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  1. The health of people in their 60s varies widely. Granted, we haven't seen any kind of impairment in Jenny, but she might tire easily. I do and I seem otherwise in decent health (except thyroid).
  2. It's really suspicious to me that we saw no even microscopic traces of this gold digger temperament in Season 1. It feels very cooked up to me.
  3. Jenny's in her 60s, yes? So she's actually of an age where people should be starting to help her out with things, a little more and more as more and more time passes. She definitely shouldn't be expected to pick up after or cook for a 30 year old (lookin' at you, Sumit). And a 30 year old can damn well cook his own favorite dish. I feel like Sumit is using the skills he picked up in Catfishing School to deflect her objections. And while I tend to like Ari and Bini equally, and get annoyed with them equally, it was pretty skeevy of her to not set up the baby's operation date while st
  4. My vote would be for Lindsey. I love the running gag of there being no time for him and I'm not a big Jason fan.
  5. Meh, IMO, maybe especially when compared to last week's episode. I did like "What's Up"... and it was fun seeing Isaac Oscar/Oscar Isaac (???) out of his Scenes character, but it made me wish they had also done one last week when Lindsey Buckingham was there. Ego is always SO good. WU = always good. Cecily's expressions in the Science sketch were hilarious. Not feeling the new Biden impersonation.
  6. That parody was on the-the-nose hilariously perfect! I especially loved when she was mad he didn't show up for their kid's (soccer, I think) game and he said, " I was having a heart attack!" And then she flounced out, even madder.
  7. I know! I wish she would explain it as thoughtfully to Linc.
  8. Who is sweet and simple in adulthood, though? From what I remember of being a child, even children have more going on under the surface then people may think. Part of being in an adult relationship is being able to combine with another complex being in a way that works for both. And nope, not projecting any MIL issues. And also, Olivia DOES see a therapist. Too bad more people on this show don't go to one.
  9. Well, my heart sank when Moriah let Kim off the hook and pretty much made it okay for her to be as manipulative as she wants in the future.
  10. I think she told Kim not to come. Which Kim, true to her narcissistic self, ignored. It would be interesting to know if Kim was like this before the awful accident. It may be that her severe need to control everything is to stem overwhelming terror that now comes up when she feels out of control. That would be understandable. Someone (looking at YOU, Barry) needs to insist she see a therapist. And you don't get to ruin your kids, regardless.
  11. I'm with you. I intensely dislike Kim, especially after the stunt she pulled at Moriah's gig. Playing pretty much as a "solo act" for the first time with her own material was going to be stressful, and Kim not honoring the request to stay away was disgusting. All she did was intensify Moriah's nervousness, and anyone who could think beyond herself would know that would be the case.
  12. I'm guessing cut, because I didn't see Brutal Marriage Story until I came here. I think it would have been the funniest thing on the show, maybe tied with the Prince audition sketch. They nailed it.
  13. I must have seen this. Maybe because I wasn't expecting him in this episode, it really stuck with me. And everything else I've seen him in was dramatic. He's such a good goofball.
  14. Having watched "Scenes from a Marriage," I have to say - "Brutal Marriage Movie" was almost perfect. (I just wish they had snarked on the ending a little, too. But that's just me.) Best line: "I just had a heart attack." So well done.
  15. It was so much fun seeing him do comedy. I've never seen him do that before.
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