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  1. I'm really thinking the show must tell friends to butt in. Friends on these shows say intrusive things i would never dream of saying unless I was specifically prompted to give an honest opinion.
  2. When Julia gets that pole, I bet Jovi will visit.
  3. Sometimes after that weight loss surgery, people lose their teeth. These shows should mention it more so people thinking about the surgery will know. I think it's from nutritional deficiency and/or reflux from their stomach being smaller. I know it's googlable.
  4. It's Sartre's "No Exit" - an avant garde production where the characters (us) are watching a reality show.
  5. I'm so sorry. The worst and hardest of all tragedies.
  6. I think in some states Jen could be arrested for that.
  7. When Mike said "We made love..." I immediately thought of Rachel saying to Ross, "Made love? What are you, a girl?" It would have been fun if Julia had told Betty she had to work if she wanted to be able to sit in the apartment.
  8. Verrrrry interesting that Cher said, "I don't want him [Jared] to upset ME" and not "I don't want HIM to be upset." I swear she and her mom are like children, doing what they're asked not to and then making up bullshit excuses and trying to look cutesy to get out of trouble. (Although it's age-appropriate in kids.) I don't mind Cher as much when she's with her husband, but she and Dawn together irritate the **** out of me.
  9. Thomas is quite a snake, befriending Andre and then ratting Andrei and Chuck out. He knows his wife is a pain in the ass and that that would set her off. It's always the quiet ones. 😃
  10. It occurred to me that Ronald's spending sprees, like at the Christmas shop, could be giving him the same kind of thrill as gambling. I wish he had a therapist or a 12-Step sponsor (I learned so much about those programs thanks to the sitcom "Mom") who would point that out to him.
  11. Many years ago, I was hanging out with some female friends, who said admiringly of a man we all knew who did things like diaper (!) and feed (!) his baby, "He's such a good dad." I remember saying, "We don't say what a good mom his wife is. Why shouldn't he do those things? She's his daughter, too." Ronald does desperately need some baby-safety classes. The plastic bag incident was truly alarming.
  12. I fast-forward through Fernanda's scenes. I think what she did to John was awful and pure manipulation. She knew she would not stay in the town where he lived and did business and that she wanted to go a big city and be an actress. Right after marrying him, she ditches him and takes half his income. Before she did that, I liked her, but that made clear what she had planned to do all along. She pretends to be much nicer than she is, IMO.
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