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  1. Caroline’s mom looks like she’s in the same building as Rebecca and Zied.
  2. 19 years! I’m sure junior DOES NOT CARE. I don’t. At the very least, Kayee can work her way up to Duty Free and land a rich globetrotter probably buying a last minute gift for his wife.
  3. @Floatingbison wait wut? Next week you must spill the details on Dr. Now if when the show gets boring and disappoints because it will
  4. Since they all have records, maybe it’s difficult for them to get employment apart from Chuck.
  5. Becky #1 always looks like she’s smelling onions…
  6. How many of those months was he gone and she was recovering from birth?
  7. I’m going with the theory they were in the kitchen and Trish said something about cooking…
  8. I can only hope he impregnated someone during their break and that will be the thing that ends this stupidity.
  9. Why are we still having this discussion? Angela ain’t totin’ no baby, Skyla ain’t giving no aigs…it’s not happening.
  10. I need to see her and papa Kalani in the same room…they look a lot alike
  11. Amazon wants to make sure they get my money - 8/29!? Glad they didn’t drag things out with Kristen. I knew where the hallucination was heading, but didn’t want to see a huge investigation/trial set up. Interesting that the friend said they would say it was a black man in the yard...is that because she knew the Protectors would look the other way because she’s truly Kristen’s friend and covering for her, but also as a nod to being a part of the Protectors in that justice was served and she’s looking the other way because someone who is more “obviously good,” i.e. white, did something bad
  12. So she’s gotta be the dom...no way she will allow hair pulling.
  13. Thankfully the one on our street just sold their house. We called it the Shameless house. I’m pretty sure auntie or grandma are buried in the dirt pool someone attempted to dig...the pictures were awful and the place is trashed but still probably went for asking.
  14. Lady it’s COVID ain’t no sex in the fitting rooms!
  15. 2 months?! Huge time jump but I guess nothing could really happen.
  16. Karma karma karma chameleon... and I love Boy George...she should’ve gone for micro braids instead of the rings
  17. Kathy is entertaining to me but she’s probably a total sociopath or whatever the new term is. I can imagine her being a nightmare to grow up with. Y’all, Watch What Crappens today is hilarious retelling the car crash story right around the 1 hour 5 minute mark. It’s just as confusing as Erica’s story but funny. I love all their Housewives impressions.
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