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  1. The whole family needs to up their wig game...
  2. Britney’s sister looks like Devil Dick’s girlfriend Megan.
  3. Weren’t they getting it on when she was a guard?
  4. I thought Toya said on WWHL that since real estate has been so high during the pandemic, she was more curious to see what kind of offers they’d get.
  5. I hope in the time they’ve broken up, he impregnates someone else
  6. Who would ever agree to have their phone tracked?
  7. He’s giving me Not Without My Daughter vibes
  8. So baby Chuck made his daughter ride in the RV?
  9. Who is cutting Chane’s hair? Friar Tuck?
  10. The lady who got the check in the mail, I’m yelling at the tv, “girl, that was your stimulus check!”
  11. Is anyone getting the Peter Popoff magic water commercial? WTF?!
  12. I’m going to hell, but remember Gremlins?
  13. And he’s the smartest on the show so far….
  14. We’re gonna call this guy “Rug” right?
  15. Not yet but there was a lady in the security line cursing the guards because she had to give up her light AND bottle (like large spray one) of homemade Pinesol.
  16. I’ve been on jury duty all week. I feel ready for this!
  17. I don’t know if Shawniece and Jepthe are in love or not, but did I hear they don’t have insurance? And he wants 4 kids in that little half-house they’re in? I know people make it work in small spaces, but they need more Greg planning and definitely counseling. I hope Laura doesn’t hear all their arguments. Is the new baby’s name Theta or Beta? Vacationing in a moving van would be dangerous for me. I’d see all kinds of opportunities to buy useless crap...hit some antique malls...
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