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  1. The point of the demonstrations is to see the challenge and how it works, the people doing it are not important. Makes perfect sense to me that they don't show their faces. Not for the rest of the show, just until the merge. If the 3 phrases haven't been uttered together by then, they idol holders get their votes back.
  2. How did he break quarantine? I assume Alexa was in the hotel in quarantine in preparation for showing up on the beach. Usually I am all for the drama, but this season it has been too much producer manipulation. Why ask people who they want to meet and then purposefully keep them apart? Don't they want more "love stories" to promote so they can crow about how their process works? Yes I know - drama - but I think there would be plenty of organic drama if they let things play out. Overall this season has just irritated me. Too many self-righteous people on the beach spouting off about t
  3. This has irritated me all season. Why do they think the being the sympathy vote is going to gain them a jury vote if they make F2? To the point where they were arguing over who got to be the sympathy vote. The evictee doesn't get a list of who voted which way. Plus you could just lie in your goodbye message and say you were the sympathy vote even if you weren't. And whether or not you cast a sympathy vote, the person still gets voted out and will know that you were part of the alliance that chose to get rid of them.
  4. I noticed how most of the women didn't want to put a target on their own back by being the one to speak up as bother by "guys" - in a game for a million dollars as Jeff pointed out, where your teammates will be looking for any reason to have you voted out over them. Look at how offended some people in this thread are by the idea that women might be bothered by the use of "guys" as gender neutral. Now put yourself on the beach with people you don't know, can't trust, and are competing against, and then see how quick you would be to offer up an opinion on the subject.
  5. Based on Tia's previous BiP season, I'd say this makes James exactly her type. Socks and sandals is in style these days, as hard as that is to fathom if you are of a certain age like myself.
  6. Agreed - #TeamBrendanPieper. Kinda? Maybe he was hoping to meet Colton on the beach. I can not find the words to express how happy I am that Demi is gone.
  7. They don't want them talking "game" when the cameras aren't around. Ugh, and just like that Tiffany is no longer my favourite.
  8. Well, Christmas did win a foot race with a broken leg.
  9. Agreed - if it's supposed to be anonymous then the winner should get to play for HOH next week. That's how BBCan did it.
  10. This makes me wonder - who do you think will be the most bitter of the Plus 1s? I think SB, in particular if she reflects on how Ky has used her HOH to further his own game with no regard for hers.
  11. I read on another site that SB is concerned about other people finding out she was in on the plan to backdoor Christian. I wonder if Derex could blackmail her with this info to keep himself on the right side of the backdoor this week, and convince her to target someone else to keep him quiet. Not sure he is ruthless enough to use that tactic.
  12. Is Tiffany more important to him than Claire? Or will SB threaten to put Hannah up if Claire comes down? I really want him to win and use it, but seems doubtful.
  13. I don't think BN hated Noah, but he had some issues with other cast members. I think mostly because he joined the season late, and then refused to be apologetic about it. Also the stupid mustache. I have already had too much Demi. I wish could set a filter on my tv so it automatically skipped her scenes.
  14. She can't use it this week, and hopefully next week she won't be around to use it.
  15. There were 2 black men in the F3 along with a white woman. There wasn't a black woman to choose at that point.
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