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  1. Sounds just like cousin Amy's clothing website that Jill also promotes.
  2. Most of the time Jill doesn't even heat them up, let alone cook them. She just eats them right out of the can and feeds them to her children that way, too. I've never seen anyone but a Duggar do that.
  3. Did you notice that Jill R. didn't post anything about a Valentine's Day present from her husband? She cons her teenage son into buying her presents but her husband gives her nothing!
  4. These products and the company have horrible ratings. The sisters should have done their homework before ever lending their names to this promotion. https://www.truthinadvertising.org/what-you-should-know-about-thrive/
  5. Only four Duggar kids have passed the GED test: Josh, Jill, Jinger, and John David. Jessa, who was put in charge of the Duggar homeschool at one time, never did pass the GED test.
  6. Who says he actually eats it? Derick looks like he has anorexia. He has no upper arm muscles, no thighs, no hips. He's wasting away and looks more like a walking skeleton every day.
  7. El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras (the three countries the Dillards were in with S.O.S.Ministries) all have strict laws about midwives. Jill, with her certificate and bag of medical things, didn't qualify to be a midwife in any of those countries. Not to mention the fact that Jill couldn't speak Spanish or any of the several Mayan languages spoken in those countries. Jill was too stupid to realize that and Derick was stupid because he believed that Jill knew what she was doing with her midwife studies. All she ever did in Central America was paint nail polish on children and pass out can
  8. The Bates family once had a reality show on TLC. It was called United Bates of America and ran for only eight episodes from August 13, 2012 – September 3, 2012. In October 2014, the Bates announced their new show on the Up Network. Bring Up Bates first aired on January 1, 2015. If this is any clue, a non-compete clause might last for two years while TLC finishes airing a show overseas and in reruns.
  9. You can say all the good things you want to about Austin, but he is not providing well for his wife and baby. Joy and 11-month-old Gideon are living in a camper while Austin renovates houses for other people to live in. The baby has no place to crawl around and soon will be walking. There's no bedroom for the baby in that camper and it is probably just a matter of a few months before Joy is pregnant again. Austin doesn't care about them at all. The least he could do is buy a decent size mobile home for them to live in. Of all the Duggar husbands, he is the worst in my opinion.
  10. The number of followers for Jessa and Jill were mostly accumulated in the pre-Joshgate days. I think how they are really doing on Instagram is better evaluated by the number of likes their posts receive now. On the last ten picture posts, Jessa is averaging 119,130 likes, Jill averages 34,468.4 and Jinger's average is 86,344.5. In other words, Jill is the least-liked by a long shot. The number of views on the last five video posts averages 465,400 for Jessa and just 128,597.2 for Jill. (Jinger hardly ever posts videos.)
  11. I guess we may all assume that Derick's law school grades were pitiful. If he made it to the top 1/2 of his class, he would have boasted about it. Instead, he says nothing.
  12. The 'Jessica" that Joy refers to as an Optavia health coach is none other than Joy's sister-in-law's mother-in-law, Jessica Ballinger. Jessica is the mother-in-law of Austin's sister Meagan Forsyth Ballinger. I think that Joy should have disclosed this relationship, but in true Duggar fashion she chose not to be entirely honest. I'm ashamed of Joy. Behavior like this makes the baby Jesus cry.
  13. Cousin Amy's shop website is now offline. She either doesn't know how to operate a website or the business has already gone belly-up in just three weeks. Maybe too many returns???
  14. When he went to Crown College, he lived with the Bates family. I think that a possible courtship with one of the Bates daughters was in the works. The only thing he took at that college was a Bible Study course. That only lasted one year and then he was back to Arkansas.
  15. All of Amy's offerings are generic sizes Small/Medium/Large. While that works for some garments, form-fitting styles need actual dress sizes. She is bound to get a lot of returns just because the clothes don't fit properly. Also, she doesn't list fabric content. People might be expecting a certain quality and become shocked when the fabric is actually a flimsy acetate. This isn't her first attempt at an online retail store. Two years ago she launched a venture selling T-shirts and sportswear. That failed. www.shopsweetrachelle.com
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