they mentioned the children were there for an extended visit due to COVID, but then when they showed Candyass’ new role, I couldn’t help but think she wants them around for method acting practice. Oh Ashley…she’s really earning that pre/post-nup addendum. Great if she’s really that sex positive and that’s what she’s into, but when you see it as a consolation prize, I have doubts…
  3. It was funny and I felt like he summed up my thoughts. I still can’t stand the misogyny with this show. On the skirts and acting like men and having to go through spouses of the opposite gender. It’s ridiculous. I wanted to reach through the tv at Curtis and also a little with Quad.
  4. This show is full of fakery. I’m glad the neighbor clones get along and can co-parent, but April strikes me as really selfish. When she met the ex, she was seeing someone else, then she hooks up with the neighbor. There’s a pattern with her and I wonder if it will happen again.
  5. An adult...who has raised this man’s children and nursed him back to health only to be rewarded with a slap in the face by moving in the child from the Sunglass Hut who would otherwise be entertaining and probably fun as hell to hang out with in small doses but not now.
  6. Kill Bill was funny...Alex’s dad looks so young. Alex’s sister needs Google-how is it she thinks that anything non-hetero all falls under homosexuality?
  7. I missed the shirt! And now I want one...
  8. More car dealership therapy yay! I would never hire Ronald after seeing that blue tomb...mistyped but it works so keeping it.
  9. I seriously need to go down this rabbit hole...I’ve already had my break up with Morrissey.
  10. Just like the Nutalie wedding scenes where she magically gained then lost then gained 30 lbs.
  11. Ok hear me out, cheddar bay bologna sliders...
  12. Same but we’re back to masks indoors again (I didn’t really stop at stores).
  13. Microwave bologna?! Blasphemy! At least fry it in a cast iron pan like normal folks!
  14. She really is Angela 2.0. She likes to set shit on fire in the yard too.
  15. Kaia is beautiful but not an actress. So happy to see Murder House again. I love that house/set...no idea what they felt they needed to remodel. I thought there were rules about the ghosts being able to murder others or is it because it’s Halloween?
  16. The mascara was totally calculated. That was a glam squad/Mikey makeup job vs. the harsh talking head Faye Dunaway come Joan Crawford heavy-handed brows. These last scenes are a trip! Where is the Oscar?! Chicago was beneath Ms. Jayne! I mean the “you don’t bring me flowers anymore” moments of it all!
  17. I thought you were going to say because of the poop… Do black lights work on poop? I would never feel like the floor was clean enough…
  18. I can’t not picture him without a ball gag in his mouth now...Stan Grey
  19. I feel you. I decided straighten my teeth...clear aligners weren’t an option and I didn’t like the look of clear braces, so I have a full metal mouth...I’ve been on wax and soft foods for 10 days...
  20. She’s Angela 2.0...same plot points and characters
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