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Season 7: Speculation! Who Will Be The Queen?

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Anyone know when the next season will be?  I'm assuming spring 2015.  I tried to check the logotv site, but it's a hot mess.

It looks like casting ended March 28, 2014 so I'm betting spring of 2015 too. I'll poke around and see if I can find out more! 

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Personally I would like to see Hedda Lettuce, even though she said she would never do the show.  Also I would like to see Vicky Vox on there simply to round out the DWV group. 


I'm not familiar with alot of drag queens & I'm not part of the drag scene so I don't know alot of them; the ones I've metioned I've either seen on youtube or follow their blogs. 


What I've heard thru the rumor mill is that filming has recently begun for S7 so they've already got their gurls together.

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None of the queens this season really stand out to me so far, so I am reserving judgment for until after the season starts. So far, I think Katya, Miss Fame, Max, and Pearl are the prettiest and have the most potential.

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My completely unscientific observation:

By the time I noticed the MTQ videos were up, someone at reddit had posted a thread for each queen. At the time I was looking, Katya had twice as many comments on her thread as her next closest competitor, which I think was Pearl. Everyone else was in the dust.

Looking back to last year, going on MTQ alone I loved Adore. This year I love Katya, and I'm calling her for top 3 at least, unless they pull another Willam.

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I'm excited to see Max only because she's from Minneapolis and we haven't been represented since BeBe and Manila! I saw her in person at a Pride event -- where it was humid as all could be because Minnesota summers are surprisingly barbaric sometimes (I think we get nice weather in May, and that's about it) -- and her make-up was on POINT. Wasn't sweating any of it off. And this was outdoors! I'm interested to see what looks she'll put together.

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Hmm... well judging solely on the MTQ videos,  I thought Pearl was aptly named.  She had the personality of an oyster.  Really not a lot of animation there.


The ones I liked the best ...again just based on the videos .. are Jadynn, Katya, Kasha, Tempest & Max.    They had a lot of personality and infused humor so I was interested in their answers to the questions. Jadynn's comment about hoping they had the budget for Beyonce made me LOL.


Miss Fame, imo, had the most polished look. She looked like a high fashion model and her face is really striking.  Her wig game is on point! Probably my favorite wig of the whole cast  in the videos. No busted Adore Delano wig for her.


Trixie has this drag Barbie thing going and I am interested to see her looks.  But man, looking at her eyes was like looking at the sun, i couldn't look at them straight on.  I felt like my own eyes were crossing.


Everyone else were rather boring.  I couldn't even make it past the halfway mark in their videos.  They were too earnest.  Thy seemed like they were interviewing for a job as an office assistant.

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Mrs. Kasha Davis' MTQ beauty tip is simple: "Wear Depends. It acts as pads, and you can piss yourself."


She auditioned for the show every year, and Pandora Boxx (Michael Steck) made a short film in 2008, Mrs. Kasha Davis: The Life of an International Housewife Celebrity. Pandy's unrecognizable as mall-walker Delores Matterhatter, and Darienne Lake's in it, too.


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Does anyone know when this season will start? Everything I can find says January 2015, but that's now, and I'd like something more specific so that I can, you know, find it when it's on. Have they not announced a date yet?

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My money is on Max right now. She's like if Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon and Milk had a supermodel baby. Milk earned quite the following last season (and her own little series on WOWPresents Youtube channel) and from the stuff I've seen on social media, I think Max will be much more to Ru's taste. THIS was part of her audition tape, god damnit!


I'm praying that Trixie and Pearl are in the final three with her, but I think Katya and Violet are more likely. Maybe Ginger. I see Fame being a "shock" boot about halfway through.

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