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  1. Damn, Molly was all kinds of wrong. She said She didn't want to ask Andrew for help and Issa respected it. She didnt say Andrew was off limits and Issa asked Nathan to hook her up. Issa didn't do anything wrong. Only thing she could have done was give Molly a heads up that she used another contact to reach out to Andrew, but she shouldn't have to. If I was Issa, I would have such a hard time moving forward with her. I did wonder how Issa got such a good headliner when she had none the week before and well, the show answered that. Issa should definitely be done with Condola
  2. Same. I always love the Peter Gallagher songs the best. It's so sweet and not about drama. I also love Peter Gallagher and everything he does. Yes, even the O.C. This one I loved how Zoey jumped in to dance with him and hold his hand. She was just enjoying spending some time with her dad during her delusional sing song.
  3. My theory on the Henry Deaver missing poster. We saw the Angel disappear in the final episode. I think he went back to his timeline and this world's Henry Deaver was sucked in that dimension with him. I think that our Henry Deaver is locked in a cage somewhere in the Angel's world.
  4. You are legally an adult in the criminal justice system in NY at 16. For 8 years, I worked as a social worker in a community corrections program until my conscience just couldn't do it anymore. If you are 15 or below, you are a juvenile and sent to juvenile detention, etc. If you are 16 or over, you are booked as an adult and sent to jail. The amount of children I went into the jail and evaluated breaks me. I remember this case when I was a kid. I remember thinking how could 5 kids all admit to something if they didn't do at least some of it. I was so ignorant and I didn't even k
  5. I co-sign the CAAAAANNNNN'TTTT with Amber. I literally laughed out loud when she put her pointy nail finger in the air to Larry and said she worked FOR A WHOLE YEAR STRAIGHT. I know these girls are used to not actually having to work for a living, but it was something. I'd like to inform Amber that I've worked for about 22 YEARS STRAIGHT in an actual job as an underpaid thankless social worker. Have many seats. Yes, Ryder in particular is all kinds of cute. And from someone who has watched a lot of the Challenge....while I would often roll my eyes at Cory, his male who
  6. She was in one of the reunion segments with Dr. Drew.
  7. I'd love to see the Teen Mom producers call Amber's bluff and just not care that she wants to quit the show. Corey is right that it is all about hysterics and she has no intention of quitting the show. I wish that they would just say "Okay, we'll have the lawyers get you the paperwork you need to sign off and then we'll be all set" and watch her just sputter and back track. I always feel a sense of dread with Dakota. He is playing nice and all, but take a look at his face anytime they are in a group setting and he voices an opinion and someone disagrees. He's pissed. It happen
  8. Yeah, it's too bad that he and Bananas squashed their constant beef years ago.
  9. Ahh, old rage burner CT is starting to show his ugly head, however....he's still not that guy he used to be IMHO. He's popping off, but honestly....it's nothing that Veronica doesn't deserve. He meant it when he said he just wanted her to try. If she had put the work in and did her best and they went home, I think he'd still be disappointed and upset at losing a possibly huge paycheck, but he wouldn't be this pissed. Veronica knows this game is stacked against her, but she still comes on it...and she knows she has a partner who excels at the game, but she isn't willing to go a lick out
  10. As a long time Big Brother watcher.....this is who Paulie is. I knew he'd be a trainwreck on the Challenge and he is not proving me wrong. He constantly loses, whines like a child and then tantrums like a baby.
  11. So far, I am really liking the HBO series. I read the book long enough ago that I've probably forgotten the detailed specifics, so I won't be annoyed as much when it breaks from the page as I often am with other adaptations. I love Amy Adams, so I'm thrilled she's in the role. I do find it really intriguing when you already know the twist that is coming, so you can see the little nuances along the way that are building the foundation for it. I'll definitely keep watching.
  12. I'm always a fan of CT, so I was super happy to see them come from behind and win. Tony I could take or leave, but liked how hard he played this season. I'm also impressed with both CT and Tony that they didn't get discouraged or even consider quitting. A lot of other people, especially with the back issue CT was facing, would decide to pack it in and quit. They kept on going and ended up lucking out with an eating and a puzzle challenge. CT's puzzle skills should keep him valuable in the challenge world, no matter the shape of his dad bod. I had to wonder if Wes though of th
  13. I judge on what I see. I've seen the likes of the moms of David and Nathan and Adam condone and enable the abusive behavior of their boys. It's was clear from jump street that David's mom will do nothing but defend that abusive ass. They enable their abuse. Point. Blank. Maybe the dads do as well, but I haven't seen them. I'm not gonna sugar coat the part that these moms play in the abuse cycle. I know nothing about the fathers of these abusers. I imagine they are abusers as well, but we've seen zero about them. And yep, Barb created Jenelle too. And she's gone a lon
  14. David's mom raised David and seemingly defends all his abusive and controlling behavior. The moms of the likes of folks like David and Nathan can also have many seats. (And the mom of Adam too while we are at it). They created these abusers.
  15. I call BS on anyone in Jenelle's camp being offended of how Nathan spoke to an elderly woman.....cause we've all seen time and time again how both speak to Barb and she's no spring chicken. Also, David pushed a pregnant woman and then threw her out of the car and j to the middle of the street. Have many seats.
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