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  1. 'Cuz it's true love, y'all! He's going to come to the U.S., they'll have a lavish wedding and live happily ever after in the hollar. And I'm guessing River is the middle name since he was probably conceived right next to one.
  2. Same here. They're out there broadcasting their stupid for the world to see and I briefly consisted resigning today when I put "cannot can't" in an email to my boss.
  3. He should be. He's the smartest one in the bunch. And he's probably worried about what kids on the playground will say then they learn his name means "love." He's gonna get teased.
  4. Yes! I couldn't figure out what was going on with her bottom teeth. Are some (like every other one) missing? Are there huge gaps? Have they been filed to a point? And has anyone been able to figure out what Rachel's arm tattoo says? It looks like it's done in the same font as those "No Fear" shirts from the 90s, but I can't make it out.
  5. So apparently someone Chris was sleeping with took photos of herself in Chris' room, sent them to Kail and then asked her for money to keep quiet?
  6. Anyone else think that they waited this long to announce thinking they might get a magazine cover or something else like that? Instead they got crickets and a Larry announcement?
  7. I'm really hoping the gods of justice smile upon us and he sits his ugly as in jail for awhile. I agree that if she bails him out, they're still together. I'm still totally split on that though. While I can see them trying to pull a fast one on MTV (and us), I just don't know if UBT would be ok with her even pretending to be with another guy.
  8. Yikes. I totally missed that part. I'm 36 and have a 3-year-old (and apparently a better skin care routine. I would have not guessed 36.).
  9. An Unexpected FB group I'm in also have Chloe, her mom and some of the other cast members. In the group, Chloe's mom said Max gave her two black eyes. Chloe responded saying she asked Max to throw her his phone, he did, she missed, it hit her in the nose and caused a bump. She got mad at him for hitting her and making the bump that she knew would cause her mom to lose her shit. A neighbor heard the fight, called the cops and the cops said they had to arrest Max because of the bump (again with the bump!). The bump later turned into two black eyes. Not a likely story, but it's what Chloe is going with.
  10. Is it too much to hope that we'll be spared watching that poor woman suffer to the end and her family grieving? I watch reality TV to laugh at these chuckle heads not watch families suffer tragedy and heartache. But MTV probably thinks it will bring ratings...
  11. Birdee


    Christ on a cracker! You should have put that under a spoiler tag. A damn near peed myself when that popped up!
  12. It sure looks like it. And apparently they're back. I saw pictures of the baseball team from my old high school last year and nearly everyone of them had some form of a mullet. Super trashy.
  13. Thank God someone in his family has some brains. Maybe they can get him away from Jenelle before she sucks too much life out of him.
  14. The idea of C&C really trying to make it full-time farming makes me actually LOL. If Chelsea hated Cole working a regular 9-5 she'll never be able to handle anything agriculture related. I'm a rancher's wife (so not the same as farming, I know) and: we're lucky to sleep in until 6--even on weekends and holidays there's no steady paycheck if you're an owner; you gotta make it work to get paid vacations, parties, dates, other plans will be cancelled because of sick animals, weather, you name it I can't count the number of times my husband has left to do something "real quick" and found a bigger problem than anticipated and was gone for 6 hours with no cell phone. Chelsea would call the National Guard. I really used to root for these two, but they're just a bad as the others.
  15. And this is why we need a "vomit" reaction button. 🤢
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