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  1. Analyse in that interview, yeesh. "America, I swear I'm really smart. I was a student athlete and that's really hard and I made good grades in college." I don't even know where she went to college but I'd say if she really did make good grades it means that the college in question had the lowest standards possible or they should be investigated for a scandal involving people helping the athletes cheat their way through their classes, which has been known to happen.
  2. Tommy to Nicole: “I love you!” Shocker.
  3. For someone who kept reminding Holly about how she was concerned with how she was being perceived, I guess he convinced himself that he was coming off golden.
  4. Uh oh. Jackson seems rather subdued upon exiting the house. How does it feel to know that America hates you?
  5. This is the best part of this whole season.
  6. Yeah, I’m sure Kemi really wants a personal phone call from Christie.
  7. If they say they’re giving them one minute, they should just cut their mics after the minute is up.
  8. Jackson bringing up being a Have Not. Probably not the best idea to remind everyone of his rule breaking ways.
  9. Holly is still delusional about making her family proud.
  10. I don’t think Holly is doing herself any favors with her rambling answers.
  11. I love how Analyse keeps going on about people’s gameplay and questioning it. I’m dying to know if she had made it to the end how she would have explained her own gameplay this season.
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