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  1. In the latest batch of Jill Rod’s posts about Jonathan saying goodbye, several of the young Rodlet girls are hugging him goodbye. So they can hug him, but his girlfriend can’t?? I remember the same thing happened with Bin Seewald and Johanna I think it was - she was hugging him and I thought, she’s got a big crush on him.
  2. And I've been thinking that Evangeline was still an infant, so I was surprised to see her sitting up in a shopping cart. It is pretty remarkable that we really don't know what she looks like.
  3. OK thanks. 🙂 I've just recently been binging the whole series; I'm in Season 7 now. I was hoping there were threads for each episode, so I could comment as I go. I'll have to read over this Season 9 forum and get up to speed with the discussions. Thanks again!
  4. Is there a discussion forum for earlier seasons than just Season 9? I keep searching the Primetimer site and can't find anything other than this Season 9 discussion. Thanks!
  5. Last night I watched an Instagram story from JillRod where her typed text over the photos was touting Plexus and how it helps with anxiety, depression and other issues - because, according to Jill's text, those issues are often caused by poor gut health. I can't find the Story this morning! Did I dream it? did anyone else see it? What is significant is that Jill typed that many people suffer from anxiety and depression and then her typed words said: "And I am one of them." Was she announcing that she suffers from these illnesses/conditions? That's how I interpreted it. I hope someone
  6. I feel a little sorry for Renee as far as losing her "friend" in the family (once Kaley gets married). The next oldest Rod girl is quite a bit younger, isn't she? I recall after most of the older Duggar girls got married, Jana was suddenly hanging out with Joy and then Johanna for awhile.
  7. I’m so happy to see Izzy back but also nervous because the other day Carlin said that among the reasons they sent Izzy to be trained was because she had snapped at Layla, sounded like more than once. I’m worried that if Izzy does it again she’ll be gone. I wonder if they contemplated rehoming her while she was away, but picked up on all their social media followers growing increasingly concerned about Izzy’s long absence and decided they’d lose a bunch of SM goodwill if they got rid of her. I really hope it all works out because I’ve grown fond of Carlin and Layla, largely because of I
  8. The artwork of the opening reminds me of Masterpiece Theater Mystery on PBS, but the theme songs aren’t particularly similar. Only Murders song is haunting and somehow familiar, I agree.
  9. I'm still holding out hope that they love Izzy and haven't rehomed him - they left him at the trainer's in very late July and said it was a 6-week course. So 6 weeks isn't quite up yet.
  10. A couple times recently Carlin said Izzy is coming home very soon, and how much they miss her. I hope it’s true!
  11. I predict that Jill R is going to struggle for awhile coming to terms with her taste of “the good life” - she spent time in a waterfront home, relaxing and recreating, then visited Magnolia where decorations are more expensive than thrift stores, and who knows what else. The free $$ from the government let her experience what so many of us work hard to afford/enjoy. Now she might understand what earthly delights can be, and she’ll struggle with wanting it again, and again. She’s seen how the other half live...
  12. Years ago when I first became aware of the Duggars and sought out discussion/snark boards about them, I thought young teen Jill was the cutest. But then I liked Jan Brady more than Marcia - I must like cute more than sexy. Nowadays I think Jill can often be very pretty but you never know how much is filters, etc. I do like her boho style.
  13. I didn’t learn about their missing dog until after it had been found, but at that time I scrolled back and located the post by the people who had found the dog. And I read some of the comments - there were many! IIRC the people who found the doggie had to keep him for several days because the Rods had gone on to Oregon for a vacation. Multiple commenters were telling them that the Rods are awful, and the people with the dog were a little defensive at first - I think they were overwhelmed at what they had stumbled into!
  14. I lived in Spokane at the time, and belonged to the group - I think that’s the name: Spokane Area Lost and Found Pets
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