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  1. Trish is awful, but Natalie was no ray of sunshine. She acts like a brat. Even if my MIL told me what she thought my career should be, I would just say, “that’s interesting I’ll look into that.” Instead of flouncing out of the butcher shop, she could’ve just excused herself. I would never say “p*ssy” in front of my own mother and on and on.
  2. Oh yeah, there’s a mom and she has some interesting thoughts on soshul medya
  3. At most I could see a noogie or purple nurple. I just don’t see it getting physical at all. I agree that he was just really upset about someone he considered family talking about him maybe with a motive to stir up drama to get on the show now that I think about it...
  4. But for what? Eboni never said she was the smartest or that Lu was uneducated. That was Lu. And while it took Eboni a while to get there, all she was saying was that as a highly educated person, she uses the same language Leah does, so it has nothing to do with education, but then it became about Eboni being angry when she was just trying to make her point. ETA, I think if Eboni had gotten pissed and said, “fuck you and your dog...” or whatever above and beyond making her point or pulled a Leah, she would’ve apologized.
  5. After reading a lot of the comments, I’ve been thinking of how to respond and I think you did it. Thank you! I would ask others to consider having that happen to you over and over again ALL THE TIME. It’s exhausting and frustrating and folks are getting tired of going along to get along. When Heather made the “articulate” comment, my heart sank a little. I don’t think Eboni is perfect, and I don’t like that it has somehow become the POC’s role now to do the teaching and explaining on the different franchises, but I’m glad it’s happening. I’m sure there will still be other light a
  6. And the Griswold dinner but with cat food mixed in :)
  7. How is she able to smoke in these cars?! You can’t smoke within 2 feet of anyone out here. Is it production driving her?
  8. That looks like a peasant veggie plate...
  9. Here, things get fully lifted on the 15th, so we’ll see but most places still want you to wear them inside. I made it all the way to Friday and had to report, but they aren’t doing the big room full of people, now you just go directly to the courtroom in small batches. There were only 7 of us in this pool. I guess they do more weeding out on Thursday.
  10. In the early 2000s, I took my Tivo in my carry on...
  11. Had jury duty Friday (have to go back for round 2 Thursday). Because the walk to the courthouse is uphill and I’ve been as physical as a slug this whole time, I didn’t wear my mask until I got to the building. It was heavenly ! But anywhere inside, I’m going to continue wearing a mask even after being vaccinated.
  12. Tiffany, you know you don’t want fridge-thief here...After seeing him try to manipulate Daniel, I wouldn’t want him anywhere near him.
  13. I would never say p***y in front of my mother or mother in law. Nutalie is bonkers.
  14. I loved this too. I don’t think Vishal should’ve threatened violence but after he explained it as a sibling would say “I’m going to kick your ass,” I get it. I don’t know what Dillon hoped to gain from even making those statements and I was happy to see Amrit come to Vishal’s defense. I did laugh when they were arguing about the Kinsey scale vs. Richter scale - Nerd fight!
  15. I’m waiting...hasn’t happened yet LOL. I think when you start your period depends on weight, body fat, hormone levels, etc. I had my first at summer camp before 5th grade and then nothing for several months after. It’s good Leah is having the “ministrel” talk, as her sister put it, with the girlses. It saddens me me how little education some kids get about their bodies. To know nothing about what’s happening and to think you’re dying?! It’s really time to end this franchise. They all continue to make bad decisions. The original kids are too old to be on tv. Whatever growth I saw w
  16. Crystal had nothing to do with the joke other than letting Sutton in on it. Sutton was being a big baby. This is just silly. It wasn’t even a mean prank. Kathy is hilarious with the chips and RedBull.
  17. I’ve yelled “noooooo” at my tv this hour more than I think I have at any of these trashy shows. Sex tapes, waxing and insemination...noooo! I don’t understand how Angelica and Sunhe don’t get Jason’s relationship with his mother. Do they not own a mirror? Loved his mother’s reaction. I’ll be fast forwarding through all of Dawn and Cher’s scenes.
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