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  1. Curious: is there “proof” that JingJer flew to AZ? It wouldn’t be that far to drive - less than 6 hours according to google.
  2. I listened to their Instagram Live a couple of hours after it was over. One thing they talked about was that parenting has made them realize their own selfishness. Their examples were that when they want to just sit and watch a TV show or look on their phone and Felicity wants attention or needs something, so they have to tend to her. Or if she's crying at night while they're sleeping. Somehow I suspect that this had been a bigger problem for JereME than for Jing.
  3. Lawson still seems dazed in his latest video update. He seems to be taking his head injury pretty seriously? As for his single status, he’s kind of Tim Tebow-ish; you have to wonder why/how his biological needs/urges are being suppressed for so long.
  4. Is Felicity's lower face kind of distorted in the photo, or is she wearing a mask? It kind of looks like a beige-y mask.
  5. Has this already been discussed? I’m worried that Israel’s kindergarten will be online or very limited or even cancelled this Fall, and that he won’t end up going to public school after all. Jill and Derek will see it as some sign from God, or they’ll just change their minds, or don’t want to risk his health, etc.
  6. I found this description of his injuries on some discussion board
  7. I think he did injure a leg - wasn’t he in a wheelchair in perhaps the next episode? The family made a singing appearance at some church and they showed the injured kid waiting behind the curtain, in a wheelchair I think. He didn’t join the family on stage. He looked glum and still kind of dazed.
  8. They’re good! Deep fried in batter! I got them in a bar once 😋
  9. Why did all that need to be said to the public, at her wedding of all places?? And at age 10 he was already anticipating marrying her off 😢 Did he at least say that he had a total change of heart and loved his daughters dearly? Anything sentimental?
  10. I agree that Spurg, Henry and I think Ivy too are attractive, but they have such "big" features - they don't look quite natural to me. They kind of look like rubber dolls or cartoons or something. Which makes them unique and, like I said, attractive and/or interesting-looking.
  11. I thought it was notable that Janessa was carried by her brother throughout the easter egg hunt video. If she's a "totally normal" 2 year old, she should be running around on her own. But maybe they thought she'd get run over by the other kids and not find any eggs. And then in her birthday cake video, she couldn't blow the candles out - it didn't look like she even tried. Does she understand how to blow?
  12. AFAIK Nurie and Nathan can get married in July or whenever- the question is, can they have a big wedding with lots of guests, etc. I wonder if that Joy Baptist Church is holding weddings in addition to Sunday services. And if so, would the church allow a reception within their facilities, or marriage ceremony only.
  13. I watched the video. Jessa’s folksy way of speaking seemed modeled on Sierra’s video personality
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