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  1. Now Tiffany is asking Ky how he knows SB outside of the house. Ky of course said he doesn't know her at all outside of the house. Tiff says she believes him, but does she really?
  2. Tiff really seems convinced that there is going to be a Jury Battleback. She also says to X and Ky that if SB stays this week, she needs to be the first one in jury because she will likely figure out the Cookout. She also says that Derek X and Claire need to go next because they're smart.
  3. Derek F. and Azah seem to be on board with taking Christian out (or at least that's what they're saying to Britini). Britini is telling Azah and Derek F. that Alyssa needs to go next week.
  4. After Ky and Xavier's talk, X said to the camera that he knows Ky wants to keep SB around because she's a vote for him but that if they take SB out, he thinks it will make Ky be more loyal to the 6.
  5. It also appears that part of his Lord of the Latrine costume is at toilet plunger scepter. How festive!
  6. Speak of the devil! Lol And not that anyone wanted to know this, but Lady Alyssa went to do number one. Now Lord Kylen is using the porcelain throne.
  7. Here is Derek X in his punishment costume. There is a trumpet that goes with it. From what I read on Joker's he has to blow a trumpet and announce when other HG's go to the bathroom. Since Alyssa loves to talk about her poop habits, I'm sure she will love it when she gets announced.
  8. You mean you didn't purchase Paramount + to see this constantly during an endurance comp?
  9. Is it wrong that I want there to be a sudden jerk forward that catches them off guard when I see at least 3 people taking their hands completely off the grips?
  10. I think Derek F just went down.
  11. Somewhere Frenchie is lamenting that he didn’t last until at least this week to get to do the wall comp.
  12. Since her black belt in karate has failed to win her any comps so far, maybe she needs to start channeling some of that Ross Geller "unagi" in order to finally win something.
  13. Not the OP, but I'm pretty sure they are referring to Brody Malone.
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