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  1. Man, I’m tempted to stage a filmed re-enactment with sock puppets just to get it on the pod. :)
  2. Holy hand grenade, is anyone else listening to the Dirty John podcast? It’s BONKERS. Not sure if this non TV property fits the Blotter mandate, but I’d love to hear @Sarah D. Bunting‘s take on it.
  3. Me under my breath when Dave was bagging on the Veep episode: “Your mom tries to have it both ways!” Also, that second round of Game Time would make an excellent Marry, Fuck, Kill EHG episode.
  4. 1. Steve the dog bears a striking resemblance to Instagram sensation and friend of the pod Gordon Lightfoot. 2. I have theory (not involving bunnies) about the postcard. It’s a prop to help sell the “Russian lost soul mate” con. I think the Russian mafia somehow got a lead that Tom was in Neptune, but couldn’t get further detail. For some reason, they went to the trouble to gin up a postcard to add credibility to the story that Tom used to love “Caterine” (who doesn’t actually exist since her real name is Yelena) and actually mail it to Chicago from Neptune. From the reveal,
  5. Aww, Mrs Bone was the love interest in Coming to America!
  6. God, the Animal Kingdom theme is so cringy. It's like the audio equivalent of Sean Young dressed as Catwoman. And it's especially tragic because the show is grrrrreat and the music during the episodes is usually on point. Speaking of the Animal Kingdom movie, @Sarah D. Bunting, did you ever watch Bloodline? The show is uneven, but S1 Ben Mendelsohn is just hypnotic. He's just all sharp edges and crackling energy.
  7. I am 100% on board with the work Joelle is doing to assist victims. I just didn't feel like there was a whole lot of new information provided (other than the horrifying revelation that Lisa Zambetti was also abused as a child(!!!) which provides more context to the pod, but it's really adding to the overall Keepers mystery). That being said, perhaps I was a bit put off by Joelle's "My 11 year old thinks sex is disgusting and that's what he should think about it." I get what she was saying, but there were a few comments about childhood innocence and sex that I found a bit...1950s ma
  8. Ugh, definitely skip this episode (84) of RCP. Maximum outrage, very little process.
  9. It's our chance to do the Hump! Do the Humpty-Hump!
  10. My name was Lillian Bush, which I have to think is a blowsy, washed up burlesque queen who stabbed her cheating lover.
  11. This really doesn't do the delightful Shining face justice, but:
  12. You are a true patriot. Anything for Truth in Pervy Internet posting. ?
  13. This one is mostly outrage, but it's kind of hypnotic. In any event, the episode before that on The Keepers has some decent process/analysis that was more of a return to the OJ/Robin Hood Hills theory of the crime stuff.
  14. I'm also a little frustrated that they've been spending so much time on outrage and less time on the interesting processy stuff. (Not that advocacy isn't a good thing, but it's not really adding much to say: "Child molesters and murders are shitty people and I'm mad about it!!) That being said, on the latest pod about The Keepers, Clemente told the story of being molested by a priest at his Catholic elementary/middle school. It basically played out like so many of those stories do--he was made to feel like it was his fault, the priest got to keep molesting, etc. His general rageyness
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