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  1. Floating how was Cabo?! I have to live vicariously through you and Pepper…and Nicolle.
  2. Yes and a lot of blue in that house…
  3. 19 years…move on. The window for closure closed 18.5 years ago.
  4. I had to rewind the neighbor couples a couple of times to figure out the relationships. Seems like there’s still some anger there…
  5. Gotta go feed my short rounds and go for a walk…single parent this week.
  6. I would think in Dimwiddle or wherever they are, they could get a mortgage for $1,800/month.
  7. Yeah, I have a friend in the UK and both her kids have jobs like this. They have to be onsite.
  8. Or for Midsommer….could she be planning to sacrifice Trish?
  9. Can we just have a Yara and Mama Jovi show?
  10. I only just now found out what the hell those little glass rose vases at gas stations are used for…
  11. Why does Nutalie’s friend dress like an extra from Mannheim Steam Roller?
  12. Not gonna lie, between this and LALU, a fried bologna sandwich on toasted white bread would be awesome!
  13. Shoulders are covered (why?) but stretchy shiny pants in heat are not your friend…
  14. You’re giving him waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much credit.
  15. Looks like maybe he left the tv box on the floor which hadn’t dried because the room has no ventilation.
  16. Present and ready to watch the blue, windowless dungeon! Had to rush the parental units off the phone!
  17. Sheryl smacking the shit out of Leland twice was everything! I love that she is not afraid of him. Also loved the nun too. I wish the wife hadn’t returned home and just went straight to the shelter.
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