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  1. You guys should try Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, the pilot was really lovely! (And for GG lovers: it has Lauren Graham!) As for this show... It made me feel very old. Even older than the girls from The Bold Type! Not sure I'll stick with it...
  2. Did I miss something in-show, did we know that unmarried women were now allowed to get the pill? And what's that about Trixie's "clinic"? Last season was a long time ago, I don't remember anything about that... At any rate, it was pretty big for Sister Julienne to be recommending that course of action when the nuns were so opposed to it just a few seasons ago! On a completely different topic, I found it pretty confusing that the older woman with hemochromatosis was named "Florrie Watkins" while the young sex worker was "Tina Atkins". I just checked those names on IMDB, but during the episode, I thought they had the same last name, and so was expecting some kind of big twist! An oversight from the producing team...
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for the Making a Murderer archive. This post here says it's been vaulted, but the link provided leads nowhere and I can't find the show anywhere in the Vault list. Any idea? Thanks!
  4. Just watched both episodes in a row and I could have spent ten hours in this universe! Can't wait for the show to be back for real in January. (The last minute left me very confused, though; so a big thanks to everyone who explained the timeline trickery!)
  5. It's impressive how no one in the cast appart from the Fosters actors, Judge Wilson and Dennis possess their own Wiki pages. They're all relative newcomers! I wonder if the creators went that way on purpose. Stef and Lena are now listed for 2 episodes on IMDB, btw. And Jesus went from "2 episodes" to "unknown episodes". But I just realized anyone can edit that page, so... grain of salt!
  6. I am currently really enjoying Good Trouble, about a group of young adults dealing with their first jobs after college, independent living, friendships, romances, etc. It's a spin-off of The Fosters, but the tone is completely different. To give you an idea, I find it, in a way, more adult, more realistic/gritty and overall better than The Bold Type, which I also enjoy. Even people on the forum who disliked Callie and/or Mariana, the two spin-off characters, on The Fosters, say they enjoy them on Good Trouble. So far, the two sisters are clearly the leads, but there's a whole cast of people living with them in a communal living type situation, who are slowly getting fleshed out as well. And the main focus is on the girls' jobs, which is interesting, as Mariana is dealing with bro types at a tech job and Callie is trying to navigate the treacherous waters of clerking for a judge. With the latest developments at her job, it's almost becoming a bit of a legal drama too! Anyway, the show was just renewed for a second season despite some very low ratings, so we need to bring some new people on board. Everyone come join us! 😄
  7. Thanks for reassuring me. I really have no idea what is appropriate... I'll make sure to google as well.
  8. Sorry for the slight OT but... you're referring to the pic of her in jeggings, right? Or are leggings with a skirt a a big fashion no-no as well? I'm about to start a corporate job in a cold climate, and was planning on wearing skirts over black leggings, like in this pic, I think... Is that not okay??
  9. Hiya everyone! I'm really enjoying this so far. Love the way it's shot, and that it doesn't look cheap, or like a spin-off. It's clearly its own thing, with a very distinct tone from the Fosters, and I am into it! Of course, it doesn't hurt that I (almost) always loved Callie and Mariana... The only thing that bothered me was the looming reapparance of Terrible Brandon. But, are we sure he's actually gonna be coming back? The show isn't listed on David Lambert's IMDB, and the show's IMDB only lists Jude (1 ep), Stef and Lena (1 ep) and Jesus (2 eps). Beau Mirchoff, Callie's love interest in the Fosters finale, isn't listed either... Are they just trying to keep stuff under wraps?
  10. GinnyMars

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I don't know... His line about how "The most valuable things in life are usually the most helpless" has me worried about the kid...
  11. Although given Noah Centineo's new "heartthrob" status, I imagine they're gonna try their hardest to bring him back at least for the pilot... Hook all those new fans of his!
  12. Wow, that article is quite the hit piece. Other than the fact she was part of the cult, I've not seen any of that stuff reported anywhere else... Being a serial harasser/assaulter =/= being "involved in a cult". When I hear someone is "involved in a cult", I usually assume they're a victim, not the cult leader or one of their lieutenants. So for now and until we find out anything to the contrary, I'll keep assuming Park hasn't done anything nefarious that should prevent her from being employed...
  13. Something nice: little Hannah's doll and martha both look like her. I have to say I was quite surprised about the doll...
  14. Did you guys see Lucca channeling her inner Rogelio with the purple phone and purple laptop? It's so trivial and yet, that was a window into her personality too... I liked that!
  15. Did that really happen, though? I thought she made that bit up to make that sucker Dr. Jordan feel special, so he'd like her and be more inclined to recommend she be released... To me, that was the surest evidence that she had done it... or that she was very manipulative, at least. That and all the fainting, especially when her lawyer said she had "nerves of flint", even though he himself had seen her faint - or "faint"? - when her verdict was read... In the same vein, Grace offering to show Jordan the scars was quite good too! About the hypnosis scene, I also wonder: can someone who isn't evil really sound so evil? Or even want to? To me, that was Grace's true colors she was revealing in that moment. Although the different way of speaking was odd for sure... Anyway, my personal takeaway was that the show was saying she was guilty! How odd that real-life Grace's trace was lost completely after she was released from prison! It wasn't even that long ago... She probably changed her name? I have to say, I went into the show expecting more of a resolution, so even though I really enjoyed it, not knowing for sure what happened does leave me a bit frustrated...
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