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  1. I thought Nick should have thrown Ben under the bus. Tony said Ben spilled the beans, so if Tony wants to know who brought his name up to the group I would tell him it was Ben! Obviously Nick couldn't trust Ben to keep a secret, so might as well make him Tony's next target. Also this is a challenge that has been won 7/8 times by women. I've wondered this too. Maybe Tony has longer than average arms. I think the rope length is determined by the person's height, so if he has long arms for his height he would be able to bend his elbow while people with average length arms would need to hold them straight.
  2. Colton has just announced on Twitter that he tested positive for Covid19. He is recovering at Cassie's parents' house.
  3. Ben can go anytime, couldn't stand him on his first season and can't stand him now. Does he think he can't be manipulated by Rob since he doesn't find Rob attractive? Only Parvati is a threat because he is helpless in the face of her feminine wiles?
  4. I disagree - it benefited everyone who didn't have an idol or know who had an idol, or it would have been of benefit if they had outed the idol with the bag emptying. The only people who don't benefit are those in possession or those in the know, they lose the power of info others don't have.
  5. Snitches get stitches Peter!
  6. I'm guessing she got it from Reality Steve, as he posts spoilers about the dates as they happen.
  7. I think part of it is that she's not just useless, she's not a competitor. You don't get the feeling that she's giving it her all and putting every ounce of energy on the line, she is just there, just fumbling through, and then making excuses. To me that is more annoying than her physical shortcomings at challenges.
  8. Or put your pants on. Nobody stripped you down to your underwear and then made a pantsless on the beach rule.
  9. You have to have American citizenship to be on the show. So you can be a dual American-Canadian citizen, but if you are only Canadian you can't apply. Impressed by this first episode, loved Rob and Sandra especially at TC, fingers crossed it is going to be a good season.
  10. A "single single" is called a regular. In the other direction, you can order a 4X4 (four by four), although I wouldn't recommend it unless you have an extremely sweet tooth. See you next year!
  11. Christian set up a pinata for Nicole and brought her over to talk. Jordan took it upon himself to come uninvited into their one on one time and try to take a pinata that did not belong to him or have anything to do with him. Christian attempted to stop Jordan from taking the pinata. It seemed obvious to me that Jordan's primary motivation (as always) was more screen time. Wish the security folks would have let Christian give Jordan the beating he so richly deserved.
  12. This season has been so boring. They need to change it up next year, I find I am watching in less than an hour easily as I ff through all the dreck. Bring back Bachelor Pad! At least the games and scheming were interesting, BiP is too scripted now as they all show up knowing who they want to date already and then just lay around on the beach.
  13. I know I read somewhere else that Kristian is roommates with another one of the rejects from Colton's season - good chance that she already knew some of the BiPpers, esp as that is how she met Demi in the first place. So she came in with a relationship as well as being a Bachelor-adjacent person if not actually someone from the show itself.
  14. Demi tried to rub Colton's crotchular area with a mannequin's arm. That was the moment I really started to dislike her. I thought I wanted her and Kristian to leave Paradise, but have decided I just want Demi to leave Paradise and don't mind if Kristian sticks around. Connor should have spent less time on why Dean is the wrong guy for Caelynn and more time on why Connor is the right guy.
  15. I say all three of those words the same. Also aloof. (born and raised in Western Canada)
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