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  1. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/fbi-denies-raiding-josh-duggars-home-amid-rumors-of-investigation/ https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2019/11/josh-duggar-fbi-responds-to-rumors-home-raid-porn-allegations/
  2. There was a period of time within this past year or two that Anna made multiple references to a cousin, including photos. I always wondered who she was; I figured she came from Anna's family. But, still, that doesn't mean the girl lives/d with them. Maybe she did for the summer? ETA: I just found photos of her w/ the Duggars on Facebook in 2019: October, August & April - birthday parties and a Silver Dollar City trip, so all things that she could have attended without actually living w/ Duggars. In 2018, she's also in a few of Anna's Instagram posts, including Xmas and July. That's as far back as I've looked (I need to get to work!)
  3. Out of curiosity, I just checked realtor.com to see if Boob's round mansion has sold - no, it hasn't. The asking price is now $1.1 million (original asking price, in May, was $1.8M). And the 21-acre property near NW Arkansas Regional Airport hasn't sold either. Weird thing about it though: their original asking price was $599,000, in Feb. 2019. On Nov. 11, 2019, the price was INCREASED to $899,000. And on Nov. 15, the price was RAISED again to $999,000. WTF? Anyone have any idea why they're increasing the asking price on this? Can it serve as any kind of larger write-off if the property is "worth" more? I've seen mentioned on here that Mary Duggar's pool home was for sale after she died. Does anyone know if it has sold?
  4. I just did some quick googling of Jesse Hsu Photography and one of the things he has is a food Instagram https://www.instagram.com/scrumphsus/ I wonder if he's one of the foodies that JereME befriended when they were out on the town? He's also a general photographer: "I'm currently focusing on taking portraits and capturing candid moments in everyday surroundings. I'm always looking to collaborate with new people so drop me a line! (jesse@jessehsu.com)" http://www.jessehsu.com/about
  5. Add Derick's seemingly botched mouth surgery to his overwhelming events. I'm surprised that Jill appears to be at peace with what's going on; at least on SM she seems to be firmly in Derick's camp and doesn't come across distressed (well, some have speculated she's depressed). As far as Derick writing a tell-all, I don't think he knows it all; he only knows the last few years - which may still be full of eye-openers. But only a Duggar kid knows the whole truth.
  6. Jessie Hsu Photography seems to be credited in most of the recent photos. Have they hired a photographer to follow them around? Is Jinger so accustomed to being videotaped/filmed all of the time, that she craves it? (I saw a Bringing Up Bates video on their Instagram the other day - one of their young boys was holding the latest newborn baby as other family members clustered around, encouraging him. The camera then pulled back to show about 3 TV cameramen in their living room recording the whole thing. How could these people be having genuine feelings and reactions when they're being recorded all of the time?)
  7. I think we now know why Derick decided to become a lawyer - he wants to go after TLC. He may be delusional though.
  8. Was it explained why JinJer get to use the seminary-provided house vs. some other student? Or does the school own multiple homes? (I don't watch the show - no cable.)
  9. This is something that has rubbed me the wrong way in some of the Duggars', Bates' and Waller's posts: they often proclaim their kids are "best friends." Sometimes it's siblings, sometimes it's cousins. I always think, what other kids do they spend any time with? What choice do they have? It's like a message to the kids themselves - these are your friends; don't be looking to anyone else. Until you're engaged - and then that person is your BFF (even though you barely know them).
  10. In the video above - in the group of Instagram photos of Derek and kids in costume - Jill is waiting in the car, while Derek and kids are inside getting free food. This makes Derek an "amazing" husband. And she tells us how peaceful and quiet it is to sit alone; she sighs with delight. My question - why can't she enjoy that 5 minutes actually alone? Why does she need to record it and "talk to us" about it?
  11. Most Sundays Alyssa posts pics of her girls in matching dresses; often Alyssa is wearing one too. When asked where she gets so many matching clothes, she always answers that a "friend" gives them as a gift. Who is this very generous friend?
  12. They're participating in Halloween - even if it's just to get free food from restaurants. Another step forward for Jill!
  13. I'm really curious about what necessitated this move? It seemed sudden - they just added a patio to their house this past summer, so it seemed like they weren't planning to move at that time. And, right, Jill's family lives near their house that they're selling. So are they staying in the same general area, or moving far away? We here have speculated they're moving to Florida, to be near the Kellers. I'm intrigued to find out where they end up and in what kind of house. A family of that size can't just live anywhere! And good point: why aren't they staying in their RV right now, instead of a hotel/motel?
  14. Here's one of the pics. Can you imagine the girls' makeup and hair products just running off into the pool?
  15. Jill Rod has posted a Facebook story that says they're all staying in a hotel while they shop for a house. So they must have sold their house. I'm curious to see where they end up and what it looks like. Meanwhile, she says they forgot to bring "swim clothes" to the hotel, but that didn't stop them from swimming. She includes photos of a bunch of the kids fully clothed, jumping around in the pool.
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